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I had been married for just a few months, when I got a job in sales, working with a young black man that I had attended school with.We would go to a bar after work and have a beer a couple of times a week.

One evening he asked if I would come to his apartment and help him move some new furniture in? After setting up his new bedroom set we had a beer he asked if I minded helping him make the bed? I told him I would try but I wasn't very domestic. After the sheets were on he ask if I would likt to help him break in the bed? I must have had a strange look on my face. He said that he could remember a friend of mine braging about breaking my ass cherry in the 8th grade. I said the son of a bitch he made me suck and fuck him for the mext 4 years by promising not to tell a soul.

Oh how many times did he tap your ass?

I said about twice a week during school but much more in the summer.

Did he ever make you cum?

What do you mean I ask?

You know while he had his cock up your ass did you cum? No I would get hard but I had to finish myself off by hand. While we were talking he had undressed and pulled me into the bed with him.

He put my hand on his cock. The guy in school was seven inches but this was a monster without being ask I took him in my mouth and licked the shaft and his balls untill it was rock hard and eleven inches long and as big around as a beer can! I was intent of tasting his cum, but he told me he wanted me to be his bitch.

He turned me over on my back and got between my legs and greased his cock up placeing the head to my asshole as it slid in I could feel my spcheinter being streached around his manhood I thought I had forgotten how good it hurt to have a cock rammed up your ass.

Do you want me to stop he ask? If it hurts too bad I will stop.

All I could do was try to wrap my legs around his ass and pull him deeper. But he held back and told me if I wanted more to ask for it ..I said I want to feel you fucking me. he told me to look at him we needed to talk. He told me he would fuck me only if I told him that I wanted this to last not just a one time thing, and that as his bitch I would do some of his homies from time to time to tell him that I wanted to be a blackmans pussyboy, and I wanted to have nigger dicks in my ass every time I came to his apartment.. when I said I wanted black cocks only in my ass he rammed me so deep and hard I felt cum spewing from my little clitty.

This lasted for the next nine months. I tood several of his friends and on some nights I pulled a black train.

But we {my wife and I] went to college and moved after several years we moved back. I had never had another man while we were working and having a family aftere the kids were in college and gone we moved back and settled into a quite life.

We had talked about swinging but I was never Into it but I did tell her that I wanted her to have other men as long as she told me about her affairs..Over the years she had five or six flings but nothing serious..while shopping one day I saw my old buddie and I ask if he would like to have a beer at our house? I told my wife he was coming over.

She ask if he was the black man that I would fantize about fucking her when we were having sex?

When he arrived my wife who is an A type took command and ask if he would like to know a secret?? she told him that I would talk to her abouy him fucking her while we were having sex! He ask if I told her about his eleven inch cock?

Before I could digest what was going on they were undressing eachother his hands were on her bra and trying to pull it off and she was trying to unhook it. when her tits came out he sucked and rubbed his cock on them he had me lick her pussy untill it was wet enough to take him. he ask if she was willing to be his cumdump? She was begging for his cum and told him she should kick my ass for not telling her about his eleven incher sooner.

Well we have come home and both of us service him and his friends and I only clean my wife by mouth now no sex but I found that I can cum with a bbc up my ass!


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