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"My He/She BJ!"

As a new member, I might as well contribute with my first bi experience.

I was about 17 and coming home late at night from a (platonic) girlfriend's house. While waiting for the bus, I noticed a mature woman across the street waving at me. As an always horny teen I waved back and she motioned for me to come over. As I did, she walked into an alley, looking back and still motioning. In hindsight, this could have been a dangerous situation - who knows, she could have had a gang of guys there waiting to rob me or worse - but at the time, I was just interested in the person interested in me.

As we got together, hugging, kissing and groping in the dark, I reached down and felt her 'package.' Since I had always felt bisexual, even without having had any experience, I had no problem with it and asked if we were both going to get a blowjob. S/he seemed glad and quickly knelt down, unzipped me and pulled out my cock. The warmth of her/is mouth quickly brought me to climax as I held her/is head against my crotch.

As I noticed my bus arriving, I didn't reciprocate at the time, but I did ask if we could get together again. S/he gave me her/is phone number, which I used frequently since then.

But those, of course, are other stories. FINIS

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