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"Carry Me Back to Ole Virgin-y"

I grew up in a small rural mountain town in Virginia. When I was 16, I went to work for a mountain lodge as a front desk clerk. I had always known I was gay, but I had never had the nerve to act on my feelings, as I grew up in a very conservative, republican farm family.

One morning I ws working the fron tdesk when the phone wrang. A very sexy, masculine voice asked if we had any rooms available for the night, and I immediately made a resevation for a party of 2 with a 6pm check-in time. During the conversation the guest asked if I would be here when he checked in. I told him in fact I was working a split shift, and that I would be on the desk when he arrived. I told him to ask for Kenny.

The day seemed to melt away, and I gave very little pause to the phone call earlier in the day. I had a bite to eat for dinner and went back to help the front desk crew thru the inevitable rush from 4- 7pm. Along about 6pm, I glanced up from the desk and into the lobby walked a tall man. He must have been 6'3" or better, black hair, dark eyes, unshaven, in shorts, wearing a very tight t-shirt whic accentuated his pecs..and hard nipples which stood out almost obscenely. His legs were covered n fur, as were his hands and his arms. I am sure I must have been starring, but it was my job to greet and so I did.

He walked up and said..Kenny?... my damn heart stopped. I said yes... he introduced himself as Frank.. and that he had a reservation for two, 6pm hold. I retrieved a folio, got his information, a copy of his credit card and showed him the directions to his room. He thanked me graciously...smiling a huge smile and casually inquiring as to when I would be able to get off. I told him I would be off duty soon and that I would be around the lodge for a while, before retiring to my room. He leaned intot he front desk, and offered an invitation to sto by his room and enjoy the sunset if was not doing anything else. I was in shock.

I left work and went to my room to clean up, shower and get into a pair of jeans. I made my way down the trail to his room and very nervously climbed the steps to his room. I knocked apprehensively and the door opened in a minute by another very handsome. well built man, dressed in shorts. He was about 6 feet, mod hairy, huge build, massive pecs, hershey kiss sized nipples and huge arms. He knew who I was instinctively... and said come on in Kenny.. glad you could make it. Frank is in the shower. I went into the room and followed him thru to the private balcony which over looked the Shenandoah Valley. the sun was setting and the valley began to take on the appearance of a jewel box with lights appearing in the dusk.

I sat down and accepted a drink....Khalua and creme.. and made some small talk with Vince as we waited for Frank to join us. A few short minutes later, Frank appeared and said hi.... my heart was beating like hell. I had a funny feeling in my stomach like i wanted to run, but I also wanted to go thru this to see what was going to happen.

Frank grabbed a beer and sat down, shirtless. His chest was equally as impressive as Vinces with big flat nipples covered in mounds of fur. I sat and drank several more drinks, passing the time chatting as the sun sank down behind the mountains.

About 8pm, Vinnie said he wantd to run up to the lodge and get some more beer and excused himself. After he left, Frank sat next to me, and his leg brushed against mine. I didnt move my leg, as I was determined to let this happen. He soon began rubbing my leg, and it was very soon thereafter he grabbed my face and kissed me. This was my first m2m kiss, and i sprang a boner.

Frank got down on his knees between my legs and continued to kiss me and hold me as we both began to touch each other more passionately. He pulled my tshirt from my jeans and began eating my nipples. I thought i was gonan die with joy. After he chewed my nips, he kissed me again and took me by the hand, and pulled me inside the room. Once inside the fun really heated up. Frank began kissing me very deeply. I put my hands on his pecs and began working his nipples. He grabbed my head and fed me his big nips, using his hand to force all of his nip and pec into my mouth. I began to suck and chew his fat nipple and he thru his head back and moaned. His nipple immediately began to grow.. and was huge.

It grew to be about 3/4 of an inch long and very fat. I continued to suck and chew his nipples as he kissed my neck and forced me back onto the bed. In a flash he was nude, and he had me out of my pants. I lay there, very nervous, as his cock was huge...9 inches uncut, as hairy as the rest of his body. His red juicy head was peaking out from its hood as he pulled me down to take my first taste of mancock. I was apprehensive at first, but one taste and i was trying to get as much of his tool into my mouth as possible. He began feeding me, as i let my hands roam over his chest and back to those awesome nips. As I began to pull on them, he began to force his cock deep into my mouth, pushing relentlessly until my throat opened and he burried his cock deep. I felt my eyes water, and he was both agressive and sensual during his onslaught. After several minutes he laid me back and began on my nipples again. Once he had chewed them raw, he moved to my cock. I am 6ish uncut, and he took me to the root. mY first oral. I thought i was in heaven. He ate my cock and nuts for a while. I wanted to touch myslef so badly, but he pushed my hands away. His unshaven face began to lick and suck my nuts and down to my ass. As he lifted my legs, he continued to burry his nose and tongue into my ass.... I went thru the celing with joy... I had never experienced such pleasure in my young life.

I am not sure how long it was beofre i realized Vinne had come back int the room. I remember him digging thru the suitcase and appearing with a small brown bottle. He climbed on the bed and fed me his cock. It was as tasty and big as Franks, but Vinnie was cut. His cock had a huge mushroom head,a nd he dripped huge amounts of precum. I began lapping and sucking as he fed me deep. He began moaning and saying ..oh fuck.. this guy is good.... I soon hear the cap being removed from the bottle as Vinnie inhaled and offered it to Frank. Frank took the bottle and inhaled into each nostril, deep breathes. He offered the bottle to me and i immediately immitated his actions. Within seconds my head and body were floating. Frank burried his tongue back in my ass and Vinne burried his fat cock in my throat. I was a mass of raw nerve and i wanted it all. As I came down fromt he hit, Frank moved up and bgan kissing me as he brushed his cockhead against my ass. I was all over him....grabbing, kissing, pulling his nipples. Vinnie leaned down and fed me his hot nipples. I thought i had died and gone to heaven. We all took another hit of poppers and as I took my last hit, Vinnie put his nipple back in my mouth and Frank started pushing his cock into my ass. After several nudges, the huge head popped into my ass...I bit down on Vinnies nipple. He growned out load... and said...oh fuck yeah... push it in him Frank.. I think he is goona chew this fuckin tit off. Frank pushed and pushed until i felt his nuts against my ass. I had taken his cock... all the way. He leaned down and worked my nips more as he began rocking back and forth in my ass.

Soon the seering heat turned into pure pleasure. I let up on Vinnies nipple and he stuffed his cock back into my mouth. I could hear him and Frank kissing above me as they both filled me from etiher end. Several hits later, Frank began to deep thrust, powerfuck me. He was sweating and dripping on me... my hands gripping his hard nips for all i was worth. A few deep strokes later, he drove hard and unloaded. I had not touched myslef... my cock still laying on my stomach, dripping. Frank came hard. He looked exhausted as he pulled from my ass. He grabbed a towel and headed for the bathroom. Vinnie moved down ont he bed above me and began feeding me his nipples again. I was so turned on, I didnt realize he was going to climb on next. He worked his way between my legs, and licked my ass. His tongue was very hot as it brushed my inflamed ass. He took a hit of poppers,and gave me a hit... I breathed deep. I felt his cock at my ass, but he pushed gently and plopped inside. As his cock filled me, Vinne moved above me, putting his nipples in direct line with my mouth. He began fucking me slowly. I saw his hard pecs and fat nips above me thru the poppr haze, jerking in time to his deep fucks. I leand up and grabed his left nipple in my teeth. He went wild..pulling his chest up while i held ont his nipple. He was groaning and fucking me, all the while encouraging me to eat his nip. I contined to feed....

Several minutes later he pulled up and began powerfucking me .... I grabbed my cock and began beating off as he filled my as with his huge cock. He looked down at me an said he was gonna fill me up with his load and i went over the top. The heat of our sex, the smell of cum and poppers took me over and i shot a huge load, my ass gripping his pole. He burried deep, and unloaded. I had been fucked. MY life as a gay man had begun. Frank and Vinnie stayed a few days.... My ass was well worked over, and quite happy to have found its calling. MY nipple fetish has grown and to this day LOVE a nice set of hard nipples. Who knew I would find my true calling as a 16yr old guy...which by the way..i never told them. As long as I live, I will never forget my first time. It seems as real tome now as it did that night in October 20 yrs ago.


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