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"Quiet Days Home Alone!"

For reasons we won't go into I am unable to work, my wife has a job that keeps her away for long periods of time. So I spend much time playing on the pc, the Yahoo groups are a blessing.

Mornings I go to a convience store and get coffee and visit with some of the regulars. Deon is one of the regulars that is also free all day.

One day I finished my coffee and told him I was going home to play with www.dirty, he ask if he could see my pc he didn't have one.

I got on the net and went to a list site that had categories, and thumbnails. Deon is a black male in his 50s, just about the same age as me. His interest in interracial sex was expected and I also find it a turn on tho my wife will not even look at it.

As we watched several mpegs of white women taking big black cocks I guided us to a plumper site that was interracial. he was getting into those big chubby girls.

After going thru several pages a thumbnail of a black man putting it to a white tranny, We talked about how girley the tranny looked Deon ask if there were gay sites?? I clicked on interracial gay.. Deon wanted to see a clip of a black man rather rough looking manhandeling a white guy, making him beg for mercy...

Deon ask if there were any longer movies? I told him that the whole movie was for sale but I was not a member of the site it would cost about 20 bucks. Deon produced a credit card and said if I didn't mind he would like to see the whole thing. I downloaded and made a copy which I put on the dvd player.

As we watched the movie Deon ask if I had ever had a gay experience?? I told him it was many years ago and none since being an adult.

He told me it was appearent that I was getting turned on by the action on the tv.

I told him he seemed to be growing himself.

He said he had a few encounter with bi whites and he liked taking charge. I didn't say anything I just looked down and nodded.

He walked over and told me to stand and face him, I did as I was told he then unbuttoned my shirt and played with my nipples untill I waqs rock hard I was told to get on my knees and undo his pants.. which I did and pulled the pants down and was amased at the size of his manhood tho soft it was at least seven inches long and as big around as my wrist. without a word I put my hand around his cock and put it in my mouth I took as much in my mouth as I could but had to jack most of it with my hand.. then it started growing I ask how big??

Deon said about nine and a half inches... I got so caught up in wanting to let him cum in my mouth I was startled when he grabed my hair and told me to get up and go get my ass ready for him.. upon returning to the room he was still watching the movie and as hard as when I left.. I had used some sotion on my ass for lube, he told me to shut the bedroom door and face it there was a full mirrow I leaned on the door and spread my legs he got behind me and slid his cock up and down my crack each time it passed over my asshole my cock twiched, he placed the head of his uncut cock in my hole and shoved forward untill I could feel him entering spichenter was trying to open fast enough to take him with as little pain as possible the pain was so satisfaying I almost came from the pain but it soon passed as he ramed as hard as he could I felt full and knew I wanted more I pushed back to give him as much help as I could.

He ask if I liked being used like a cheap whore?? I couldn't talk I just wiggled my ass and pushed back so hard I almost fell.. When he came he pulled out and told me to clean HIM WITH MY MOUTH.. As I dropped to my knees I could feel the cum dripping out of my ass. We watched the movie and he rolled me over on my belly and mounted me I loved the weight on my back as his cock plumbed my rectum, he fucked slowly untill he came again..

As he left he ask if I wanted him to come by early the next day??

I told him I would have coffee ready in the morning. I spent the night thinking about what I had done and if I should put an end to it the next day...

Next morning I answered the door He stood in the door and had me get on my knees and undid his zipper and give him a blowjob in our front entry area. After he came into the house he undressed me and ask if I was ready I told him I had taken care of everything before he got there..

The doorbell rang and he told me to answer the door naked it was two black guys I was embarrassed but I knew that I could not help myself I knew I wanted to be gang fucked by these black men.

Deon still uses me as his cheap whore and I do his friends and has made arrangements to have me k9 trained in a couple of weeks. Life is a bit busier now days!"


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