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"My Awakening!"

The first group sex I had was actually with four other guys. I'm not gay, but I'm am bi. I never really thought about having sex with other guys until about a three years ago when I read stories at this website about sucking cocks and anal sex and it got me really hard, I even stuck tampons, broom handles, and even my fingers up my ass while trying to suck my own dick but I only got as far as licking the head while I cummed into my mouth.

Anyway, the story goes like this..... My family went away for the weekend but I had to stay home because I had hockey games and a neighbor said he would keep a watch out for me. So I invited some friends over to drink, smoke some weed and hang out and probably sleep over, we were all 15 & 18, but something happened that none of us planned on happening. We only had a 12 pack so the four of us only had three beers each so we didn't have that much of a buzz.

But at around midnite Josh stopped by since he saw the nights on and he came in wearing a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt and asked what I was doing up so late. Told him I had some friends over and we were watching tv, then he saw the beer and he smelled the weed we were smoking. He smiled and asked if we wanted to watch some hot porn that he had at his house. I asked the guys and they said SURE.

We all let and went over to his house and he had an older guy there and he was sitting around in the living wearing a robe. The guy looked like he was in his 30s. The first video was of lesbians having sex and then it moved to two guys and one of the girls having sex. When that scene came on the older guy asked us if we wanted to watch the rest of the video or have them change it. Steven and Mike did not say anything, and I noticed that they had hard-ons and they were trying to cover up them with pillows that were on the couch. The older guy laughed and smiled at Josh.

Then I noticed Steven and Mike looking at each other and then whispered something to each other. I ignored it for a second then went back to watching the porn. Then with out any warning Josh came behind me reached around me slid his hand down my shorts, and grabbed my cock. I was shocked.

I couldn't believe my my neighbor who was in his late 20's was holding my cock. I was ready to ask what the hell he was doing, but I realized I liked it. So I stood up I pulled off my pants completey and let my soft 5.5" cock pop out. When I got hard, he brought me close to him and sucked me off, until I was humping my cock into his mouth like a madman.... Then it was there, I was cumming in his mouth and he was swallowing my load, sucking in my whole cock. He pulled me up and kissed me and licked off his cum..... he held me for a long time in his arms and said sweet things about me... He hadme sit on his lap facing him.... I felt his bare cock against my cock and balls... He kissed me and held me to him for the longest time like that.

Then Josh's friend came over to Josh and whispered somthing into his ear and Josh's friend, David removed his robe and he stood their in front of us with the longest and thickest cock I had ever seen.

I noticed Mike & Steve over on the couch with their pants off jerking of their 6" & 7" inch cocks. Then it got really awkward. I didn't know what to say to them, I just my first gay experience with two of my best friends watching.

We all stopped for a while and Josh and his friend told us that they were gay and they wanted us to have more fun with them that night if we were UP for it. Then David came over to me hen he had me kneel in front of him and he took out his [for me then...huge] cock and told me to now do the same to him as Josh had done for me.

He more or less face fucked me, holding my head real tight and moving it up and down on his cock...telling me to take more in my mouth, holding me tight on that big cock as I gagged. Then he blew his cum into me, very first ever load of cum into my mouth.. I swallowed as much as I could and it leaked out all over my chin, down my neck, everywhere it seemed.

So Josh and his friend they both asked me if I was a virgin and I told him yes, he smiled then David got up off the couch and went into the front bedroom and brought out a bottle that said "Slippery Stuff", and informed me that I was to move to center on the room and lay on my back, and I thought I knew what was going to happen but I could not have stopped it if I wanted to. Josh started to suck my limp cock again and once he got me hard again, David turned me over onto my stomach he began to finger my ass, finally having three fingers in there, he finger fucked me for a long while, telling me he was getting my love shute ready for a real cock, for him to really fuck me the way young virgin men like me were meant to be fucked...especially me being fucked by him.

Then he spread my legs, got between them, making me get up on all fours and then he mounted behind me, putting his cock against my asshole. With cries, grunts and groans from me, he slowly worked his cock into the hole he had just reamed open with his fingers and slipped his cock into me, so painful at first... but then when it was all the way down into me, I got warm all over and my own cock was twitching and cumming on its very own.

He began to slide it in and out of me, and pounded his cock into me, butt-fucking me that way I was made to be fucked and then he cried out and shot a huge load of really hot cum into my ass.

He laid down beside me with his cock still inside me for the longest time. kissing my neck and playing with my cock and balls, my nipples and stomach..... after a while his cock was very hard again inside me and he fucked me for the second time..a long time..probably 30 minutes..a lot less pain because of all the cum. He just kept fucking me until he got going fast again and then he ground his cum into me again, his balls all the way against my own.. so deep in me.

I looked over to see Mike fucking Josh as Josh was sucking Steven. My head was spinning thinking that this is the way to have fun. Then Steven came over as Josh pulled his cock out of my ass and lubed his fingers and fingered my ass until I got used to my ass stretched enough again. Then I was ready. I wanted to lube up Steven's cock so I covered my hands with Slippery Stuff and rubbed it all over Steven beautiful bulging penis. I bent over, spread my legs, closed my eyes and watied. When I felt the tip of his cock circle around my asshole I quivered, than he rammed his slippery hard cock right up my ass - it was amazing. As soon as Steven starting humping my ass I turned to my head to be face-to-face with Josh's gorgeous cock. I sucked the head for a second than took his dick into my mouth as far as it could go - that became my new favorite taste.

I wished the feelings I was feeling would last forever, I had one lovely 15 year old dick in my ass and another 18yo one in my mouth. Every once in a while Steven took his dick out of my ass and rubbed between my legs under my balls than shoved himself right back into me (that was my favorite part). I was having the best time of my life. But it all came to an end. Steven shot an nice warm load into my ass which felt great, Josh shot an even bigger load into my mouth which tasted great - to top it off I blew a load into my hand and licked that up too.

We all ended up that night sleeping either on Josh's & David California King bed. They next morning we all went our separate ways and then I later found out that Steven and Josh had had sex two weeks prior and Steven and told Josh that we had jerked off together a few times looking at porn. My ass was set up that night.

I went over to Josh's and David house a few more times by myself that summer when my parents were at work next time they fucked me, David got me on top and him on his back and had me 'ride the pony' for him.. I liked that and got to go up and down his cock really fast. I shot my cum all over his belly during that time...Other times I lay on my back and Josh would spread my legs wide and pushed it in, watching my face as I took all his cock.

Now I have gone onto college and know that I am bi, but I still remember when my friends and new friend got together and gave me my ass awakening.


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