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"Greek Islands Holiday Fun!"

Last year my wife and I went to a Greek island on holiday. We had been at the hotel for a day or so and got talking to a couple around the same age as us (mid 40's).

At first we just chatted and then the girls aranged to go off shopping, leaving me and Mike to sit around the pool and have a beer. We lazed around for a bit then Mike said he was going to have a look round the shop next to the hotel. Having nothing better to do i said I'd go with him. As we walked to the back of the shop we found a stack of porn mags which we started flicking through.

"Why don't we buy some and go back and read them," said Mike

"Good idea" I replied and picked three, Mike doing the same.

We went back to his room and settled down with a beer.The mags were good, lots of girls with great figures cock sucking and fucking. My own cock was really hard tenting out the front of my shorts.

"Want to swop?" asked Mike. He passed his mags over and I could see as he stood that he was as turned on as me.

I looked through the first one which was full of bi sex.

"I didn't know if you'd like them," said Mike

"Yeah I do," I told him.

"Ever tried it?"

"Not with a girl there as well. But I did once suck a guy's cock at school."

By now mike had pulled his shorts down and was wanking his thick-cut cock.

"I meet up with a mate at home and we have a good wanking session now and again but he won't go any further"

I took his cue and slipped my shorts off and started stroking my cock. I was really horny. It had been years since I had seen a guy wanking, and I really wanted to suck him. I guessed he was up for it too so walked over to the bed. He was laying on his side reading and wanking and I stood over him.

Mike put his mag down and watched me jacking my cock, all the time stroking himself. We didn't say anything but he rolled onto his back with his legs apart. I positioned myself between his legs and took his cock in my hand and started wanking him.

"Oh fuck that's good!" he grunted

I jacked him slowly then bent down and took him in my mouth sucking him in and licking his shaft and head. Mike was groaning and thrusting up into my mouth. His cock tasted superb and i could feel him getting more and more turned on. His balls, like mine, where shaved and I was rolling them around with my hand as I slurped on his delicious dick.

I was still wanking myself and so turned on with the feel of mikes cock that I was nearly cumming. I could sense that he was close too and moved up his body so our cocks where laying together. I grabbed some sun oil and poured it into my hand and clasping my hand round both our cocks i started jacking us both together.

"I want to feel you cum" I told him "Come on you horny cunt fucking cum" I could feel his cock twitching against mine

"Yes I'm cumming you dirty bastard, watch!"

As he said it I watched as a thick spurt of cum erupted from his cock and landed on his belly. Watching and feeling him cum made me spurt too and our spunk shot out together mixing on our cocks and bellys in a thick, sticky mess.

Afterwards we dressed and agreed to try and do it again if we could get the girls to go off for the day. We managed two more sessions and Mike gave me a fantastick blow job each time. Unfortunately we live too far apart in the Uk to repeat it but I am still looking!!!!


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