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I thought I would share one of my most recent experiences with the group. I am a married guy who likes to get some cock on the side. I have been chasing cock for about 4 years now. I have a regular fuck-buddy and we get together when our schedules permit, which averages about every 2 to 3 weeks at a local hotel where we can get a room for a couple of hours.

The last time I showed up at the room a few minutes late which is typical for me. He usually looks for me, and will move the curtain to signal which room he is in. He signaled, and I got out of the car with my gym bag which has the essentials: condoms and lube! He let me in the room. He was already down to his underwear. I was wearing a tee shirt and sweats. I dropped the gym bag and we immediately embraced and started making out. This is something that drives me wild and he knows it. We kissed and groped each other standing up for about five minutes. It's always nice to get reacquainted with Rick.

I stepped away and he headed towards the bed. He laid down on the bed and watched me take off my clothes. I was soon buck-naked and lay down beside him. The warmth of his body felt so good on such a cold day. I could feel him getting hard. I started working my way down his body following his fur trail to his rock hard cock. Rick has a nice 7" medium thick cock which I just love to lick as well as feel up my ass. I took him into my mouth and boy did it taste delicious. I had been about three weeks without tasting any cock. I just took my time going up and down his cock, washing his nice ball sack and licking just beneath it. He was really getting into it. I was completely lost in giving him some good head when I felt a hand touch my ass. I whipped around and it was another guy NAKED!

I looked at Rick and said "Who the fuck is that?" He replied that this was Larry, a friend with whom he had other hotel romps with, and Larry and Rick were interested in a three-way. He asked me if there was any problem, and of course I said no. I had only dreamed of having two guys at the same time!

Larry laid beside Rick on the bed and they started making out while I was sucking their cocks. I couldn't take both in my mouth at the same time so I had to alternate between them. Boy what a rush to have these two men. I told them to stand up so I could kneel in front of them because this made it easier to suck on them. They took turns face fucking me and slapping my face with their cocks. I could tell the needed to release. I laid Larry back on the bed and went to my gym bag and got the lube and condoms. I lubed myself up while Larry slipped a condom on. I added some more lube and straddled him. I leaned back and Rick helped guide Larry's dick into my ass. He is about the same size as Rick so I had no problem with him. I got that initial burst of pain which quickly subsided as my hole adjusted to him. Once I got him in, I felt his hands on my ass guiding me up and down. This is by far my favorite position.

Rick was stroking his cock watching Larry fuck me. I beckoned him over and told him to stick his cock in my mouth. I took him in and he began to face fuck me. This was my ultimate dream to have a cock in each hole. Larry starting to pick up the thrusting and he was beginning to moan which I took as a sign as he was getting close. I picked up the pace with Rick hoping to have them cum at the same time. Larry starting shouting that he was cumming and his thrusts became deep and boy did it feel good. Rick said he was getting ready and I told him when he was ready to shoot all over my hairy chest. Not 10 seconds later he pulled out of my mouth and shot all over my chest. It looked like he hadn't cum in a while since my chest was covered with cum. I couldn't resist any longer, I needed relief. I was almost close to cum with Larry stimulating my prostate with his thrusts. I only needed a little lube and some quick strokes before I shot all over Larry's chest and face. I leaned over kissed Larry and said "By the way, my name is Jack!"

I am really looking forward to meeting with those two again. I hope next time I will get tag team fucked! That is another dream of mine. I hope you enjoyed my contribution to the group. I welcome and feedback as this is the first time I have put down into words any of my experiences. Happy cock hunting to all!


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