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"My Favorite Bi Experience!"

I met Steve and Debbie through a telephone swingers listing. I had had a couple experiences with guys and a MMF 3 way several years earlier, and I wanted to have another MMF, so I recorded an ad saying I wanted to play with a male-female couple. A couple days later I got a message from Steve, saying he was 6 ft, 190, in good shape and horny for a cock. He said his girlfriend was a petite, pretty brunette and loved to play sometimes. He left his number in the message and asked me to call him.

I was nervous, but I dialed his number that evening. We made small talk for a few minutes, describing myself (5'10", 165, fit and average package) then he told me his girlfriend was away for a few days and he was real horny and needed to cum with a guy right now, even if it was just over the phone. We described our tools to each other (I'm average size and he said he was a good, thick 8") talked about some of the things we might want to do with each other and described how we would stroke each others' cocks and balls. Our conversation got us both real hot and hard. I could hear him stroking his shaft and his breathing got heavy. When I told him I was about ready to explode, that was all it took for him. I heard him slapping his meat and moaning. I could almost hear the cum spurting out of his cock. I came right after, pictures in my mind of him blowing his load.

We arranged to meet at a bar a few days later when Debbie got home, for a drink and to see how we all got along. The evening of the meeting, though, Steve called me and cancelled the drink, and gave me their address instead. I showed up at the appointed hour, Steve answered the door , shook my hand and invited me in. He was a tall, sandy blond guy with a good build, and good looking. Debbie came out of a back room, smiled and took me to the sofa where she asked me to sit. She sat down next to me. She was a bit on the plump side, but had a pretty face framed by soft brown hair and pert, firm tits. Steve sat on the floor in front of me, eyes on my crotch. Some light conversation soon turned sexual. Steve told me what a hot fuck Debbie was, and I could believe him. At that point, he got up to go get some wine. Debbie and I contiued talking, she told me that she had been with another woman before, and felt secure in her sexuallity. At that point, she looked up at me with those deep blue eyes and I leaned over and kissed her. It was a long, deep kiss, surprising for its intensity between 2 strangers.

At that moment Steve came back with the drinks. "Alright!" I heard him as he found us making out. He set the glasses down and kneeled in front of me. As she and I continued kissing and petting, Steve began rubbing his hands up my legs. My hands began opening her shirt, finding her braless breast. Her nipples were already hard and at that point she jumped up, took her shirt off and grabbed a big, thick comforter that was folded on another chair.

While Debbie prepared our playground with pillows and blankets, one of Steve's hands found my crotch and began rubbing my stiffening cock. His other hand was busy opening my belt buckle, and I was opening my shirt and trying to kick off my shoes. Debbie soon finished laying out the blankets, so we all got undressed. Steve's cock was already throbbing hard and seemed huge to me. He and I lay down head-to-feet to each other while Debbie sat next to me, leaned over and kissed me. She was rubbing her neatly trimmed pussy, while Steve was stroking my cock and licking my balls. It had been a long time since I had been with a guy, but Debbie and Steve certainly made me feel less nervous. Steve's cock was now engulfed in Debbie's sweet mouth. She took nearly the whole thing! I stroked his balls and stroked her cheek. Soon I felt his mouth surround my cock head. She moved back to watch, freeing his cock. I wrapped my hand around his hardness and stroked him and tickled the head with my finger. I adjusted my position, bringing my face closer to his cock. I licked the shaft, kissed it and finally took his big cock into my mouth. I began gently sucking and licking, pumping with my hand. He took his mouth off me and said, "Alright!". We continued blowing each other, while Debbie rubbed herself, telling us how hot we looked, and that we were making her cum.

Soon Debbie moved in to try my cock. She pushed Steve out of the way, taking his cock from me, and she got into a 69 with me. Now, pussy licking is something I've worked hard to get good at. I absolutely love to eat snatch! Debbie's little patch of fur above those shaved pink, wet lips were completely appetizing. I don't know where Steve went, maybe for another drink, but meanwhile I had her all to myself again, and I dove right in. I soon had her making little noises as I licked her lips and teased her clit. This girl obviously loved to get eaten, and I was just the man to do it. She soon began to cum, shaking and making mewing noises. Her mouth lost track of my cock as I antagonized her pussy. It was then that Steve returned and took my cock back into his mouth.

Now Steve, Debbie and I were in a daisy chain with him tonguing my cock, she was jacking him and licking his balls and still mewing like a kitten while I gave her my oral talents. Like I said, I really love eating pussy.

This didn't last much longer, though, because Steve had other ideas. During our earlier conversation on the phone, we found out we both like frottage. Steve rolled out of the chain and straddled me in a way we could rub our hot cocks together. We didn't need any additional lube because we were both leaking pre-cum. We both had our hands down there, rubbing both our cocks and spreading the slippery pre-cum over our cocks. We stroked each others' balls, tickled our prostates and generally explored each other. Debbie was going crazy, frigging her snatch with her fingers and panting like she just ran a mile.

It was then that Steve took me by surprise. He lay down ont top of me and started humping my belly, our cocks rubbing together and the friction getting real hot. He groaned and his dick swelled, pulsed and I felt his hot jizz pour out onto my lower belly. Wow, that was a first!

Break time! We sat around drinking a bit and talking. Debbie began to describe the party she and Steve had had a couple weeks previous, with a sailor. She described to me how they both fucked. her, one in her cunt the other in her ass and how much it had gotten her off. We asked each other if we ha condoms, but amazingly, neither of us had any! Damn! I wanted to feel that hot little woman clamped around me and I was real disappointed.

Oh well. Steve's bick cock was getting hard again. Or was it still hard? Either way, needed attention. I took him into my hand and stroked him long and slow while we all chatted. I got my face between Debbie's thighs again and started munching her while I continued to stroke Steve. They both let me minister to them for a while and I could hear them talking, but didn't hear what they said. Then Debbie puched me away from her snatch and told me that she wanted to see me suck Steve. Willingly, of course, I turned my head to that gorgeous meat. I slowly licked down the shaft, slurped each of his balls, then licked back up tasting his cum. I took his cock head between my lips and slowly sucked him in deeper, just a little at a time, teasing him. MY hand jacked his shaft while my mouth sucked and my tongue tickled the underside of his head. Debbie was up close, watching, so I did the best I could. She kissed me on the cheek, then right where my mouth surrounded his cock. She licked him a little, and kissed me again, then she backed away to watch some more.

I could feel Steve start to swell. Then he pushed me away, onto my back and mounted me again, cock to cock to belly. He started humping me, and in just a moment I felt his hot jizz pump out onto my belly again. I was simply startled! Debbie was lying on her side, her fingers burind between her legs, her eyes closed. Steve rolled over onto his back, finished

I still had not cum, out of nervousness or whatever it happens some times, but I was happy the way the night had gone. It was very late by now, and I had to work the next day. Steve invited me to call for a repeat and reminded me to bring some condom. I went home and stroked for just a few moments, came, then went to sleep.

Several days later I looked f the note with their phone number. I looked every where, but couldn't find it. I looked for their apartment, but couldn't be certain which one on the block it was. So Steve or Debbie, if one of you is reading this and recognize the story of our evening together, drop me a note. I would love to party with either one or both of you again.


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