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"BacK Yard Glory!"

That night had been very warm with a nice northern breeze, he had sucked two truckers off, and had taken an older man's nut up the ass while someone watched from the path. then all he could remember was all hell broke loose, he was under arrest and cuffed.

That was over three months ago, due to circumstances his landlord asked him to move in a nice way, but ugly hints of Iknow what you've done ? 'that's what ya get when you live in a small area where everyone knows everyone's business.'

It had cost him most of his savings, but he had to admit the men he'd serviced in the course of two years was way worth that and more. He remembered the thirty some od names that hit the front page of the sunday times that weekend, he read through all the prominent names listed, his wasn't there he wasn't a some body 'that was a good thing?' the list read like a who's who. three lawyers, a judge, a baptist preacher 'he'd smiled to himself,'the list went on and on. heads rolled in the ole town that week, to be sure.

He had found an ad in the paper for a house for rent though small he took it. that was almost six months ago now. he'd remembered the first time he'd saw Wayne Holt, a short beefy man in his forties, dark hair eyes with a small beer gut. short fat hands sexy in a redneck kind of way he'd thought. Wayne drove a ten ton dump truck and also ran and owned a body repair shop behind the house he had rented. the yard and the body shop was fenced in with a six foot wooden fence, a small pool was out back of the small house which he was told he was welcome to use, 'it looked really out of place considering location and was as large as the house was small. it was a week before he noticed the hole in the corner,'that would make the perfect glory hole,' he'd thought at the time then given it little thought. the men at the body shop had used it to watch the last tenant sun bath in the nude a she, he had been told later.

Wayne drove up in his big ole dump truck as he was mowing the grass that friday afternoon, he seemed pleased with the upkeep of the place and told him so, then said him and a few buddies would be celebrating at the shop that night and hoped it wouldn't disturbed him much. he had told Wayne he'd probably be out, so no problem on this side of the fence. he didn't go out but come about nine thirty the other side of the fence was a buzz with macho redneck activity, he'd used a ladder to catch a peek at the festivities, was impressed with the men young and old. then he over heard two guys talking out near the corner, near the hole. they were talking about the female that had lived here, but didn't think they knew she didn't any more. but next thing he knew he was over at the hole on his knees, Ooops there came a hard pecker through towards his face. with coaching from the other side he sucked it to a warm hefty climax followed by one, two, three, four. 'Shit as good if not better than the trails,' he'd thought as he savored the rednecks salty sperm.

Then as he was working his eighth or was it ninth to a climax he heard from the back of the shop, "Hey guys she don't live there any more". he almost freaked but it didn't stop the guys cock from dumping down his throat. by 1:am the party was dying down, his jaws ached, but in a good way he went off to bed. dreaming of cocks through holes spitting come at him. A loud knock woke him the following morning it was Wayne. he had a smirk of a grin and the crotch that he'd seen a number of times that was always a no show, was a nice thick bulge running down his left leg. "just wanted to thank you for a great performance last night kid". his right hand dropped down and cupped his nuts, he gave a little wink. then turned and walked back through the yard around the other side of the fence. he was shocked he didn't get his ass beat or thrown out.

He was taking the garbage out a few hours latter and realized he had company at the hole, he walked over and Wayne was there, his dirty work jeans were open and he hauled out this fat uncut slab and stuffed it through the hole, "suck that baby off for me kid", he heard a gruff whisper from Wayne. he dropped down took it in his mouth and felt it grow larger before he started to deep throat it. Wayne hunched the fence like a wild man his cock spit a thick wad of sperm in the back of the cock suckers throat he held the girth in his lips, letting the sperm roll down the back of his throat without swallowing. "Shit that was good!" Wayne whispered breathlessly.

Wayne and him never talked about what had happened and probably never would, but through out the years and even in the winter months he was sucking redneck sperm out of Wayne's redneck buddies and never ones did Wayne tell them 'SHE' didn't live there any more. FINIS

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