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"A Night To Remember!"

It was the fall of 1949 (and I) had been out of the service just a few months, living with my folks, going to school and working part-time. My parent's house was built on the side of a hill the lower floor was the garage, laundry room, family room and a small bedroom which was mine. This afforded me privacy and allowed me to come and go pretty much as I pleased.

Had gotten off work this Friday night and was now free until Saturday afternoon when I had to go back to work. Showered and headed on downtown, it was about nine or a bit after, would take me about twenty minutes which would make it, based on my previous experiences to arrive.

I was living in Seattle, a seaport and well-known Navy town with Bremerton one of the major naval installations just across the bay. The sailors would take the ferry into town arriving at one of two piers near the lower part of the downtown area. Naturally a lot of bars and other installations, which catered to the sailors, were located in the vicinity of the terminals.

HIt was the fall of 1949 (and I) had been out of the service just a few months, living with my folks, going to school and working part-time. My parent's house was built on the side of a hill the lower floor was the garage, laundry room, family room and a small bedroom which was mine. This afforded me privacy and allowed me to come and go pretty much as I pleased.

Had gotten off work this Friday night and was now free until Saturday afternoon when I had to go back to work. Showered and headed on downtown, it was about nine or a bit after, would take me about twenty minutes which would make it, based on my previous experiences to arrive.

I was living in Seattle, a seaport and well-known Navy town with Bremerton one of the major naval installations just across the bay. The sailors would take the ferry into town arriving at one of two piers near the lower part of the downtown area. Naturally a lot of bars and other installations, which catered to the sailors, were located in the vicinity of the terminals.

Had found cruising these bars later in the evening often resulted in meeting one or more very horny sailors who were more than willing to get off before going back to the base. In some cases was able to talk them into staying the night in one of the several inexpensive hotels in the area.

I stopped at the first bar and went on in, sat down and ordered a beer, not much going on here, a couple stray sailors but none looked particularly interesting and seemed more occupied with some of the gals who frequented these same bars. Drank my beer and headed for the head (restroom), took a leak then left. Stopped at a few other bars with the same results. The night sure was not turning out like I had envisioned.

Was about to give it up for the night when I stopped at my last bar, pretty quiet, not many people there but did spot a sailor sitting by himself at the far end of the bar. Walked on over and took the seat next to him and ordered a draft beer, looked over and saw the sailor's was about empty so asked would you like a refill, he looked over and said sure. The waitress brought the two drafts, lifted up my glass and said "cheers', he replied not much to cheer about tonight have not seen a decent cunt all night and I need one bad.

I replied, that bad, is it. He said you damn right have not been off that damn ship in six weeks and now I have a whole weekend and not a decent looking bitch in sight. Replied maybe you will just have it hang it up for the night or possibly look for alternatives, as I allowed my knee to slightly press against his. He replied might just have to do that know I sure need to get off and soon. We sat there talking about a number of different things as often as I could would bring the subject of sex back around, at the same time gently rubbing my knee against his. Guess we had four or five more glasses when the bar tender said we are getting ready to close soon if you would like another. I ordered another round. Knew it was now time to fish or cut bait so would have to try to finalize this soon.

I again allowed my knee to press against his a bit harder this time, he did not respond but again did not move his knee either which was a positive sign. Asked him if he planned to go back to the ship tonight, he replied not if I can help it need to find some relief. I again pushed my knee against his and said sure would be nice to get something even a good blowjob right now. He replied not much into getting my cock sucked but sure would not turn down a nice tight ass.

I again brushed his knee with mine and said man I have to take a leak, got up and headed to the restroom hoping he would follow me. I went on in, took my cock out and was pissing when he came in. The urinal was one long trough so shifted a bit to the side to allow him room, saw him unbutton his flap (man loved those 13 button flaps on the sailors), I moved over. He flipped out a real nice cock, was flaccid but must have been 5 inches long and very smooth. I looked at it, licked my lips and hoped that I would get to taste that before the night was over. I stalled as long as I could but soon he finished and started to shake it so wrapped up, zipped up and went back to the bar.

He came back a moment or so later, took his stool, made a point of letting my knee brush his then reached down and scratched my knee making sure my fingers also touched his leg. He did not move it just sort of ignored it. I then said well am not going back home until I get something. Think I am going to get a room and stay in town tonight may have better luck in the morning. If you want you can share the room and we can both look around again tomorrow. He said that sounds Ok sure nothing going on here, we finished up our beers and left. Walked down the street to one of the many small hotels, which catered to short-term customers. As I signed up for the room, the guy asked me twin beds or double said double, he winked and handed me the key.

We took the rickety elevator up to the second floor found our room sure nothing fancy here. The head (restroom) was down the hall, the room itself had a double bed, dresser and sink with one chair. Overall the room was functional but pretty sparse.

We both went to opposite sides of the bed and started to get undressed, we climbed into bed and turned out the lights, the soft lights from the street below provided a dim sort of moonlight glow to the room. We lay there, on top of the flimsy blanket in just our boxers. I allowed my right leg to move slightly and touch his leg, he just lay there, did not move.

I again moved my leg this time pressing a little more forcefully against his leg, again he did not move so moved my hand so it was touching the side of his shorts slowly allowed my fingers to move up and down along his leg, again he just laid there passively. I got a bit more confidence and slipped my hand over on top of his leg so it was now resting on top of his cock and balls. He did not move so rolled over on my side sort of facing him opened the fly of his boxers and took hold of his cock which had obviously was starting to grow. I played and massaged his cock, reached in and took his balls out and rolled them around. Then reached up, unsnapped his shorts and started to pull them off; he lifted his hips to help me, threw them on the floor then took mine off and let them join his on the floor. He had has a beautiful cock, long, about 6 maybe 6.5, really nice wedge-shaped and tapered real thick at the base tapering up to the head which was about the same size as the shaft. His ball sack was huge and full, just knew it had been a while since he got off, something I was hopefully about to change.

Bent over and took it in my mouth no more had it in my mouth on it when he lifted my head off and said "Told you not into blow jobs, I like to fuck". Replied know that but just getting it ready. That appeased him his so went back to licking and sucking on his cock. Would have been more than satisfied to finish him off that way but knew he would not allow it.

After I had his cock wet and slippery rolled over on my side of the bed, reached up and pulled my pillow down and wedged it under my hips then spread my legs wide and waited. He rolled over on me his long cock jabbing me here and there, soon I felt it poking around my rose bud, lifted my hips to meet it, and then reached back and guided it to the spot. He was very gentle just pushed a bit then would wait a bit then ease in a bit more, I was pushing back trying to open up to receive him. Soon I felt his pubic hair brushing my ass.

Now that he had completely entered me he picked up the pace making short fast thrusts which appeared to be designed to get him off quickly, the fact it had been better than six weeks it was fully understandable, as for me I enjoyed it all, particularly the downward thrusts. It was not long before I heard his breathing deepen and his thrusts became even faster then all at once he thrust it home and held it there as I felt his hot creamy man juice shoot deep in me. He held it for a moment then just sort of collapsed on me, saying man I needed that.

We lay there for a few minutes then he got up and walked over to the sink to clean up, I slipped on my trousers and shoes and went on down to the head, sat on the stool, emptied my self then washed up and returned to the room. It was now near midnight and was bushed so lay down and quickly fell asleep. Seemed like I had been asleep just a few minutes when I felt Don rolling over on me, his hard cock again poking me here and there, I spread my legs and again pulled the pillow down and jammed it under my hips, as I felt him start to enter me I pushed back allowing his cock to slide deep into me.

Now his strokes were long and slow like the initial session was to relive the tension now this was for sheer enjoyment. I would push back to meet this downward thrusts then tighten my ass so I could milk his cock on the way back. As he lay on me soon felt his tongue all over my ear and then he started to kiss and nibble (and I assume leave a few hickeys) on my neck. It took a bit longer this time but soon felt him start to speed up his thrusts then felt his cock harden as he jammed it home held it there and again pumped a load of his man juice deep in me.

Again we got up, he went to the sink I went on down the hall, returned and he was already asleep. Laid down and promptly fell asleep myself. About daybreak woke up needing a piss real bad got up went over to the sink, turned on the water and relived myself. Walked back to the bed. He was laying on his back, his lovely long cock was stretched out a bit and laying over his thigh, his ball sack which was once up tight and full was now hanging low his balls almost touching the bed. Crawled into bed the reached over and took hold of his cock which stirred then reached down and cupped those lovely low hanging balls. His cock was stirring and knew soon it would once again be nice and hard. Bent over and took his cock in my mouth; man, sure would like to be able to finish him of again like that but did not pursue it knowing his feelings about getting blown.

Placed it gently back on his thigh and let his ball sack drop back between his legs and lay down. Had just settled down when he whispered spread your legs and lift your hips, I pulled my pillow down and again stuffed it in under my hips, he shoved his pillow toward me and said use this also. My ass was well up in the air now with both pillows stuffed below my hips. He got up kneeling and came on behind me once again I felt that long cock probing around but soon it found the target and eased into me, again I felt full with that huge cock all the way in. He said hang on am going to fuck you real good. With that he pulled his cock out almost all the way and rammed it in, Knew I was in for a wild ride. He continued to fuck me forcibly pulling his cock almost all the way out then ramming it home. His ball sack, which was hanging so low, was moving a fraction of a second behind his cock in the forward thrust and would slap my balls and ass as he rammed it home. What a delightful feeling, his cock ramming home then his balls slapping my balls and ass. It took a long time for him to reach the point that he was ready to climax something which I really enjoyed and wished would continue to last. But all to soon felt his thrusts get harder and faster while his balls continued to slap my ass. He rammed it home one more time and collapsed on top of me, I lay there more than willing to let it soak as I enjoyed the afterglow of a great fuck.

After a bit we both got up cleaned up, and went back to sleep. The next morning when we woke nothing was said as we dressed and got ready to leave other than his one comment man my cock is sore feels all battered and bruised, I looked at him smiled and said wonder why. Have to say that was a great night and the last fucking was one that I would always remember. Have only once had the feeling of a guys balls slapping my balls and ass as he drove it home, was a black guy, huge cock unfortunately he spoiled the pleasure by pulling out and shooting allover my back, what a waste.

Hap Chapter one -- The Seduction
At long last boot camp was over. I, along with a number of other guys, was transferred to sea school in preparation for further transfer to large naval ships. Sea school was almost like boot camp but more lax. We at least had liberty from time to time. Was always horny, but was allowed to go into town, on liberty, which made it a bit easier. Was able to get picked up and blown a couple of times, which sure relieved the pressure. We were eventually assigned to a heavy cruiser that had about (twenty-five hundred) 2500 sailors plus (forty-five) 45 of us who acted as a security detail.

Several other guys from school were also transferred to the ship. One was a kid from the San Francisco area we nicknamed Hap. He was tall about six feet, four inches, lean with a great build. He had blonde hair and blue eyes, a real good-looking guy. He also had a great personality that accounted for his popularity with the guys. Hap and I hit it off at the school and were delighted when both were assigned to the same ship. (We) Ended up bunking next to each other and were assigned to the same duty section. We had become good buddies not only on the ship but also when we were allowed ashore on liberty.

Our compartment was not large, several tiers of sacks (bunks), an open area with a table and a couple of rows of small lockers was pretty much it. Hap and I had bunks along side each other on the fourth level. Each bunk consisted of a piece of canvas fastened to a metal frame. Bunks were side-by-side and about (twenty-two) 22 inches above each other. Our bunks were so close (I) could have, had I dared, reached over and taken hold of Hap's cock, Often would wake up at night look over and see him with a very large bulge in his shorts. Oh so wanted to reach over and take hold but did not dare.

The ship visited a number of ports in China and in Japan. Hap and I hung out both on liberty and aboard ship. We visited all of the normal sight seeing places including a number of local houses of prostitution. Hap enjoyed these visits while I could take it or leave it. Once Hap met a gal and we rode the train to her village. There we both screwed

her. Hap let me go first, probably because he had such a huge cock. (I) Had seen Hap's huge cock many times in the shower and had often dreamed about holding it and playing with it and maybe someday sucking it. When I was finished he screwed her. It was the first time I had seen his cock hard and it was enormous. Sure made me want to get hold of it, play and eventually suck on it, which I finally did.

A week or so later he came down with a STD (Gonorrhea a few days later I did also. We were given the standard number of shots and both placed on medical restriction, which said no liberty until we were off medical restriction. Little did I know my catching STD was, in fact, a blessing and would, in the end, not only help me seduce Hap but also be a further blessing down the road.

Hap and I were assigned to the same duty section that put us together a lot.

We stood watches on the same days, with me usually relieving him. We spent a lot of time together not only standing watches and working but also just hanging out. We chatted a lot covering a wide range of subjects. Invariably the conversation turned to sex, usually my doing. I did not know what Hap's feeling were relative to man to man sex I would probe from time to time but he was sort of non-committal. Later figured out this was as much to lack of experience as anything else. Never brought the subject up directly but often alluded to it. We both admitted jacking off a lot and how difficult it was with so many guys around. One day Hap said he was going to wear his cock out by pounding it all the time. Told him we needed to find a better way to get off besides jacking off. Hap looked up with sort of a puzzled look but said nothing.

Our battle station itself was way up on one of the upper decks just over the 5-inch guns. In between the guns that were on each side of the ship, was the locker where we worked, where the ammo was stored and where (we) sat when on break. You came down a couple steps to your right around a small bulkhead was one room. On the other side was a platform about three feet off the deck. Straight-ahead was another small room where we usually worked on the guns. The ammo was in still another small compartment. The area was such that if you were in either of the side rooms no one could see you and you would easily hear anyone approaching. This later proved to be very advantageous.

This particular day Hap and I had torn down and cleaned one of the guns. Now we were just killing time until the Bos'ns call and word for lunch was sounded. We had been talking a lot about everything. We had been restricted to the ship for the past few weeks. We continued to chat and again the subject of sex came up. We both indicated we were horny and needed to get off (no comma), real bad. As we continued to talk, particularly about sex, noticed the bulge in Hap's dungarees was getting larger and larger A couple of times he adjusted things.

I finally commented on his obvious hard on, told him mine was hard also but did not think it was near as big as his (knew darn well it was not). Finally, I suggested we take out cocks out and compare them. We took our hard cocks out of our dungarees and slowly started to stroke them. I had seen Hap's cock hard only that one time when we both screwed that gal but it was dark and did not get as good a look as I wanted to. Now there it was in all of its glory, a real beauty. Must have been seven and a half or maybe even eight inches, thick and very smooth, could not see a vein, it was sort of oval shaped. The first time I saw it almost gasped I wanted it so bad but sure did not know how I would ever get it.

We were standing, or should say leaning against the sides of the compartment facing one another. We kept stroking our cocks. Was sure if we kept it up we would both probably end up getting off. Remarked about how big his cock was, told him it sure looked huge but somewhat pretty in that unlike mine his had no protruding veins, he was circumcised, while I was not. The head was large and bright pink. Asked Hap if anyone had ever fooled around with him. He said one time a guy had fondled him but that was all.

He then asked me if anyone had done anything to me. Told him yes had a blowjob once (actually had been done a lot) by a guy who picked me up when hitch hiking. Hap asked me what and how did it happen and if I liked it. Told him it was great. Hap then asked me to tell him about it. I then proceeded to describe in detail how I got a blowjob.

Was hitchhiking when this guy picked me up. It was not long before he started to talk about girls and sex. Figured he was probably going to try to fool around. It was all somewhat new to me, had heard guys talk about it but never had any experience. Was hard up as usual so thought what the heck if this guy wants to jack me off or give me a blow job that would be OK. I paused for a second and Hap then said well what happened? Told him I had leaned back pretending to fall asleep. Soon felt his hand on my leg then moving up to my crotch. (I looked over and saw Hap listening intently.) I continued by telling him how I leaned back with my eyes closed. My cock jumped right up there getting very hard as his hand explored the area. Soon he had my fly open and had my cock out. He parked in a dark spot and I just waited. Pretty soon he opened my buckle and the top button of my trousers. He started to pull them down so I helped by raising my hips. My cock was now rock hard as he pulled my trousers and shorts down to my ankles. He then leaned over and took my cock in his mouth it felt nice. His mouth was warm, moist, as his tongue started moving all around the head; he then took almost all of my cock in his mouth. He continued going up and down on it as his tongue kept moving around. Was not long before I started to come, pulled his head up and told him I'm going to shoot, he just buried his head further taking most of my cock. I then started to shoot a big load right in his mouth; he did not pause. Just kept right on sucking and swallowed it all. He kept sucking until I was soft, felt great.

Hap said, "Never had a guy do that to me but think a couple of times guys wanted to just by the way they kept looking at me". I noticed he had started moving his hand along his cock shaft a bit faster than before, if he kept that up knew he would shoot a load right there. Was sure he was interested, or at least curious about what it would be like to be blown Told him am horny as all get out and sure need to get off. I am also horny and your telling me about it did not help. You got me so hot am about to get off right here. Then got a bit brave and said it would be great if someone would come up now and give us each a blowjob. Hap replied sure would. Then I asked him if some one was to come up and offered would you let him. He replied right now your damn right am about to blow my nuts right here.

That was it; I said I will blow you. Dropped to my knees, took hold of his cock opened wide and engulfed his now very hard and erect cock. He said no, don't, don't do that as he tried to pull it back. It was too late since I had already committed myself. Immediately after I had taken his engorged cock in my mouth my tongue started working on the underside of the head and then started to take it deep. Wanted to make sure my initial actions were so pleasurable he would not want to stop and not let me finish him. It felt so good, long thick, and smooth with a lovely big head. It must have felt good to him also because once I started to move my tongue around his cock head he stopped protesting and just stood there letting me work on his lovely cock.

Now that my initial efforts were now paying off, I slowed down. My tongue was roaming all around that enormous head. I paid particular attention to the glands. Sure wanted to make his first blow job was one that he would not only enjoy but hopefully would bring him back for more. Soon he started to move his hips just a little to meet my lips as I took as much as I could, try as much as I tried could not take it all, in fact had my fist around the base of it and it was all I could do to handle the rest of it. Let my tongue roam up and down that shaft, and all around the head. My tongue worked over the crown then slide back to his pee hole then back to the underside. By now the pre cum was flowing freely. Soon it hardened even more, felt his legs begin to tense and his cock got even harder and longer. He took hold of my head and started to pull it out saying " I am going to come". I gripped his legs tighter, taking as much of that huge cock as I could. He apparently he understood as he relaxed his grip on my head and started to move his hips a little faster. He tightened his hold as he moved his hips rapidly running that lovely cock in as deep as he could then pulling it back out so just the head was in my mouth. Felt his cum start up his cock, which jumped as it pulsated, propelling that lovely man juice up and out into my mouth in large spurts filling my mouth with his hot, creamy juice. He shot a huge load that I took hungrily. I kept sucking on his cock until it softened. He did not attempt to remove it from my mouth even after he came. I continued to suck on it until it had totally softened. He never said a word; just let me drain every bit of his juice. I finished and let go. He put it away and fastened his fly. Just then the loud speakers passed the word for lunch. We each went down by separate ways.

I was now very nervous. Hap had not said a word, other than he was coming, during the whole time, though he seemed to have enjoyed it. Remember washing up while a bit worried if he would tell or not. Kept thinking since he had not spoken out while I was sucking him he would probably not now. Always felt better once I had done a guy, who said nothing following our initial get together. Had he reported it immediately then would be in deep trouble but if he said nothing was in the clear.
Hap apparently had said nothing to anyone. He seemed to avoid me the rest of the day. Otherwise, all seemed normal. The next day was again up at the work area. The fact he had said nothing yesterday made be braver and more confident. Felt he would probably be receptive to more cock sucking. I waited a while then reached over and rubbed his crotch, he immediately whipped out that cock, shoved it in my face and again let me suck it. He never said if or how much he enjoyed it but let me do him often, each time shooting a nice load. One strange quirk was he never dropped his dungarees nor took his balls out so I could suck or hold them. Some times when all was quiet he would look over at me sort of smile, rub his cock. On other occasions, I took the initiative and would reach out, and take hold of his cock. Then one morning when I reached for him he said he was not sure if we should continue to do this, so did not do him that day. The next morning he said a corpsman had given some stuff so he would not get a hard on. Guess he had felt guilty. I respected his wishes and did not try anymore. During this whole period, we remained good buddies. It seemed like this part of our relationship was a completely different chapter, which was only opened when the time was right.

Without Hap's cock to suck I now started to pay closer attention to other possibilities. Had my eyes on another guy in the detachment as my next possible conquest, he was small, quiet but a bit of an ass kisser. He was uncut and looked like he might have a nice piece of meat. Had asked Hap about him, who thought he might providing he was horny enough, which was almost a forgone conclusion considering the little amount of liberty we got. Really enjoyed watching the sailors move around in their tight dungarees. They all wore Navy style dungarees but some wore them better than others. Enjoyed watching a sailor, wearing tight dungarees, walk away from me with his tight ass wiggling. Wanted to reach out and squeeze those lovely cheeks, or better yet spread those cheeks and give him a good rimming followed by my screwing him. The best part though was when seeing a guy with a good-sized cock snaked down one side. A couple of times have seen them with their cocks' semi hard. It was a real turn on. Had to be careful. Did not want them to see me staring at their crotch. A ship is a real small community with gossip floating around. Naturally, anything about sex spread from around the ship very quickly.

It had been a week or 10 days since I had last done Hap. We were again up in the work area. Hap was sitting up on the platform with his knees up under his chin. As I looked at him, I could see the clear outline of his balls and bulge from his cock. Just could not resist. I reached up and started to rub. Hap got down, walked into the small compartment on the other side, and pulled out his cock that was now almost erect. Dropped to my knees and took as much if it as I could. First I would run my tongue around the head, then let my tongue rub the glands on the underside. Would try to take it deep right up to the hilt but could never do it. I worked on it slow and easy wanted to make it last as long as possible. Unfortunately, it did not take long before he started to move his hips took hold of my head and started to shoot. He had a huge load, filled my mouth so much so I had to take my mouth off it to swallow, or choke on his great tasting, creamy load of cum. He was still spurting, shooting cum all over my upper lip. Licked it off and went back down on it. From that point on I would do him whenever he was horny, which was often.

Was doing Hap regularly. Had it well arranged. If we were not able to get together during the day sometime during the evening Hap would ask me if I wanted to go up on deck. A clear sign to me he was ready to have his cock sucked again. Loved to suck that huge cock, so long smooth, not a vein showing just a long almost oval cock with a real nice head. Always tried to take it all but never could. I was also casting my eyes around for possible other possible conquests. The sailors tight dungarees often with their cocks threaded down their legs, used to drive me wild. Was still watching one other guy named Smitty. I had to be careful since he tends to suck up to the older guys who had been aboard ship longer.

One day we were assigned to brig duty. We stood four hours on then eight hours off, and then four on followed by twelve off. The first day Hap had the 4 to 8 while I had the 8 to 12. That evening I arrived down at the brig about ten minutes or so before my tour started. The Brig was located right next to a compartment where part of the ships crew slept. There were two cells with a small area between them. Both cells were occupied. Reynolds was in one on the right with Peterson in the other cell. There was an exterior door with a small opening separating the brig from the compartment. At night we closed this outer door so that the light in the section between the two cells, which was always on, did not disturb the sailors. The doors on each of the cells were steel mesh with a steel bar across which was padlocked. Outside of the brig you could sit on a small bench.

I went on down to, the brig to relieve Hap and assume the watch. I said Hi and was about ready to make the switch when Hap said these guys have been talking about sex and getting blown the whole time I have been on watch. Look what they made me do. He then showed me that great big cock of his which was obviously very hard. It had run down his trousers leg, which made it look like he had a large banana in his pocket. Having sucked on that huge cock so many times my mouth started to water as I looked down. Wanted so much to just reach out and feel it, then suck it.

Obviously could not so made a non-committal comment relative to his obvious hard on and his reference to getting blown. Gave me a hard on just the short time I saw it. Figured maybe he got it hard just to tease me but figured out later that was a set up for the guys in the brig. We made the switch and Hap left leaving me with the watch.

Now the two prisoners started talking about how hard up they were and how good a blowjob would feel. Reynolds tended to be the quiet one but the most attractive. About 5' 7" or so 145 pounds, clear skin, nice dark curly hair, a real turn on. Peterson was the more vocal and, I surmised, to have probably had more experience than Reynolds had. . After a bit figured Hap must have told them then I had sucked him off. Tried to figure out how and why he would tell them. Knew he would not just come out and tell them since he knew he would also be in hot water if the word got out. Think what happened was they were talking about sex and getting blown and teased him about never having been blown, being a cherry, etc. That would be too much for Hap, he ended up telling them he was getting it regularly. Then one thing then led to another. Am sure that it is how it unfolded.

The comments continued, nothing loud, just general conversation about sex and being sucked how hard up they were, how long it had been since they had gotten off and how bad they needed to get off. Peterson went on to describe the detail about a few times when a "queer" had picked him up and sucked him and how great it felt. At one point Peterson started to sort of hum and sing a little ditty. "Oh what a wonderful feeling I will have about 11 tonight." Then he would look at smile, wink and me. Took both up for a final piss call and when they were finished both took their time shaking their cocks and putting them away.

When it was time for them to sack out Peterson looked at me, dropped his shorts and asked if it was OK if he slept in the nude. This was against the rules so said no way but I did get a good look at his cock, which appeared to be semi- hard. Did not dare talk much since I was too to worked up. He reached down for his shorts felt his cock and balls a bit sort of looked at me smiled and pulled them up, snapped them closed and then sacked out. It was now obvious they knew I sucked and both, Peterson in particular, wanted to be serviced. Nothing would please me more that swinging on both of their cocks. Knew they had been in the brig for almost a month, and had not been able to get off during that period. Was afraid to take the chance sure wanted to take their cocks and suck them dry but was not sure if I should take the risk or not. It would be bad enough if you were caught doing a guy but being on duty and doing a guy, who was confined to the brig and was in your in charge would without a doubt mean a big time court-martial and probably extensive brig time.

The guy in charge of the guards made regular checks on us, making sure we were not goofing off, falling asleep on duty and naturally making sure the prisoners were not getting away with anything and were OK. On the 8-12 PM watch, which was mine, I expected the guy to come down and inspect us some time around eleven or so. Then he would get some sleep, come down, and inspect the 12-4 watch early in the morning. They had to check on us at least once each watch. To try to fool around without being sure when he would not come down was pretty chancy.

Had a debate with myself whether to go ahead and suck their cocks or not. So wanted to suck those two guys. They obviously wanted it also. Finally, at about 10:30 or so decided to enter their cells and suck them off. Remember going into the brig, closing the outer door then slowly and quietly unlocking the lock and lowering the bar on Reynolds cell. The prisoners slept on bunk sized cotton pads on the floor with a blanket. Once I had the cell door open knelt down by Reynolds and ran my hand up under the blanket toward his cock. As I reached his cock, which was semi hard, he opened his eyes. I asked, " is this what you want?" He whispered," yes, have been waiting for you."

I then pulled the blanket away and unsnapped and pulled down his shorts. Placed my hand on his nicely filled balls and bent down and took his cock in my mouth, lovely. Then I proceeded to work on his cock, which by now had grown, to a very respectable size. Could feel his cock get larger and harder as my tongue went round and round on that head. I would take it real deep then back off and work on the head again. knew he was getting close as he started to move his hips. About then Peterson woke up and looked over and saw me doing Reynolds and whispered, "Hey do me next." I had planned to suck his cock also but just nodded yes as I took Reynolds deep again. Just about then Reynolds let fly with a huge load. I thought he would never stop shooting that nice hot cum in my mouth. sucked on it until it started to soften, made sure I had every drop of that warm creamy cum before letting it slip out of my mouth.. Pulled his shorts up, put the blanket over him and went out closing and locking the door behind me. Now it was Peterson's turn.

As I unlocked the door to Peterson's cell I noticed he was ready and waiting for me. He had his blanket off and a very large hard on. I Knelt down and cupped his very large sack that held a nice set of balls. The sack was full. Just knew he would have a huge load for me. Opened wide and took his engorged cock in my mouth, took it slow but all the way to the base, almost did not make it. His cock is considerably larger than Reynolds's and quite thick. Started to come back up but let my tongue roam all over it as I backed up. Made sure my tongue worked over his glands, which seeped a lot of pre-cum that tasted great, then ran my tongue in and all around his pee hole. Wanted so much to take my time but also knew it was risky. Better to finish it quick and maybe another time would be able to make it last. Sensed it would not be long before he delivered his load in my mouth. Soon felt his hips starting to move in conjunction with my head and lips. His cock grew larger; the veins stood way out then knew he was ready to shoot. Wanted to stop sucking and move to his balls. Wanted so much to take one at a time in my mouth and roll it around. Wanted to lick all around and under his sack, and then moved back to his cock and finish him off but that was for another time. His cock started to tense up, his hips started to move as his whole body tightened. His cock then stared to pulsate as he started shooting that creamy cum in my mouth. He shot load after load, nice warm creamy cum. Sweet creamy cum, had to back off to swallow then went back for the rest of it. Sucked on it until it started to soften up. Then got up and went out, closed and locked his cell door and moved into the middle portion between the two cells. He pulled his shorts up, said thanks I sure needed that. As he pulled the blanket up said maybe tomorrow night we can do it again.

By now I was really horny having just sucked two very nice cocks both with very large loads. Opened the outer door to the brig and sat down on the bench. My cock was hard and I wanted to get off oh so bad. Had a convenient hole in my pocket that allowed me to not only play with my cock but also, should the need arise put a handkerchief down there to wipe up anything that might "spill."

Worked my fingers in and around my foreskin until I got a finger inside it. This permitted me to massage the head, a move that I still enjoy particularly if it is a tongue doing it. Was not long before I felt that familiar feeling started up near my ass and traveled on down between my legs, I was about to explode. Placed the handkerchief in position and massaged some more, then wham there it
was, a huge load. Wouldn't you know it just as I shot my load, the sergeant started down the ladder. He was here to check up on the two prisoners and me. I could not move since I was still shooting. He walked by me then checked the two cells. By the time he turned around I was standing up hoping it did not show and the handkerchief would not fall out of my trousers leg. I never did get along with along with this guy; he was always "gunning" for me. . He asked if I was asleep. I said no, he replied "I almost got you that time, just remember I will get you yet." The unfortunate part is that he did finally get me.

The next night I had the 12 - 4 watch, again I took care of Reynolds (who pretended to sleep through the whole thing) and Peterson who again enjoyed it immensely. The next night I had the 4 - 8, we did not do anything since to many guys got up early. Both guys were due to be released that day so arranged with Peterson to meet him up on deck that

That evening met Peterson and took him up to our battle stations were I had seduced and serviced Hap so many times. Tried my best to make it last. Here was a guy who not only had a real nice cock and set of balls but enjoyed being sucked, my type of guy! Stopped several times to lick and suck on his balls and lick his entire ball sack and the surrounding area. Despite my efforts to prolong it, he again came a lot quicker than I had wanted. He shot another large load in my mouth. He said know you wanted to make it last but I just could not wait; maybe after you do me a few times it will take longer. He asked me to meet him the next night after lights out down in his compartment. However I said no. It would be difficult, if not impossible, for me to explain what I was doing after lights out in his compartment. Additionally was sure there were probably guys who would not appreciate seeing or being blown. Instead arranged to meet him back on the deck tomorrow night at about the same time.

Met him the next night as arranged. As I started back up to "our" location, he said he did not like it up there and suggested we go in the ammo room under the main battery. I Said O.K; if you are sure it will be safe. He said it was besides there was already someone down there waiting for me to service him. He told me go on down then he would come down after I was finished with that guy and then I could take my time sucking him.

Went down the ladder into the room below the main battery where they loaded the large shells. The room was lit with battle lights, small little red lights. Was not bright but you could see OK. There was a sailor, whom I recognized as Carpenter, tall slim nice looking. Did not know him personally but knew of him. He had been in trouble on the ship a couple of times. He had a very obvious hard on. As I dropped down on the deck, he rubbed the front of his dungarees looking at me and smiled. I Reached over and felt his fully erect cock. I helped him open his belt; pull down his dungarees and his shorts. Nice long cock, not to thick but very good length. Large full sack, knew he had not gotten
off in a while and would give me a real nice load. As I knelt and started to take his cock in my mouth, he said, "Give me a real good one." Had planned to.

Started in on it, making sure my tongue went round and round on that head then massaged the glands on the other side. Ever so slowly took his cock deep, could not make it to the hilt but had almost all of it. He placed his hands on my head and started to face fuck me. It sure did not take long before I started to taste that lovely pre-cum taste. He had a lot of it. Eased off a bit to make it last. Sucked on his balls then went back to the head and worked my tongue all around it. Then I would take it deep. I placed one hand on each of the cheeks of his ass as I guided that cock back and forth. Then his cock stiffened even more as it started to pump his heavy load of sweet cream cum in my mouth. It was quite a stream and it shot right into the back of my mouth. Had to swallow quickly, as he kept shooting. Had to take my mouth off it for a second to swallow, missed a small amount, found it later on my hand and licked it off. He said that was good, needed that then dressed and left.

Peterson then came down. Wanted to make his last longer than the previous occasions. Started to work on his semi hard cock taking it to the hilt then having to back off, as it grew hard. Let my tongue do the talking, round and round the head I went. Then would spend time on his glands then take it as deep as I could. When I sensed he was about to come would stop and start licking his balls and the area around his groin, then would go back to sucking, wrapping my tongue around that head. Soon he started to face fuck me, he placed his hands on my head to guide me, but I knew the way! His cock again got very hard, the veins again stood way out and he delivered a real nice load. After we finished he said he was going to see if he could find a few more guys, like Carpenter, who would enjoy a good blowjob. He pulled up his boxers, then his dungarees, helped him tuck away his cock, giving his cock a final kiss then we both left. Having just sucked both of them was hot as hell. Went on up to my battle station and jerked off.

This scenario continued for the next several nights. Would meet Peterson on deck; once in a great while he was alone but usually he would say have a couple tonight. He would then let me know that someone was already waiting down in the ammo room. In each instance, a nice hot cock, which was horny as hell, waited me. Which I might add, was one I was more than willing to service. While there were repeats, often Peterson had recruited a new guy. Some nights would do two or three before Peterson came down for his "treat" which meant that was it for the night.

How good can it get? Having Hap several times a week during the day plus a steady diet of sailors during the evening made my days and evenings delightful. Being unwilling to leave well enough alone ended up making a wrong move. Had finished my nightly session with Peterson and his buddies, was horny as all get out after having done three guys including Peterson. The thought of Smitty and his nice uncut cock was on my mind, every time I saw him wondered what it would be like to suck on his cock and balls. Had chatted with him when the subject of sex had come up a few times thought there was a possibility of doing him. Perhaps tonight might be a good time to explore the situation further.
Went down to our compartment, it was almost lights out but a few guys were still hanging around the lounge area. Smitty was there sucking up to a guy named Harrington, a guy who had been on the ship quite a while and tended to look down his nose at us newer guys. Smitty and I chatted a while. Harrington had gone some place which left Smitty and me alone. Smitty and I chatted a bit and the subject of sex came up with some references to getting blown, etc. He seemed somewhat interested and felt it was probably now or never. I then asked Smitty if he wanted to go on deck for a while and look at all the ships in the harbor. He said, "Sure but have to take a piss first. Why don't you go on ahead and I will come up and meet you there. Thought he was going to the head but in retrospect he was setting me up.

In a few minutes, Smitty came up and joined me near the bow of the ship. I had decided on going to the very front of the ship, not only a better view but also it was very dark which afforded one you some privacy also. We stood there counting the number of ships; Smitty was standing real close to me and a little sideways, could feel his trousers touching my hand. His cock was right by my hand. Reached out and let my hand ever so gently brush the front of his trousers. There was no immediate reaction then felt his trousers move close to my hand and sort of touch it. I reached back and again brushed the front of his trousers but this time pressed just a bit so I could just barely feel the outline of his cock. Again, I felt his trousers brush my hand; it was firmer which gave me a good feel of his cock. I then reached back and gently squeezed his cock. He just stood there so opened his buttons (we did not have zippers on our trousers). Ran my hand inside his trousers and shorts. Took hold of his cock which was not a bad size, naturally nothing like Hap's, played with it and his balls. Got my finger inside his foreskin and went round and around on the head, started to get some lubricating, think he liked it, know I like mine done like that, in fact still do. He never said anything just stood there and I assumed, enjoyed it. Was surprised he did not get a hard on right away, it got longer and thicker but never did come up. Then asked him if he wanted to go some place else.

He said sure. We headed back but he slowed in the shadow of one of the turrets and sort of stalled there. I again reached in and played some more then asked if he wanted to go up to our battle station room, the same room in which I had seduced Hap. He said, "sure, if you want to."

He said, "just a minute as I button up." He stood there buttoning up his trousers when all at once Harrington came around the corner socked me and said, "You little Queer" as he landed his fist on my jaw. Now I was in deep do do. Did not know what to do or which way to turn. Harrington and Smitty left while I was left to wonder what the hell do I do now. Figured Smitty and set me up so that Harrington would catch me. Was glad that I had held back and I was not actually sucking Smitty at the time. In fact was not even touching Smitty. Returned to the compartment and waited to see what was going to happen next. Knew no way in hell would I admit I had touched him or anyone else.

Naturally, the word had spread like wild fire. However, when the guys started asking me what was going on I said I didn't know. Had gone up on deck with Smitty to look at all the ships in the harbor and had started back when Smitty stopped and said he had to button his fly. (It was not unusual for the buttons to pop open). I had stopped to wait then Harrington came around the corner of the turret and hit me. Smitty in turn had told them I had opened his fly and fondled him. I was really scared, hardly slept all night. Worried about what it would be like the next morning when everyone on the ship would know or think I was a queer, and would I be court-martialed and/or discharged with an undesirable discharge.

The next day or so was pretty rough. No one, let alone Hap, wanted to be seen alone with me. All the top guys in the detachment questioned me repeatedly. Was also questioned by the Chaplain, the ship's doctor along with the detachment commander and a couple of others. Regardless did not waver in my story. Smitty was not getting off totally in the clear either. He was not particularly popular, few guys really like an ass kisser. A lot of guys wondered why would a guy just stand there and let someone open their fly and play with their cock without at least protesting and in fact resisting it. Something Smitty did not or could not explain or answer.

Did not realize it at the time but Hap, Peterson, Reynolds, Carpenter, plus am sure all the others, were just as afraid as I was. If I were to admit I was gay (or queer as they called it then) and told them I had done these other guys, they would all be booted out of the service. At that time, they were still giving guys courts martial and a lot of time in the brig for being gay. I had too much to lose by admitting I was gay, did not intend to tell anyone that I had serviced several of the guys.
Regardless in looking back can sure understand their concern that I might admit to the fact I was gay. I had not actually done Smitty, which worked, in my favor. I did not intend to admit anything. In no way would I tell on these guys but they did not know that. Am sure though they were relieved after the fist couple of days when I kept my mouth shut about our extra curricular activities. This caused them to start working on some way to get Smitty to change his story and some how help me, and them, out of situation.

When asked why would Smitty say something like that when it was not true, I always replied did not know unless he was still sore at me for instigating a practical joke on a guy. There were several of us involved but I was the ringleader. Smitty ended up getting the blame for it. The fact Smitty did not resist when I fondled him did not help in adding to the credibility of his story. In fact, several of the guys wondered why would a guy let someone play with his cock and not object. Something did just not seem to ring true. After a lot of questioning which did not add anything to what they already knew things sort of settled down. However, was still pretty lonely, no one wanted to be near or to be seen associating with me. A few guys were nice to me, sympathized with me. Smitty was not very popular, some were sure Smitty was telling lies. Regardless was still pretty much alone. The fact I had caught an STD (Gonorrhea) while on liberty with Hap was now a plus, gays do not normally screw women.

About the third or fourth night after it happened had guard duty again. The brig was in the process of being painted. We had only one prisoner so moved him to an empty compartment. The Chief, who was trying to be helpful, had placed a soft chair there for us to use, thus my undoing. Had the 8-12 watch, about 11 o'clock had sat down, was still having trouble sleeping, this thing hung like a sword over my head. Sat in the chair, fell asleep and Williams caught me, took my pistol; and locked me up. To fall asleep on duty and have your weapon removed was pretty serious. I was now in even deeper do do. Williams had said he would get me and now he had.

The next morning the detachment commander had me released from the brig but placed me on restriction. Actually, this was a good break for the powers to be. I would no doubt be court-martialed, do time in the brig and so would be out of circulation while they decided what to do about the gay thing. I was indeed court-martialed and sentenced to 30 days plus a fine. The 30 days just happened to match the date we were due back in the states. Ended up in the same cell were I had done Peterson. At least I had some great memories of that cell.

Most of the guys were pretty good never once mentioning the gay thing. Hap, when he had the duty never said a word. In fact, when they would have various drills and the whole area was empty and the hatch closed would try to get a feel but he would have no part of it. One time a kid by the name of Sanchez brought the subject up, ended up feeling him up playing with his cock until it got hard then he said that is enough and broke it off. A few guys tried to question me about Smitty but I stuck to my story, in most cases felt, they were trying to find out stuff to report it to the higher ups. The night before we arrived back in the states I was released from the brig. By this time knew I was going to be transferred to a Naval Hospital for evaluation. At least I still had a chance of not being booted out of the service.

The morning the ship docked I was told to bring my sea bag up on deck so that I would be ready when the vehicle came to take me to the hospital. The detachment commander was officer of the deck and as such was there at the gangplank as I set my sea bag down. Just then Hap came up and handed me a letter and told me to read it. It was a typed letter from Smitty to me apologizing for what he had said and admitted I had done nothing wrong that night. Smitty had signed the letter. Two other guys also witnessed the letter. Do not know how the hell Hap got him to do this but there it was. Showed it to the detachment commander who read it but said, "It is too late now" but make sure that gets in your health record. (In those days when you were transferred without leave you usually carried both your record book and health record with you. When I got to the hospital I made sure a copy of it was made and put in my records. I kept the original.

The hospital ward was almost empty, there were about have a dozen of us there for psychological evaluation. We had plenty of room and were pretty well scattered around the ward. The duty Corpsman would stay in an office, which was located about the center of the ward. None of us initially had liberty but later as guys passed through the various tests a number of them were given base liberty.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks I talked to a number of doctors and took a whole battery of various tests. In between sessions and tests had a lot of free time with nothing to do. The evening hours were the worst. Got to know the corpsman (Jerry) pretty well. He was a real nice looking hunk who appeared to be very well equipped. He used to have the evening shift. We used to play cards, checkers and chess quite often.

Noticed that quite often when I went to the restroom, Jerry did also. This seemed only to happen when there were few other guys around. The urinal was one long trough with no dividers. Was, at least I thought, was discreet in getting quick looks at his cock which was quite impressive. A couple of times caught him getting a look at mine. Wondered if he was interested or trying to trap me. No matter no way was I about to make a move or respond to him or anyone else.

By the time two weeks had passed there was only one other guy beside myself on the ward and he had base liberty so usually went to the movies. That left Jerry and me to amuse ourselves. We had frequent card and chess games, usually in his office. More than once I felt his leg touch mine, nothing overt but enough so I knew it was there. We often talked about nothing in particular, just general conversation. Found out that Jerry lived in a wing along with the other corpsmen but they were married or had girl friends so were off base most of the time. On this particular evening we were talking, told him would sure be glad to get back to duty again. He said from what I hear it should not be to long, think you are fortunate considering everything. I looked at him; he looked back and said your health record is quite explicit in describing on why you are here to the hospital. Could feel my face pale, he knew then about Smitty. He said that's OK do not worry about it. The letter plus when you are returned to full duty will make things OK. At the same time again felt his knee rub mine but this time there was little doubt. He pressed his knee pretty firmly against mine, I returned it but not as forcefully then pulled my knee away. Was still concerned about set up and being trapped.

I asked him what did my health record say. Jerry then asked if I would like to see for myself, said sure would. He located my health record and opened it. In those days the health record was a long narrow document, probably 11 X about 4 inches. The page he opened up was typed; in fact, there were two typed pages. The page in some detail described Smithy's story of me opening his fly, placing my hand inside, and fondling his cock. As I read could feel my face get red. The typed page went on to discuss the ships doctors' evaluation along with the feelings of others who had interviewed me. They did not know what really happened, if anything, and felt there was a need for further evaluation. I looked up at Jerry who remarked it is very straightforward. I started to explain my side but he said you no need to explain it. I read a lot of this stuff besides it is pretty well behind you now. From what I hear one more series of tests then they will return you to duty. I immediately looked at him and he said do not mention anything but heard a couple of the doctors talking to the chief, they seemed to imply that once you had completed the next series of tests you would be returned to duty. I replied damn that would be great.

The next morning was called to the office and told the following day I needed to get into my regular uniform and to take the early base shuttle to another facility for a series of tests. Was also told that as of now I had base liberty and was free to check out and go to the exchange, movies and other base facilities. This bore out what Jerry had told me. It now looked like I was going to get through this OK.

At about mid morning checked out for the exchange, had been over there only a couple times since coming to the hospital. In those instances, they would take us as a group so we could buy stationary, cigarettes, toilet articles, etc. Had seen Hap over there a few times. If he was with other guys, we would glance at each other but did not exchange words; in fact, he would stay away from me. A couple of times had seen him alone, he would say Hi, ask how it was going would say OK that that was about it. Am sure he was nervous. Today was picking up some shaving gear when I looked up and there was Hap. I smiled said Hi; he said hey how are you doing in a real questioning tone of voice. Told him I now had base liberty and hoped to return to duty soon. He sort of exhaled and said damn that is good news. Asked him if he was stationed at the base or what. Hap told me the ship had been decommissioned. All the guys were together in a casual barracks until they received orders, some received theirs but there were still a lot of guys there. He asked me what time did I have to be back. Told him did not know but wanted to get back in time for lunch. Hap then asked if was able to go to the movies, said yes guess so. He said how about meeting me about six say out front of the exchange then we can go from there to the base theater. Said OK, what I really wanted to do was to get at his big cock again. Thought maybe I might at least get a feel in the movies or if lucky a quick suck in the head (restroom).

That evening I checked out for the movies but went on over to the exchange to meet Hap. Was surprised to see Hap standing waiting along with Smitty. Was sort of shook up but walked on up, nodded to Smitty and said Hi to Hap. Hap knew I was puzzled about Smitty being there but Hap seemed at ease with it so just went along. Hap said thought we might take a ride around the base then maybe talk a bit. Was really confused now but followed Hap and Smitty as we got on one of the base shuttles; we used to call then cattle cars, nothing much for comfort but at least it took you were you wanted to go. Had gone just a short distance when Hap said let us get off here, as he pulled the buzzer string. As we got off realized we were right near the baseball field. Hap walked over and then under the bleachers. I just sort of followed on. Hap walked quite a ways in then turned, rubbed his crotch and said we both want to be done. Looked at him then Smitty was really puzzled. By now, Smitty was in the process of unbuckling, opening his fly and pulling his trousers and shorts down. Looked at him then Hap, who motioned go ahead. Smithy's trousers and shorts were down around his ankles, he was standing there fondling his cock, which had grown to a very appreciative size. He then said come on know you want to suck me.

Needing no further urging I knelt down and started to work on his cock. Was not long before it was right up there, real nice but nothing like I remembered Hap's but still nice. Wanted to take my time so went slow wanting to make the most of it. Worked my tongue inside his foreskin running my tongue around the head then would back off and just had the foreskin in my mouth letting my tongue sort of dart back and forth into it. Then would go deep but back off work on the head a bit then go deep again. It was not long before Smitty looked down at me placed his hands on my head, said stop playing, and suck. I then started to suck in earnest. Felt his cock thicken and get even harder, his legs tightened up as he rammed his hips foreword shoving his engorged cock deep in my mouth, almost gagged but was able to take it. All at once, he moaned rammed his hips forward as he held tight to my head, felt his cum start up his shaft as his cock pulsated pumping his load deep in my mouth. Man what a load he had, had to back off a bit, swallow then go back and drain the rest.

Got up and looked over at Hap who had stood to one side watching me getting it on with Smitty. He had his cock out; it was hard and obviously ready for my hot mouth. Knelt down and started to suck on it, it was heavenly to again have his huge cock in my mouth. Wanted to take it slow and easy and make it last. However, it seemed like only a minute before he tensed up, moaned and said I'm coming as he shot his huge load right down my throat. Drained it all but continued to suck on it until it was totally soft. I got up and waited while Hap adjusted his clothes. We then started to walk back out from in under the bleachers. Asked Hap what the guys were saying about me. He said not a great deal but occasionally a guy would wake up with a hard on and say wish Chuck was here, he would take care of this for me. Also sometimes in the shower someone would make a remark they wished you were there so they could play drop the soap with you. He said am sure if you get assigned to the barracks they will be teasing you and maybe some of the guys will give you a bad time. We continued walking until I turned off to the hospital and they to the casual barracks. Hap said will see you again real soon. END CHAPTER THREE

This story started when I was about 16, Ronnie was about 15 that was about 1945. It continued for the next several years

I returned home following my summer spent cruising along the inland channel. It had been a great summer and one that taught me a lot. Found out that my younger brother had spent the summer in a boy's training school, after getting caught "joy riding" in someone's car. He was now home and like me, getting ready to return to school. For me this would be my last year, then on to college. In actuality ended up going in the service before finishing college.

Spent a lot of time with my younger brother John, not only were we brothers but also good friends. There were few secrets between us. The summer had been great. Now found myself looking at everyone wondering if he was possibly available, would he do it, does he do it? Naturally did not pursue these fantasies. Was intrigued with the thought of spending time in a boy's school could just imagine what fun it could be. What opportunities! I was quite slow in maturing sexually but was a fast learner, did a lot of cramming this past summer. My brother, while in the training school, learned a lot more about sex and particularly sex between guys. He told me about circle jerks, guys who screwed each other and some times guys would suck on another guys cock. Never let on that I had been screwed and enjoyed it and sure did not tell him had learned how to suck cock and liked it.
One night my brother had stayed over with one of his buddies, Ronnie.

The next time we were chatting asked him if Ronnie had a big cock. John said it was not only big but a giant. The biggest one he had ever seen even bigger than any one's at the training school. Then I asked how he knew. He told me that he and Ronnie had been wrestling and just sort of fooling around when he took Ronnie's pants down. He started to fool around like he did a few times at training school. Tried to screw him but Ronnie said no however he did allow him to put his cock between his legs and get off then he jacked Ronnie off. Told him had never seen a real big cock and sure would like to see Ronnie's and wondered if Ronnie would let me stay over some night. John said he would ask him the next time he saw him, which was almost every day. I was getting a bit old for sleeping over at other guys' houses but decided to let John try to set it up for me. Had decided I wanted to see, feel and maybe suck, or be fucked by Ronnie'. John set it up set it up with Ronnie to come over one evening and spend the night. Ronnie was a couple years younger than me and lived a couple streets away from us. Ronnie's room was down stairs. He had a small window at ground level but was downstairs from everyone else.

During the evening we played a few board games and talked a little about sex, jacking off, how big ours were, etc. When we got ready for bed Ronnie stripped off everything turned around with a huge hard on and said this is how big mine is. What a beautiful sight, long, smooth, tapered very hard and thick. The head was large but not out of proportion. But his cock was huge. Knew I had to have that cock, wanted to reach out and take hold but was unsure. Was sure going to try to suck it before the night was over. Getting screwed with it was out of the question it was just too big. I started to get my cock hard, which is pretty good sized, but nothing compared to Ronnie's. I placed mine next to his, there must of still been a good 3 or 4 inches of his beyond the end of mine.

We got into bed; Ronnie still had his hard on. He did not pull the covers up. Do not know what my brother had told him about me and why I wanted to sleep over. But knew my brother had tried to screw him and later jacked him off gave him a clear indication that I would probably do something. Ronnie reached up and turned the light down to the lowest level and just laid back, arms behind his head with that huge hard on pointing almost straight up. I rolled over on my side so I could see his huge cock; he just looked at me sort of waiting to see what was going to happen next.

Wanted to take that thing in my mouth but did not know how to go about it. Wanted to just reach out, touch, stroke, and hopefully suck on it. Finally reached out with my hand and gently touched his cock. His cock immediately jumped, so moved my hand very slowly down that shaft gently stroking all of it. Each time I touched him he would make his cock move and jump. Slowly let my hand move up and down the underside then down to his nice full ball sack. Then moved up and started to rub the glands on the underside of the head. Ronnie rolled over on his side so his cock was now facing me. I kept running my hand up and down that nice long smooth shaft. In just a few minutes noticed some pre cum showing up on the head. I wiped it down then use it as a lubricant as I massaged his cock. Glanced up at him several times he was just laying there, arms behind his head, eyes closed and seemed to be just enjoying it.

We were both on our sides facing each other. I sort of eased down, noticed Ronnie eased up. We did this a few times until his cock was opposite my mouth. Wanted to lean over, open my mouth and take it in, but again was nervous. I was still very gently rubbing his cock again saw some pre-cum showing on the head of his cock. This was too much for me leaned forward and licked that nice sweet pre-cum right off the head of his cock. Ronnie then moved his hips so his cock was almost touching my face. I opened wide, real wide and took that lovely cock head in my mouth. Started to suck on it, reached between his legs and cupped his nice large balls as my tongue moved around the head. I got up on my knees and rolled him back over on his back. I was now kneeling between his legs. Moved down and engulfed that huge cock once more. Started to move my head back and forth while letting my tongue roam around that head concentrating on the glands. Was not long before I again tasted his pre-cum, sweet, just knew his load would be delicious.

His cock was huge. I would hold the base of it with my fist wrapped around it and still could not take it all. Felt his cock start to harden even more so backed off and started to lick his balls that were now tight against his body. Licked all of that ball sack then all around it. Then licked my way back up the shaft, he had almost a steady stream of pre-cum oozing out of his pee hole. Licked it off the head and all around the head then once again took his cock in my mouth. Was not long before I felt his cock harden even more, his balls now pulled well up next to his body. He tensed then said I'm going to come. He placed his hand on my head, pushing it down while his hips arched up. Felt his cock jump and his load start up the shaft. He shot several spurts that quickly filled my mouth, had to back off just a bit to swallow then back to get the rest of it. Stayed with it until he had finished shooting and his cock softened. Even soft it was quite long. Patted it and played with his balls a bit when he said we better go to sleep. Woke up the next morning and had a repeat session. This was great cock sucking, an experience that I really enjoyed. For Ronnie it was his first experience and one that would be repeated often.

I continued to suck Ronnie every chance I had which was often. Did him at least a couple times each week. The area we lived had a small shopping area that was also the point was a number of bus routes crossed. Since I was out of school earlier it was easy for me to hang around where he got off. Sometimes we would just walk on down to his place, his folks both worked so we had the run of the house. Think I sucked him in almost every room. Later when I got my car would give him a lift home and often stay long enough to service him or make arrangements to get together later. As much as I enjoyed doing him think he enjoyed being done even more. If for some reason I missed seeing him for a few days he would make a point of contacting me. A couple of times he called me with a question on his homework. Naturally would have to go down to his place and work out the problem. He tried to fuck me several times but it was always too tight. A few times he almost got it in, knew I was ready to take it but really enjoyed sucking on it so would say it hurts to much.

One night, after we had finished our session and sort of hanging out enjoying the after glow he asked me if I knew Kevin, another kid in school. Told him I knew who he was but did not really know him. He said Kevin wanted to meet me, and maybe go for a ride sometime in my car. Said sure, at the same time thinking that Ronnie had probably told him about me sucking him and wanted to try it, which was OK with me. Ronnie arranged for me to meet Kevin on a corner near his house. He lived just a few blocks from Ronnie. When I picked him up think we both knew what was going to happen, but were both a little nervous. We just had small talk, sports, school, etc. At first as I drove around. Pretty soon sex came up, we talked a bit about it, if he had ever fooled around with girls, he said he had not only jacked off. We continued to talk about sex, told him I was getting hard just talking about it. Kevin replied that he was also getting hard. Then asked him how big his was. He said why don't you reach over and find out for yourself.

Reached over and started to play with his cock, which was about half hard, it responded quite nicely to my manipulations. He had a nice one, not as big as Ronnie's whopper, but no one had one that big. We drove a bit until we were a bit out in the woods, found a house that was under construction. Stopped and we went in. Took his trousers and shorts down and I started to play then suck on his now fully erect cock. He really liked it. Then I asked him if he had ever fucked anyone. Knew he had not. Asked him if he wanted to fuck me. He said have never done that but would like to try it. I dropped my trousers and shorts, spit on my hand and rubbed it on my rear, told him to spit on his dick. Then turned around so my back was to him and knelt down. Felt his cock probing around my rosebud so reached back and guided it to the spot. He started to push and slow and easy. It hurt a bit but also felt good. What is that saying, "It hurts so good".

He took his time frequently asking me if it hurt while at the same time pushing his cock up my rear. Soon I felt his thighs and belly pressing against my cheeks, knew he had it all the way in. Told him to hold it there a minute while I got used to it. I waited until it felt comfortable and real nice. Then eased away from him and then pushed back. He then started to slowly ease his cock back and forth.

It was all new to him but you would never know it from his actions. He would ease it back and forth a couple times then jam it home and hold it. He had both arms around me, one hand eased down to my cock; he started to play with it as he continued his thrusts back and forth. While it was a real pleasure to me he really loved it. The tempo of his thrust now started to increase but was also harder ramming it in and out. I eased forward so was laying on my belly with my legs wide apart he was on top shoving it in. Enjoyed all the skin-to-skin contact plus his constant pumping. Knew he was about to shoot. His thrusts were more rapid and forceful.

His continued to screw me, his thrusts were now rapid and deep. Felt his hot juices spurt up inside me as he rammed it home one last time and held it there. We rested, there on the floor me on the bottom and him resting on top of me with his softening cock still up my rear just letting it soak. He then eased it out of me, I rolled over, was rock hard, started to jerk myself off, he reached over and played with my balls until I shot a big load all over the floor.

Kevin had found heaven. He no longer wanted me to suck him other than as part of the foreplay. Each time we met he knew, as did I, that he was going to screw me He would do me every chance he got. Some times we would just find a place and park. Other times we would go to his house. Those, at his house, were the best sessions. Could suck and lick his cock and balls until he was really hot. He would then roll me over on my back, lift my legs and enter me. He made a point of playing with mine and trying to get me off just a fraction of a second before he did. He said he loved the feeling of my ass tightening up and squeezing his cock as I came, which made him come also.

A few months after my first session with Kevin was over at Ronnie's. I wanted to suck him badly and he knew it. We kept talking could tell he was sort of stalling. He then asked me how I got along with Kevin, told him we were doing OK. We chatted a few more minutes about various things but the conversation kept coming back to Kevin. He then asked if Kevin liked to be sucked also. Told him yes then realized that Kevin had probably told Ronnie about me not only sucking him but him screwing me. He then said lets go downstairs to my room. Once there he said take off your clothes, I did and so did he. He then said lay over the edge of the bed, I did, he greased me then started to put that huge cock up my ass. Knew Kevin had told him about screwing me and now Ronnie wanted it also.

Felt his cock ever so gently ease into my rear, I relaxed, pushed back on it and soon felt it enter. Ronnie was very gentle once in he paused waited a few moments then pushed in a bit more. We repeated this several times until he had it all the way in. He had it all the way in, his balls right up to my ass. He laid there a short time to allow me to get used to it. He then started with long slow strokes. He would pull it back so only the head was inside me. He would shove it forward until his balls were again against my ass. While he was doing it kept thinking why had I waited so long to let him do it. Loved it as he jammed that huge cock in and out, his body slamming into me. Pretty soon he picked up the tempo ramming his cock in me real hard then felt him shoot a huge load, as he shoved it in and held it there. He shot his load then just lay there on top of me resting. Loved the feeling of him deep inside and his body covering mine.

After that session he screwed me several times, but also had my share of cock sucking also. One thing he never liked to do was just take his cock out to let you suck it. He always wanted to pull his trousers and shorts all the way to his ankles then he would let you have free play of his cock, balls and all the surrounding area. This really made it better. Had a car so would pick him up and drive to a secluded spot. He would pull everything down to his ankles then let me suck him. Shortly after I joined the service. Ronnie stayed in school, finished high school then joined the Navy. Remember him telling me that when he went for his physical on joining the corpsman told him he had ten pounds of swinging meat. Can testify to that.!! We got together a few times while we were both in the service and stationed near San Diego. Ronnie used to tell me that when he woke up in the morning he would often have a semi-hard on. He would take both hands hold it then slap the rest of it on the bunk and ask who wants to take care of it. He never fooled around abroad ship although several of the guys asked to go ashore with him but he always went alone.

Ronnie was well aware he had a huge cock and that it really impressed guys. When he would go to the john he would have it out long before he got to the urinal. He would take a piss and take a long time to shake it, during which of course it grew even more. It was kind of fun knowing I was going to suck that cock to watch guys go Ga Ga over it. Am sure many a gay who saw it dreamt of having it that night. After I got out of the service went back home. Had a part time job while in school. Ronnie came home on leave a couple times we would always get together. Usually it was for sucking but we had some good fucks also. Remember once we got a cheap hotel. Both stripped I went to work on his cock, balls and all around then he got in front of me. He lifted my legs over his shoulders and proceeded to shove that huge cock right up my rear. Loved it. After we had cleaned up, played around some more this time he just had me roll over and he screwed me again-sheer heaven.

I tried to locate Kevin but he had moved and no one knew to where that was unfortunate because we both enjoyed our sessions together so much. Had fantasies of doing Ronnie and Kevin at the same time but they never materialized. Ronnie ended up getting a bad conduct discharge from the navy. Am sure he was so much in demand, at least his cock was, and that he was constantly getting back to his ship late. Knew he had been courts-marshaled a couple times for coming back a day or so late for shore leave. The last time I saw him was just he had remarried. I called him, on evening, chatted about various things then agreed to meet for a couple beers next weekend. His wife wanted to come along, could not really say no as much as I wanted to. Was able to get a few nice feels in when we went to the john. We did set up a day for me to meet him one right after work, on this particular day he locked the store up. Met him, went into the back room of the store had a great time. He had not had a good sucking in quite a while and enjoyed shoving his cock up my tight ass also. Got him off twice, once each way, before we decided it was getting late and he better get home. That was the last session we had. Shortly after that leave lost track of him. Have never seen or heard from him since. Darn it!

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