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"Hot Texas Encounter!"

In the mid-90's, I was sent to help out at our facility in Matamoros, Mexico, a city that borders Brownsville, Texas at it's southern tip. While there, I was housed in a motel. After I got adjusted to the areas, and driving the streets in Mexico, I was on my own, but it worked out fairly well. I was typically back to motel around 5:30 p.m. and would go out site seeing, and get a quick meal somewhere. I don't drink often, but there was a bar close that served fairly good food, so I ate there quite a bit. This bar was in walking distance from the motel.

One evening, I got to motel, and pulling in besides me were these 2 young men in suits. Not the usual site in this area, even for professionals. We all got out about the same time, and we smiled and greeted each other. My room was on ground floor, and right in front of my car, so I walked right up to it, and put the key in. I watched these 2 guys walk up to the front office, probably getting ready to check in.

Both men appeared to be in their late 20's, and both very hot. I wasn't really thinking about much at the time, except how good looking they were, but not thinking of anything other than that. It was about an hour later that I decided it was time to eat, so I headed over to the bar. I actually had a couple drinks that night (companies expense account helps). These 2 guys were both in there and having a fairly good time playing pool. Not much was said other than greetings. Soon, I headed back to motel room.

Since I get up usually around 5 a.m. to have time for a couple cups of coffee and relaxation before heading across the border, around 10:30 or so, I settled in for evening.

I was sound asleep, and all of a sudden was awakened by the pounding on my door, and someone yelling, "please wake up and let me in"!!! I kinda came out of my sleep and thought "what the hell is all this". The person on the other side kept yelling, and said "let me in, my key doesn't work". Me, in just my shorts, staggered to the door and opened it just a crack. Here at the door was one of these hotties, appearing to be drunk, telling me he couldn't get his key to work in the door and really had to pee bad or he was going to pee his pants.

I explained he had the wrong room, that's why his key wasn't working, and he looked at me and said, "hey your not ???" (I don't remember name, just that it was the guy he came with). I said, no, I wasn't. He said, "hey, sorry man, I thought this was my room!!!!". I told him that all was okay, and asked if he knew his room number. He handed me his key. Hell, it was on 2nd floor still a ways from mine. I pointed him in the right direction, but then he says "man, I can't make it, can I come in and pee first, I really have to go.

Being the nice guy I am, and nothing ever really thinking anything was going to happened, I agreed and let him in. He wobbled across the room, and almost fell. I helped him to the bathroom. He kept swaying in front of the toilet and couldn't get his pants undone. He asked if I minded helping him so he didn't pee all over. Who am I to refuse a young hottie like this in need. First I just kinda unzipped him, but that didn't seem to be the easiest, so I unbuckled his belt, and got behind him, and just lowered panted enough just to the top of his thighs. I lowered his undershorts just hooking the waistband under his balls. Now standing behind him, he just stood there limp, and his dick was pointing straight out, and if he pissed now, it would hit the wall. So I reached around, grabbed his dick (and balls too), and pointed the dick down to the toilet. Soon a good steady stream of pee started coming out. I hadn't really held some other guys dick while they were peeing, but this was getting kinda of fun.

After he was finally finished, I had to give him a couple extra shakes, thinking of the way I do it when I piss. This guy was still wobblely. I tried to get him together, but he asked if he could just lay down and relax for awhile before he tried to find his room. I walked him over to the bed, and he just flopped down on the bed, his pants still halfway down his legs. Just like that, he seemed to just pass out. I thought, what the hell, now what am I suppose to do??? I sat down beside him, and he seemed really out. His shirt was halfway up above his bellybuttom, and chest was quite hairy. I couldn't resist myself, and thought, well hell, he's passed out, he'll never know.

I proceeded to run my hands over his stomach, and eventually ran my hands under his shorts, to his pubes, getting more excited myself, finally down to his dick. I pumped it a little, and it was getting harder each time. Then I cupped his balls, and just decided to have more fun. I worked his underpants down, and now he was exposed fully to me. Bringing my head down, I ran my face over his stomach, sticking my tongue out, and getting closer and closer to his dick, I finally took it in my mouth. For someone drunk, his dick still got fully hard (my experience in past seemed that drunks had difficulty getting hard). Not this young stud, his dick got fully hard.

After about 5 minutes, I heard him say something like "I was hoping this would happen". I was a little startled and jerked up. He was looking down at me, and just said "when I seen you first thing getting out of the car, I knew I had to get with you." I never really thought I was that obvious about being gay, but he just explained that he didn't know for sure, but he liked my smile and friendlyness, and was really horny, and was hoping I would let him in. He knew it was my door he was pounding on, and wasn't really that drunk, just was hoping I was let him in to help him out.

He told me to undress him and get naked too. Talk about a fantasy coming true!!! I'll tell you, this guy knew what he was doing. It wasn't long before we were 69'ing, and he really could suck a dick. He loved rimming, and soon his face was in my ass, and my face was in his. He wanted to get fucked which surprised me because I was old enough to be his dad, and it always seemed that the younger ones usually wanted to be the ones doing the fucking. But I oblized him. Soon we were both shooting our loads, and we just layed there the rest of the evening. About 5 a.m., he stirred and said he needed to get back to his room before his business partner called him to meet for breakfast. Before he left, we both sucked each other for awhile, and agreed that he would try to make it over later that evening.

Little sleep I did get that night, left me very tired during that day at work, so I made excuse to leave work early. I anticipated that it might just be another long evening of sex, so I wanted to get what little rest I could. He didn't show up that night, and I never seen him again, but just that little experience gave me a nice little jack-off sessions over the last few years.


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