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"First Time True Experience!"

This is a true story. My experience with other guys has increased slowly over the last few years. It all started off from visiting adult video stores and going into the booths in their video arcade. One time I went into a booth with a glory hole in it. Sure enough, after awhile someone poked a cock through the hole. I was very hesitant, but eventually started stroking it. But I wasn't game enough to try sucking. I stroked him for a bit and then he went probably to find someone prepared to go a bit further!! Over the next week or so I went back and gradually got up the nerve to poke my cock through the hole. A guy stroked my cock until I exploded through the hole in the wall.

Around this time I saw an ad in the adult section of the local paper for a Bi Guys Sauna. I rang up to check it out and found it was pretty cheap (only about $10) so I decided to give it a go. After taking awhile to find the entrance I went in, paid the money and was given a key to a locker and a towel. As I was heading down towards the lockers I saw guys with just the towel around them. I stripped off and wrapped the towel around me and went to check the rest of the joint out. I found the sauna and sat in there till it got too hot. So I hopped out and jumped into the spa that was near the sauna, leaving my towel at the side.

As I was sitting naked in the spa an older guy came over and asked if he could join me. I gave a rather nervous "yes". He sat down beside me in the spa. I was getting hard with the anticipation. After a bit he started playing with me that really got me hard. I was playing with his dick, but it didn't seem to have much effect on him, but boy was he having an effect on me. He manoeuvred me so my cock was above water level then started sucking on me. Mmmmm was I horny then!!

He suggested we go back to a room. So we got out of the spa. As we got out he started sucking me again. The whole spa is in an area that anyone who has come into the `club' can walk by and watch. I was so turned on I couldn't tell you if anyone else saw any of this or not.

We went back to a room where he sucked me again for awhile and then started lubing me up. He wanted me to fuck him. I was hot to trot. I could hardly wait. But sanity prevailed and I said I need to get a condom first. He wasn't having any of that. He wanted me bareback. I said I wouldn't do it without a condom `If its not on its just not on'. So he turned around and walked out! I was standing there with a huge hardon just waiting to explode. So near and yet so far.

It was a few weeks before I ventured out to the sauna again. This time when I entered the sauna another guy was already in there, sitting naked on the bench. I sat down (but still had my towel wrapped around me). After awhile he reached over and touched my leg and started moving his hand up toward my crotch. The towel fell away and before long he was stroking me. Then he came closer and started sucking me. Boy was it great. I played with his dick for a bit, but he wanted me to suck it. I still hadn't done that yet. I eventually got horny enough and bent over and licked his dick, moving my tongue around his tip. And sucked just the tip into my mouth. I gradually sucked more of it in. It wasn't huge, but was more than what my inexperienced mouth could handle. I got it in as far as I could and sucked, bobbing up and down a bit. When I stopped he started sucking on me again. As we were still in the sauna we decided to go to a room. After a bit more sucking we thought we would try fucking. Neither of us had fucked before and I think nerves got the better of us. Before long we were both limp. Strike 2.

Over the following months I would go to the adult video shop or the sauna on a semi-regular basis. Got into some stroking and sucking, but nothing more. Then one day I was in the sauna and a guy came in (by this time I was adventurous enough to sit on my towel with it totally opened). He started playing with me, then started fingering my ass. I played with him and sucked him a bit, but mainly just laid back while he turned me on. I was so horny. We went back to a room where he wanted to fuck me. He fingered my ass some more then after donning the obligatory condom, and with the help of some lube, I leant over the bed and he slid into me. He wasn't very big, so it didn't hurt. But when he pushed all the way in it felt great. He pumped me for a while but kept slipping out. He came one of the times when he had slipped out. But by then I knew that I liked what I had just received. He didn't want me to do him he reckoned I was too big! LOL!

I went back to the sauna and after awhile another guy came in and he also started playing with my cock and fingering my ass. I was still really horny and we went back to a room where he started fucking me. He wasn't very big either, but he went at it for a fair while. We did it in a number of positions, but old football knees got the better of me a few times. So we ended up with me leaning over the bed and him ploughing into me. I made sure he kept going until he came with his cock buried inside me. Hell it was great. FINIS

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