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"Try Barcelona!"

I've been living in Barcelona for the last five years. I moved here when I was 52, basically retired, but still keeping my foot in the door teaching English as a Foreign Language part-time. BCN suits me. It's about 3.2 million people, 80% who speak Catalan as a first language, 90% speak Spanish (Castellano), and the other 10%? Who knows? There are, however, lots of Muslims still living in El Chino district at the south west end of La Rambla just as there have been for centuries sharing the streets with African prostitutes from Sierra Leone and the usual young hustlers who'll fuck or be fucked by anything for the right price. But what suits me about this city is the attitude of the gay and bi community. Instead of everyone focused with only getting it on with some young hunk, there's a definite appreciation for older men, "maduros"; especially men older than myself in their 60s and 70s.

At 52, I'd started losing most of my hair so I keep my head buzzed for the sake easy grooming. Fortunately, shaved heads are still in style, but at my age a shaved head definitely emphasizes the fact that I'm a "daddy." I still go to the gym religiously, but despite my best efforts age and gravity have taken their inevitable toll. I'm still muscular and have the remnants of my younger six-pack abs, but my stomach is now beginning to sag enough that I notice. It doesn't seem to interfere with my sex life, but getting older is part of life and unlike twinkies in the USA, Spaniards seem to accept and respect age. Being middle aged is a sought out commodity. What amuses me most is that I've grown from a lean, longhaired hippie from the 60s to a middle age, muscular bear in his 50's. As a result, one of my favorite haunts is The Bear Factory near the Saints train station. It's an extremely friendly place with less drama than bars catering to younger crowds. It has two back rooms and some of the strangest, but amusing porn films which are projected on one wall at end of the large downstairs bar. It's a great place where older men on the soft side can hook up with other older men. But all types of men young, old, muscular, and flabby show up to drink until about 2:00 or 3:00 AM.

My first introduction to the Bear Factory was on a date with a outstanding online hookup I had the luck of finding who was advertising a room for rent in his apartment. We met at a small bar call "G" on Muntaner in the gay Eixample District for drinks with the agreement that it would be good to make a new friend, even if we didn't hit it off sexually. Well, Mr. Room for Rent turned out to be a younger, graciously tall, thin, dark complexioned Dutch Jew from Amsterdam who had giving up the cold of northern Europe and now called BCN his "mistress" since moving hear six years earlier. Upon meeting we immediately agreed that we weren't each other's "type," but unlike most American gays, Mr. Room for Rent insisted upon making the best of the evening, insisting that we have dinner and go clubbing.

After an excellent, but expensive dinner at El Castro, we took a cab to the Bear Factory. Mr. Room for Rent was dressed in younger, modern attire that I would look ridiculous in. However, he looked great. He was still young enough (37) to pull off wearing tight silk shirts with baggy pants. He was also about 8 inches taller than myself. I'm only 5'9". I can still comfortably fit into a pair of 501s with a 32" waist, however, I tend to buy most of my clothes at Barneys. I checked my trench coat and Mr. Room for Rent checked his silk jacket, paying the cover charge and getting our tickets, each good for one free drink. I felt a bit out of place. Like most of the clientele I wore 501s, but my white cotton dress shirt with cuff links seemed a bit over the top. Everyone else, regardless of size or shape wore jeans and tight-fitting T-shirts, muscle Ts, or some combination of leather and metal. But after the first of several drinks, my host and the bartenders made me feel extremely welcome.

Mr. Room for Rent took me for the usual tour of the bar, hanging onto my hand as we snaked through the mysteries of the back rooms, cruised passed the guys stroking themselves in front of the porn film projected on the wall, and weaving back through the crowd along the main bar. We finally settled at the end of the bar where I felt at ease and could actually hear what my host had to say over the loud music. Because I was a new face, one of the bartenders, a hunky but somewhat effeminate guy, pulled me part way over the bar and gave me a deep, wet kiss when he served me my beer. It was difficult to understand how this guy could even stand up to tend bar, because he and one of the other bartenders had drank about a fourth of a bottle of Absinthe. At one point during the evening, the same bartender grabbed the bar boy and went down on him in front of everyone. Some patrons watched, others didn't seem to care. It's Spain. They're less self-conscious?

We stayed at The Bear Factory until closing time. By then most of the patrons left for home or had gone to other bars looking for sex in strange and sometimes dangerous places. I had to piss so bad that I could taste it, but had avoided going into the men's room through which was yet another back room. I was new to BCN and there is the real danger of losing a wallet or being mugged in establishments in that particular part of the city.

Finally, I excused my self and braved the dim men's room. Thankfully, it was empty and despite my serious need to pee, I had a difficult time relaxing and letting myself go. Suddenly, some guy came up behind me, put his arms around me and started playing with my cock as he nuzzled into my neck and licked the inside of my ear. I instantly became hard and when I turned around it was a major surprise to see that it was my host, Mr. Room for Rent. He immediately sank to his knees and began sucking me off. The typical smell of urine was strong in front of the urinals. I still had to pee, but he firmly held me by the hips devouring my dick and pulling on my balls. I haven't got the biggest cock in the world, but it works, and only a few size queens have ever complained that it hasn't been worth their time.

As Mr. Room for Rent continued to suck me off, one of the last patrons in the bar came in to pee and instead decided he'd rather try and join us, plopping out a nice looking piece of uncut meat. I wasn't certain how this would go down, so to speak, with my host. This new guy had a thick black mustache but no beard. He was about my height, a few pounds heavier, probably in his mid 40s, and damn good-looking with a thick head of black hair. As he came close I reached out and held his shoulder, sort of holding him off for a minute so I could get a feel for how Mr. Room for Rent felt about a three-way in a restroom. As soon as I put my hand on this new guy's shoulder, Mr. Room for Rent tightly grabbed hold of my cock and turned to suck off this new guy. I felt inside the other guy's pants down to the base of his cock and proceeded to undo his belt. The new guy leaned over and licked the short hair of my grizzled goatee and stache. At first, the guy seemed nervous, but relented as his pants fell down around his ankles as Mr. Room for Rent inhaled the guy's rigid cock. I gently played with the guy's balls. Soon I was deep kissing him. He had a larger cock than mine and I loved that he was uncut. He also had an incredible trail of body hair from his stomach to a thick patch surrounding his hard on.

Mr. Room for Rent eventually came up for air and I obliged him by pulling down his pants and diving for his cock. My host from Amsterdam had a cock about the same size as mine, however, his tapered from a thick base to a smaller head. Still it was perfect; big enough that I could get the whole thing in my mouth and at the back of my throat without worrying about the occasional gag reflex. Despite not being each other's type, we obviously enjoyed similar tastes, specifically strange cock in public restrooms. As I did my best to return the favor of pleasuring my host I heard the snap of latex and a few moments later Mr. Room for Rent was groaning loud enough to attract attention from the bouncers who were still trying to clear the bar. I know I give a good blowjob, but I'd never had anyone groan so thankfully as I worked on his cock. I felt up behind his balls and discovered that the guy with the mustache had deftly put on a condom and slid the head of his member up my host's ass. As I kept sucking, Mr. Room for Rent enjoyed the full length of the other guy's cock slowly glide up his ass to the hilt and fuck him like a metronome.

I stood up to get a breath and the three of us shared a sloppy wet kiss, darting our tongues deep into each other's mouths. I was on fire. And the precum leaking out of Mr. Room for Rent was a signal that he was about to climax if I continued licking his face and kissing him as the guy methodically plowed his ass. I pulled back my hand and let both of them have a taste of Mr. Room for Rent's precum on my fingers. My host's cock convulsed a little. I had stroked him just to the brink of cumming, but he had held back enough so that he didn't shoot his whole wad. I cupped my hand under his cock and captured what cum did dribble out, using it to lube my own cock for jacking off. I unbuttoned Mr. Room for Rent's shirt and started in on some serious nipple play. This caused even more moans to erupt from my host getting slowly and thoroughly fucked senseless. While sucking one nipple and pinching the other I reached behind him and felt up the chest of the guy fucking him. This was obviously the right move. Both men were heaving and moaning in sync and I was feeling pretty good at being able to toy with both of them.

As I stood playing with them one of the bouncers stood in the doorway checking us out. I felt someone pull down my pants and boxers and then the head of a moist cock was pushed gently against the opening of my asshole. I felt behind me and discovered a fourth guy who had come out of the back room and invited himself into the action. But he didn't have on a condom. The feel of his cock against my asshole was almost too tempting and I relaxed feeling more than ready for someone to fuck my ass. But I quickly came to my senses, turned around and faced my would be fudge packer. He was an older man with thinning blonde hair who looked to be in his late 40's, hairless white skin, taut white stomach, with a great ass and legs. He'd taken off his shirt and lowered his pants before introducing the head of his cock to my ass. I mumbled some bad Spanish about "Solo chupar o mamada," not remembering the correct slang for "blow job only" and knelt in front of him to get familiar with his cock. He didn't complain, but still tried to pry open my ass with a couple of fingers as he bent over me while I tried to deep throat him. I had lucked out. Whatever this older blonde guy did for a living kept him nicely muscled and lean unlike me. I'm more beefy from too much weight lifting and not enough cardio. Try as I could, I wasn't able to completely take in the blonde guy's cock. It was wide, slightly flattened, and cut. I could almost get my nose buried into his sweaty pubic hair, but without a measuring tape I could tell his cock was more than I was able to handle easily. That didn't mean I wasn't going to try. As I sucked on him he remained bent over my head, fingering my ass and trying to suck on Mr. Room for Rent who was still getting fucked standing up in front of us.

I pulled off the blonde guy's cock and licked the length of it, lathering it with as much spit as possible. This allowed me to lube him enough that I could jack him off for a minute for two. He seemed to enjoy it. He eventually pulled me up and we explored each other's mouth with our tongues. In the very dim light of the bar's restroom I could see that this guy was tough-looking and reasonably handsome. Not a glamour god at all, but just a gorgeous, no frills, straight type with serious eyes. I hadn't been fucked for a couple of years, since most guys who approach me want me to play "daddy." But I was ready for this Catalan stud to fuck me. The guy fucking Mr. Room for Rent must have sensed my need for keeping it hot because he reached between me and the blonde and palmed an unopened condom against my stomach. I tore it open and started to roll it down with my lips over the blonde's cock. My ass was in the right position for Mr. Room for Rent to bend over as he was being fucked to begin rimming me. Shit, that felt so amazing to have someone else rim me for a change. This online date and I were of the same mind. After enjoying his tongue wetting up my ass, I turned around holding the condom secure back on the blonde's cock. He knew what to do and within seconds he was up inside me. It was one of the few times in my life I had been so hot that there was no initial sensation of pain or discomfort trying to adjust to the size of his beautiful cock. Mr. Room for Rent stayed bent over and started sucking me off again. I could see that the bouncer was still standing in the doorway to the restroom and thought he was either going to join us or bust us up. Instead, he just kept watch and I could tell he was stroking himself.

The blonde guy was a bit rough, but it didn't bother me. I was on the edge of cumming several times. Each time I started to cum I pulled Mr. Room for Rent off of my cock and squeezed by sphincter around the blonde's cock to create enough discomfort that I wouldn't cum. I wanted to make this session last. The blonde pushed me up against Mr. Room for Rent who leaned back against the guy fucking him, causing us all to be pushed together with the guy fucking my host with his back pressed against the restroom wall.

We all gave it our best to try and deep tongue each other, but standing and fucking in a row is a bit difficult of a position for four guys to mutually kiss. I leaned back against the blonde boning my ass and he grabbed my cock and jacked me off. The bouncer who had been at the door moved towards us. I didn't look at the bouncer's face, only at his approaching oversized cock. Fortunately, rather than try to take a turn fucking either me or my friend, he simply let go of a huge load on my cock, stomach, and the hand of guy whose dick was stuffed up my ass. The blonde fucking me quickly grabbed hold of the bouncer's dick trying to capture as much of his cum as possible and then used it to continue to jack me off to an amazing climax. I shot all over the front of Mr. Room for Rent and the convulsions of my prostate must have been the last straw for the blonde. He pounded into me furiously, biting my neck as he came. He stayed inside me for a couple of minutes as we caught our breath. The bouncer knelt down in front of Mr. Room for Rent and licked my cum off his stomach, cock, and the hands of the guy fucking him. He then went down on Mr. Room for Rent causing him to explode into the bouncer's mouth. The sounds of slurping and swallowing only added to the experience.

The one person who hadn't cum was the guy who had been fucking my host. As the blond guy slowly plopped his dick out of my ass I turned and grabbed him, carefully removing the loaded condom by sliding it off with my fingers firmly wrapped around it. Mr. Room for Rent was spent and looking a bit ragged. He made the guy fucking him remove his cock which was now only semi hard. The bouncer, the blonde guy, and Mr. Room for Rent all seemed to know what I had in mind. The bouncer pulled the condom off of the guy who had been fucking my friend and everyone gently held him back against the wall. I took the loaded condom I had in my hand and pulled it over the guy's cock. We all took turns deep kissing and jacking off the guy, whipping up the cum inside the condom on his meat into a creamy froth. The condom made the cum a perfect lube and kept the semen from drying out. It turned the one the thing missing from getting the guy to cum was a couple of friendly fingers spreading open and playing with his ass as we all worked at stroking him off. In a few minutes he came, filling up the used condom a second time with what looked like quite a load.

We all patted the guy with the mustache on the back. The bouncer took over and carefully removed the now stretched out twice used condom. He tied a knot at the open end while waiting for the four of us to get dressed and leave. We all left the men's room together with the bouncer, a big guy with a bearish gut, tossing the tied condom onto the end of the bar. He barked at the bar boy "Dejalo. Para cuando regreso!" Literally, "Leave it for when I come back." My imagination reeled at the thought of what was to happen with that loaded condom full of fresh cum. But I never got the chance to find out.

The four of us could see one another better in the light as we handed in our tickets at the coat check. The coat check guy was an older man probably in his 60s, but still looking good and fit wearing nothing but leather chaps and a chest harness. We all smiled. He grinned and motioned for me to let him touch my beard. He reached over and wiped a glob of cum that was hanging from the side of my own mustache. He rubbed it between his fingers and smelled it, nodding approvingly and laughing. Once upstairs out of the bar there was an awkward moment where Mr. Room for Rent tried to convince the blonde who'd fuck me to come home with us. He simply mumbled something I couldn't make out and hiked his leg over a motorcycle he'd parked at the entrance to the club. He then smiled and drove off. We couldn't find the other guy with the mustache. It was three in the morning and Mr. Room for Rent convinced me to accompany him to yet another bar, La Metro, and continue the night. At 52 I still had a few party tickets left that hadn't been punched, but trying to keep up with a younger hot piece of ass in BCN could wear down even the strongest sexual athlete. At La Metro I finally got a chance to piss, (into the mouth of a young leather slave groveling in that club's men's room). Mr. Room for Rent and I spent until 7:00 AM nailing guys trying to negotiate the maze that leads in and out of the main restroom at La Metro. When the club closed, my new "friend" invited me to his apartment which, coincidentally was right around the corner of La Metro. We slept and took turns fucking each other on and on for the next 24 hours until he had an obvious rug rash from my beard and my cock and ass were so sore I needed to escape and recover.

Mr. Room for Rent and I are still friends and still insist we aren't each other's "type." But there's a refreshing lack of self- consciousness in my new home town that allows us to still fuck around with each other. I ended up buying the piso across the hall from his and we have the occasion to mutually enjoy each other's doorbell trade. Had I only known about Barcelona 20 years ago I would have never wasted so much time back in the States.


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