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"Serving Truckers!"

My wife and I have a favorite activity that we do on weekends. We go to a local truck stop, dressed in older clothes, hide our car, and then go from truck to truck in the parking lot asking for a ride to
somewhere. We tell the driver we are willing to do ANYTHING for a ride. This usually sets their minds in motion.

Some of the truckers want to fuck my wife and have me watch, but I will usually set myself up to where I can lick their balls as they are sliding in and out of her pussy. This is usually too much for them to handle and they then want me to suck their cocks while she watches. I am happy to oblige!

Most of the time she will take control and tell them what she wants them to do such as "Fuck his face with that monster cock!" or "Slam that meat in his ass till he screams!". She knows that this gets me so hot that I will do anything to please her. What really gets her off is to have me eat the trucker's come from her freshly fucked pussy or suck his cock after it has been in my ass. After the party is over, we tell the trucker we changed our mind and want to go somewhere else or to another trucker for fresh meat. They will usually get on the C.B. radio and help us find a willing partner.

OOOH, Bi the way - I can't wait for this weekend!


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