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"My First BJ & 69!"

My first time ever to suck a cock was with a good friend who I was working with on a job site in Santa Barbara. We were both in our mid to late 20's. I had and still have fantasies of sucking cock and eating cum but am a heterosexual guy so that pretty much puts me in the "bi" category.

We were staying on this estate property at night in the guest house which was far away from the main house while working there. I had known my friend for many years and we were having a couple beers and watching the playboy channel. We were both getting really horny watching all the babes and I thought this might be my chance to get my first cock in my mouth.

I told my friend I was going to jerk off while watching the girls if he didn't mind and he said he was going to do the same. So here we were pants and underwear off, stroking our cocks up and down in the light of the TV screen.

I was looking at his cock more than the TV and it was about the same size as mine and I wanted to suck it so bad. I started talking to him about having bi fantasies and sucking another guy's cock, and he told me he often had the same thoughts. I asked him if I could suck his cock and he said sure as long as he could suck mine too.

So we got in a 69 position on our sides and I couldn't wait to bury his cock in my mouth . We were both hard as a rocks just thinking about it, and as soon as his cock was in range I grabbed it and starting stroking it back and forth as I lowered my mouth over the head.

About that time I felt the warmth of his mouth on my cock and I got about as hard as I have ever been in my life. I was really turned on having my first cock in my mouth and I now started to suck it as far in my mouth as I could while holding it straight out with my hand (he was hard as a rock too).

Between sucking his very excited cock and feeling him sucking on mine, I was ready to cum in about 20 seconds. I pulled off his cock and told him "I'm really close to cumming" so he could slow down and make this last longer but he didn't.

He went at my cock like it was the best thing he ever had in his mouth and started sucking me fast and deep, using his hand to stoke me at the same time, trying to make me cum. I really hadn't thought about what was going to happen when we both came, I believe I was thinking I would pull my mouth off the end and jerk him off and watch him shoot his load. But when I told him I was close to cumming and this obviously turned him on more and I knew I was going to cum in his mouth in about 5 seconds I decided to do the same.

I started that same treatment on him and sucked his cock as deep as I could and as fast as I could. I was lost in the buildup of a very intense orgasm when I was surprised that he started cumming first. He was just as turned on as me and I felt the warm taste of cum in my mouth as I started flooding his mouth moments later. I had tasted my own cum before so it wasn't like I had no idea what it was going to be like, but I tell you, having an orgasm at the same time your sucking cock, and eating your first fresh cum from a cock, made me unload a tremendous load in his mouth as well,
We both kept each others cocks in our mouths until we had drained our balls completely and finally let each other go at about the same time.

I have to tell you just writing this and reliving it has my cock hard as a rock again. I think I will have to jerk off before posting this ... :) FINIS

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