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Tom was one of those guys in high school you would never dream would let you touch him. A jock and a real hit with the gals. He had that macho air about him that pretty much let you know he was the boss. On top of that, at 16, he was handsome as hell and you could tell had quite a package from the tight jeans he wore. He would unconsciously rearrange his cock in his pants which got me to hoping I could one day reaarange it for him.

All of us used to hang out in our small town gas station, shooting the bull and pretty much bragging about who had had which gal. I was the oldest and the only one that had a car at the time and a couple of us would just go joy riding around the area. Nothing ever happened on those trips except a lot more bragging. Tom had gone along on one of those trips and as we kept getting more explicit in our stories, I could see he was throwing wood as I quickly glanced at his crotch. He must have had a monster hiding in there! We all got back to the gas station and everyone got out except Tom and me. He asked if I would drive him home as he had homework for tomorrow. I obliged, never for a moment thinking anything was going to happen or even thinking about it.

As we headed for his place, we chatted a bit about school and out of the clear blue, he asked me if I had ever had another guy's cock in my hand. I froze as I figured he would beat the hell out of me if I told the truth. I asked why he was interested and he said that lately, while he jacked off, he was wondering what it would be like. I thought, what the hell, lets go for it. I said, yes, I had jacked off with another guy and we had fondled each others dicks and that it really was exciting. I glanced at his crotch and could see he was sprouting wood.

We were now passing a wooded area that I had found some time back and asked if he wanted to try it. Much to my surprise he said yes so I pulled into the gravel road that went way back. When I parked the car and made sure no one could see, I could tell he was having second thoughts as he had broken into a sweat. I asked if he was OK and he said yes and started to unzip his fly. I followed his lead and only did what he did to make sure I wasn't being aggressive and to make him feel comfortable.

I could see a wet spot on his tented white skivvies and what I had hoped to see for so long was poking its head above the waistband, Clearly, Tom was one hung dude. He then slipped his hands into his waistband and slid down his underwear. All I said was God damn, that has to be at least 8 inches and big as a beercan. He said yep, and right now, it is so loaded with cum, we might need a bucket to catch it all.

At this point, I couldn't contain myself and started jacking my own 7 incher. he matched my slow pace and said, I'm ready so i reached over and took his magnidicent caock in my hand and picked up the pace a bit on him. He moaned in appreciaiton and I knew I had him. I then started fondling his balls which made him moan louder. I figured what the hell, all he can do now is kill me so I bent over and took the head of his throbbing cock into my mouth. Surprise, surprise, he said man, that is incredible and so you know, I have never had a blow job in my life. That did it for me and I started bobbing on him like a mad man. His thrusts let me know I was doing great. Pretty soon, I felt his cock head start to swell and I knew it was going to shoot. All of a sudden, his whole body went tense and gobs of thick delicious cum shot into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could bit that bucket sure would have been handy.

When he was spent, he jacked me off and said, I don't know if i will ever get a blow job as good as that but I sure am glad i asked for a ride home. I said, i would be happy to give him a ride anytime he needed it. That was the start of a two year time in my life where i gave him plenty of car rides. He even blew me a coupe times!

This is a true story and I think of Tom often, knowing I was the one that introduced him to a man sucking his cock.


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