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"Fayetteville Theater Fun!"

I stopped in a theater near Fayettville, NC a couple of weeks ago just to watch a movie for a while. With only 4 people in there you could sit where you wanted. I went in with the genuine intent of just watching the movie and watch the action that takes place sometimes.

The movie had this black guy with a very long cock working overtime on this young white girl. I must say after a while, I wondered who was working who over as she turned him everyway but loose.

It obviously heated all 4 of us pretty well. I watched this guy stroking his cock of about 5" and he kept eyeing me. After a while, I stroked my almost 7" through my trousers and he was eyeing all the attention my cock was getting. After finally sitting down in a row of seats unoccupied, I gave my cock some serious stroking and the guy who was eyeing just got up and moved beside me. When he sat down, I realized I had seen him there before.

He reached over and rubbed my cock and simply said, "Can I suck it?"

I moved my hand away and he began to worship my cock. First he licked up and down the sides, then pulled me to the edge of the seat and licked my balls and back again to the head. This guy is a master cock sucker. All at once he just positioned his mouth over my cock and took it straight down, almost to the hilt but not quite. He worked and worked, moaned and groaned. After a bit, he took as much as he could and I felt the back of his throat. He then pushed his head down and the head of my cock slipped right in his tight throat.

WOW! That was awsome. I helped him by arching my hips to keep my cock buried in his throat. He then pulled off and began cock worship again. This went on for probably 15 minutes and I realized I had to leave so I relaxed and let him bring me to the edge. He brought me to the edge 2 times before I let him have his very deserved reward. He cleaned up after after his meal, I thanked him and had to leave.

What a cock sucker! A SEXpurt indeed!


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