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I thought it was about time to share my first hot time at being bi... here is where I was at: 45, married 22 years, thought off and on about guys but passed them off as fantasies... until one day!

I was browsing the internet one day when I ran across my first gay pic group on Yahoo. My cock became so hard I thought I was going to burst through my pants when I started viewing the pics. I couldn't believe how much I got turned on, I took matters into my hand and ended up cumming like I haven't in a long time. I then found a group that was filled with bi-married guys discussing their secret desires about other guys and realized I was not alone and this is something I definitely needed to explore more.

I wrote a personal ad and had a response in no time from a guy who had just discovered the same thing about himself. After exchanging a few emails we decided to arrange a time and place to meet, somewhere public where we could talk first and see if we wanted to pursue something more. There was an empty parking lot I knew about so we planned on meeting there at lunchtime. Driving there I was so nervous but very excited about meeting another guy with the same thoughts and desires. As I waited a few cars drove past, then one turned and drove up beside me. He asked me to join him in his car, wow, sweating palms and everything as I got in. We were talking a bit when he reached across and placed his hand on my crotch... Twang... my cock almost leapt into his hand. I returned the favor and pretty soon we were both so hard and hot we could barely stand it.

I told him to go over to where we couldn't be seen, zippers came down as we both watched and stroked each other. I never thought how hot this could be, then I bent over and took my first cock into my mouth. When I felt that throbbing head slide past my lips I wanted it all and took it down until his pubes met my face. Up and down, his hands on back of my head, I cupped his balls and met his thrusts taking him deep into my mouth. It felt surreal, having a fantasy come to life. I felt his balls tighten up and he moaned deeply, saying he was cumming, I was so hard myself I didn't want to stop. Feeling his cock swell, mine doing the same until he started thrashing about, moaning hard, as I felt his cum splashing down my throat I starting cumming myself, never in my life have I ever came without getting touched. As I sucked him dry he said he was spent, watching me suck made him want to return the favor. When I told him I too had cum he was a bit disappointed, we made plans to get together again real soon at his place. Our first 69 happened two days after our first meeting, but that's another story!


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