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"Howard and Me!"

The summer before our high school senior year my best friend and I took off on a lark hitch hiking to Tulsa. We lived in a rural part of Oklahoma and were looking for a little adventure. We told our parents that we were camping out by a nearby river to go fishing for a few days, which is what we usually did anyway.

We left early one morning and it took some time but we finally hitched a ride and made it into the big city. Howard and I were both top athletes at our school and had hard bodies from working out and competing against each other to be the best since junior high. We both had girlfriends and double dated alot. I knew I wanted him sexually since the grade school but I never acted on it.

Once in the city we ended up at local high football stadium. We were both hot, tired and grimy from the day of hitch hiking so we got the great idea to break into the locker room and take a shower. The door to the locker room was easier to break open and we quickly we got in and closed the door behind us. After exploring the room we stripped and got under the showers. I had seen Howard naked many times but always while others were around. This was the first time we were all alone.

At first we showered facing away from each other both not knowing what to do next. The sexual tension was so thick like my hard on. Eventually I suggested washing his back for him. I started at this neck and shoulders and worked my way down. He started moaning and leaned his head back with his eyes closed, so I took the plunge and wrapped my arms around him and soaped up his belly and chest. Of course my hardon is gliding in the crevice of his oh-so-meaty bubble butt and then he just leaned his whole body into my arms.

This was past the point of no return so I reached for his hardon and started stroking him slowly at first. He reached around his back to stroke my dick and I knew I was in heaven then. Eventually I turned him around and he leaned back against the wall and I went down to suck on his 7 in dick that I had only dream of ever sucking. He didn't last too long before he came in buckets, so it seemed to me anyway. I swallowed some of it but most of it just splattered all on my face. The water from the showers was still running and it quickly washed if off my face.

He said "let's use the trainer's tables." So I followed him out to another room with a table in the center of ther room. It was padded like a massage table and he told me to lay down. He started massaging my legs and worked his way up to my cock and ball. Eventually he leaned down and took my hardon in his mouth and I was never ever knew anything could feel so gooooood!!! Then he surprised me by telling me to flip over. I was scared at first but I trusted him so much that I would do anything for him. He got up on the table with me and started massaging my back and my butt. He part my butt check and then I felt his tongue tickling my butthole. I let out a loud groan and discovered yet another new sensation that I never imagined existed. He had me raise my butt up so he could alternate sucking my dick and tonguing my asshold. This was definitely heaven. He kept this up for several minutes and asked me if he could fuck me. He definitely had some experience from somewhere. And I thought I knew everything about him.

I told he could only if I could fuck him too. He said "Definitely!" so he eased his hardon ever so slowly with only split and sweat and it slid right in. It was only a little painful at first but within a minute in was so fantastic having my best friend in me. This was before the time of AIDS so he blasted my ass with his cum. Afterward he lay exhausted and spent on my back and I felt so loved and safe. He dick stayed hard for a while but eventually went soft and slid back out.

We fell asleep spooning and eventually woke up and he let me fuck him. That was the best fuck I've ever had. And I've had some great ones since. We eventually got dressed and explored more of the city and slept in a secluded park. The next morning we hitched back home but for the next year we fucked and sucked like rabbits whenever we could find time alone. After high school graduation he said he didn't want to have sex anymore, that he didn't want to be gay. Duh!! We went to different colleges and kept only casual contact during the holidays. He's been married for over 27 years now and has kids. I wonder if someday he ever come to his senses and want what he's been missing all these years.


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