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"My Daughter's Fiancée!"

My daughter's getting married later this year to a really nice young guy. David is a 21 year old jock; a fine decent upright young man and a total hottie. See, I'm a happily married bisexual guy, in my mid-40s; my wife is a great lady, and my daughter is the centre of my universe, but I love playing away from home with the guys on occasion. And the first time I ever met David, I thought "Wow! Very Nice!"

He's your typical straight guy. He doesn't even know how hot he looks. 6'3" blonde, tanned, nicely toned body, always doing guy stuff and hanging out in relaxed casual clothes.

David's father, Bill, is a great guy too--also very easy on the eye. 43, an older, beefier version of his boy. We got on well together the first time we met, as have the rest of our two families.

I've been secretly eyeing off both David and Bill since we first met, but figured they were both completely straight A kinda guys and completely off limits. As things turned out, how wrong could I have been?

I sometimes visit a local sauna--a gay sauna (although a pretty big percentage of the guys there seem to have that telltale mark on that particular finger of their left hands--you know what I mean). It's always good to strip off, have a soak in the spa, a steam, hang out in the sauna and hook up with other hot men who are looking for a bit of release.

I headed there the other day, and it ended up being one of the best days, and the most interesting days, of my life so far!

Stripping out of my work clothes (a suit I work for a big city real estate firm) I wrapped the towel around my waist and headed for the steam room. Entering the room, it took a moment for my eyes to adjust to the darkness of the room and the thick eucalyptus scented steam that filled the space. I headed for one of the benches that were ranged around the room and took a seat, spreading my legs open to get comfortable and give my cock some space. Just as well; I was already getting pretty horny and my dick was starting to enlarge. I've got a fairly respectable 7.5" of uncut meat, with nice low hanging balls.

I was getting horny thinking about the fun I might be having. I wasn't sure what exactly I was in the mood for, but I knew I needed to feel another man's body close to mine, to run my hands over his muscles, his hairy chest, to taste his cock, nuzzle into his balls and kiss him full on the mouth. I needed to experience the kinds of feelings that I couldn't get at home.

The steam room was pretty quiet, no one in there except a couple of skinny young kids who didn't do it for me, so I thought I'd take a walk through the maze upstairs in the club and see if there was anything happening up there.

Quitting the steam room, I headed up the stairs and turned into the main corridor of the maze, which has small booths opening off it on each side.

The grunts and moans coming from some of the booths told me that the place was pretty busy. My cock stirred under my towel and I looked around to see if any of the doors to the booths were open.

I was in luck, the booth at the end, my favourite booth which was larger than most of the others, and was equipped with a sling, was open. There were moans and grunts coming from the booth as I approached the door. "Oh yeah Dad! Fuck me! Dad!!!!!! Hot!!!!" I rounded the edge of the open doorway and got the shock of my life!

There in the sling was my daughter's fiancée, young David, hot young David, totally naked, flat on his back, with his legs spread up each of the rear chains of the sling, his head thrown back and his hot firm young arse being stretched by his own fathers cock!!!!

Totally stunned, I could do nothing more than stand there staring at the sight of the hot young stud that was about to marry my daughter, being banged by his own father!

Bill was certainly right into it! he's in pretty good shape for his age, and his firm buttocks were pumping hard as he slipped his meat to his boy. His firm hands gripped David's ankles as he pistoned back and forth into the arse of his son.

The two of them were so far into their scene that they didn't see me standing at the door of their room. I slipped my towel off from around my waist, draping it over my shoulders and stood there, enjoying the scene and working my hard cock with my right hand.

'Yeah Dad Fuck me deep" young David moaned as his old man bred his hot jock arse.

I figured I'd never get another opportunity like this so I moved over to stand by the sling next to David's head. Bill looked up to see who had joined them, and his eyes opened wide when he saw that it was me standing my his son's head with my hard meat twitching in the air just inches from David's mouth. He was certainly surprised, but didn't miss a beat, slamming his hot cock into his boy's arse. David's eyes were shut; you could tell he was really enjoying the feeling of his father's cock, the tool that created him battering his tight hole.

Bill raised his eyebrows and gave me a small smile as I brushed David's lips with the head of my cock. Precum was already starting to glisten at the slit as I eased my bell end into my future son-in-law's mouth.

David's lips wrapped around my meat, like a baby at the breast, and his tongue caressed the end of my cock as I forced my dick deeper into his hot mouth. This kid had done this before, it was obvious! My son-in-law, the cocksucker!!!

My cock was so hard inside David's mouth as I watched his arse being violated by his father. The sight of Bill's hard tool sliding in and out and David's firm young shute, the sweat running down his face and chest as he bred his son, and the sight of David lying back, eyes shut, suckling my meat while he spread his arse for his old man, was getting me hotter and hotter.

"Oh Fuck! I'm gonna cum" grunted Bill as he emptied his balls into his boy's hole. It was too much for me. I was so turned on, there was nothing I could do but lose my own load into David's very talented mouth. I could feel my sap rising from my balls and up the length of the inside of my cock. I couldn't control it! I had to cum!

I shot a huge load, and as I did, David opened his eyes and saw the face of the man he had been servicing! His eyes opened wide as realisation dawned and my load flooded his tonsils. He kept swallowing my hot load, savouring the taste of his father-in-law's hot balljuice.

As my load subsided down David's throat, Bill slapped me on the arse and said, "never would have guessed you‚d be into this!" Turns out he and David have been playing for a couple of years. "Well, now we know that you like a bit of man to man fun as well, we'll have to organise to get together again," Bill said.

"I'll be up for that," I replied. I could see a whole new world of opportunities opening up for me. How great to have two hot new members of the family to play with!

As Bill and I stood there in the afterglow of our orgasms, young David looked up from where he was still lying in the sling and said "Hey you guys, I haven't cum yet, and I'm aching for it! Who's gonna get down there and suck me off?

Bill turned to me and said, "Welcome to our family! Be my guest!"


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