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"Bi Man Cruising - My New Hobby!"

This is my first story on this topic and I hope it makes for good reading.

The following is absolutely true. I am a happily married, respectable straight-acting white male, mid 40's, 6 ft 200 lbs. I never enven gave a thought to sex with another man until I was in my mid-30's.

It started with visits to the bookstore. In the back were movie booths, "loops" they were called. All hetero films. You stood there behid a curtain in your tiny one-man booth and watched the flick.

It was on my third or fourth visit that I first noticed the gloryhole. That day, the occupant of the next booth indicated to me that he wanted me to put my hard cock thru the opening. When I didn't he put his thru. I didn't do anything, didn't run from the booth or get on my knees, but it did get me curious.

I thought a lot about it, and having always preached sex is sex, and we are all basically animals anyway, I decided next opportunity I would at least touch it. Well, the next trip, it happened.

I was watching my movie when the booths around me started filling up. I would occassionally peek outside the curtain to see what was going on in the dark hallway when I suddenly heard what sounded like someone moaning, but not in a booth. I moved my curtain slightly aside and right outside my booth two men, both slender and attractive, maybe in their late 20's, were entangled. One was standing, the other sucking what looked to be a 7-8inch pretty good thick cock.

I was mesmerized.

The both of them noticed me looking but didn't seem to care. I was harder than I could ever remember having gotten, ever.

By this time both had dropped their pants and shirts were gone. I stepped outside my booth, closer to them, right beside them.

One set of hands, then another reached out and pulled me to them. I found myself behind the fellow standing. My hands unbuckled my pants and pulled my shirt off. Wow, I remember it like it was yesterday. Heart thumping, legs wobbly, prick super hard.

I nestled my cock into his ass crack and he ground himself back into me. I just rubbed up and down. It was warm and wet, like after a shower. I reached around him and held onto his chest and hips. I could hear the other guy, on his knees, slurping away. This was tooooo hot!

Then it got better.

Suddenly I felt a searing hot mouth engulf my cock, completely. It was the fellow on his knees, catching my cock as it slid between the standing man's cheeks from behind on the downward stroke. Oh, I was thrust into heaven.

It took me about 1 minute to cum in this position. I had trouble walking back into the nearby booth, my legs almost collapsed beneath me. I slowyl got dressed and squeezed past my two "friends" to exit. They were still going at it, now switched positions.

Needless to say I returned many times to pursue my new hobby. FINIS

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