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"Our First & Best Bi Threesome!"

This is a true story of our first threesome that occurred about 5 years ago.

We were in our late 30s and met a 26-year-old guy from the net. I set up a meeting at local Holiday Inn but was too early and bar was not open yet. Drove up with my wife just as he was walking through the lot to the lobby entrance. She was satisfied with his appearance and we parked and met him in the lobby. We had rented a room with a Jacuzzi in another motel and after dropping his car in a local lot and getting a bite to eat we drove to the motel together.

Once in the room we stripped and got in the tub at her suggestion. I moved to sit on the tub and my wife started sucking my hard cock. Our new friend sat watching from a few feet away until she stopped sucking me and moved to suck his cock. I took the opportunity to get my digital camera and took a poor picture of her leaning over him with her head in the way. She suggested we move to the bed and I could tell she was going to be OK with this. She laid back and he started eating her cunt. She looked up as I was setting up the video camera and stated that he was eating both her cunt and ass. I fed her some cock as he continued to make her squirm. W

e took a short break and asked her what she wanted. Without hesitation as if she had thought about it said she wanted me to 69 with her as our new friend doggied her.

I loved the idea and quickly lay on my back with my wife crawling onto my face and handling my cock. I licked her gently as we waited with great anticipation for him to don a condom.

He crawled up behind her and stuffed his thick cock into her cunt as I continued to lick her clit, his hairy balls slapping my face as he started fucking her.

This was a fantasy come true for me and I ate her and licked and sucked his balls as they fucked. He did not stop fucking her when my mouth touched his parts as they fucked and I don't know how much my wife knew about it.

I was loving watching my wife's cunt be fucked an inch from my face by a hung stud 10 years younger than us as she sucked my cock. He was the first to cum and withdrew his cock with it's cum-filled condom attached. My wife crawled off as he went to clean up and I was eating her cunt when he returned.

I handed him the video camera asking him to video my wife and I as I ate and then fucked her. Her head hung over the side of the bed and he stepped up to fuck her tits as he panned between my face in her cunt and his recuperating cock between her tits. I added some lube to her tits and both our cocks as I started fucking her. I moved my cock to her ass telling her I was getting it ready for his much larger cock which I could see clearly for the first time.

It was about 7.5 inches long thick and slightly curved to his left. I was glad we had such a nice cock for our first one. He continued to video and tit fuck my wife as I slowly fucked her ass. I picked up the pace and gave her a vibrator for her clit. He zoomed in as she started to cum and got a fair close-up of me cumming on her cunt and licking it up. After that we all climbed back in the tub for a break.

My wife asked me to go buy some beer so I left them in the tub and went for beer. When I returned they were chatting like old friends in the tub. They got out and we climbed into the bed. She started sucking his cock and I videoed them, careful to avoid getting his face in the shots. I zoomed in on wife's face full of cock as she looked into the camera. It looked like so much fun I had to try some for myself. I asked Joe if I could have some too. At first he said no but after a few seconds he relented and said go ahead. My wife had missed this verbal exchange as she was concentrating on sucking his big beautiful cock. I handed Joe the camera so he could shoot down his body to his cock and recounted our verbal exchange for my wife. She started to move away but I asked her to join me in sucking my first cock.

She and I started sucking him in turn swapping his cock back and forth between our mouths as he videoed from his point of view. I started sucking gently on his hairy balls as my wife sucked his cock, which we started switching, and I found I could nearly throat his cock to which wife commented you are probably better at that than I am at it. We stopped before he came and as him to put on another condom.

He laid on his back as she climber on his impressive cock as I videoed it sliding in, from behind them, feeling no jealousy but lots of lust. She rode him well and it looked like it felt very good and made for some good video. I set the camera on a tripod focused on his cock and her cunt and ass. Once again overcome with a taste for sex I knelt between his legs and swabbed her asshole and ate his balls as she rode his fat curvy condom-covered cock.

I had thought about the possibilities of MMF sex for a long time, and ask her if she wanted 2 cocks in her cunt. Having had my cock and a dildo before she knew she would love it. I climbed up and lined my cock up next to his and poked around a few times before squeezing it into her alongside his condom-covered cock.

We started pumping into her with our own asynchronous rhythm, which she loved. We stretched her cunt for a while then I adjusted the angle of the video camera. I climbed up and ate them both as they fucked some more, slobbering on her ass to lube it for my cock. I slid behind her and lined up my dick with her spit soaked asshole. She patiently sat atop his fat cock as I eased my cock up her ass and started stroking very gently.

Once she was double penetrated with 2 real cocks for the first time she started rocking on our cocks as we fucked both her holes with gusto. She loved it when we set up an alternating rhythm and it sure made for some hot video, although the lighting could have been better. I extracted my cock and moved to the camera as she offered him his first assfuck. He worked his larger cock up her ass doggystyle as I videoed them. When she begged for it, he fucked her ass like a cunt until they both came. As he cleaned up I fucked her a few strokes before Cumming,

We climbed back in the tub and discussed what fun we had just had I was so hot from watching them.


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