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"Iraq War Tale!"

The bombing continued uninterrupted for 8 hours. American forces had pinpointed the location of Saddam Hussein and were intent on exploding a bomb right above his head. Yazid lay in his bed listening to Al Jazeera, the Arab radio network. It was an unusually hot evening and he lay atop his mattress with only his thin cotton boxer shorts. The electricity had gone out hours ago so there was no fan or air conditioning to relieve the oily sweat that coated his young body.

Sweat dripped from Yazid's armpits, plastering the silky dark hair that sprung from those musky hollows. Deodorant was unheard of in Yazid's world. The natural smell of male armpit sweat was not thought of as offensive, or unusual. Allah blessed men with scent to attract wives.

Yazid often felt tormented by his lust for that man smell and for the way it excited him sexually. Yazid's dick was hard as he smelled the odor from his own sweaty armpits and thought additionally about Izmail and the harsh rankness in his hairy armpits. Yazid was 18 and Iraqi. He listened with a keen ear to the news of the American invasion and prayed to Allah for the defeat of the evil dictator Saddam Hussein. Yazid also worried about his brother Izmail, who had been part of the resistance movement for more than 2 years now.

Izmail was his idol. He was handsome, and strong. He stood over 6 feet tall and his body was magnificent. Yazid's circumcised cock stirred as he thought of his big brother and the way he smelled after he came home from the intense meetings and secret missions. Yazid adored Izmail and the musky smell of his sweaty hairy armpits and the musky smell that lingered around Izmail's hairy balls.

Often, Yazid would jerk off with Izmail's dirty underwear pressed to his face so he could smell the man scent that was so strong and evident. Yazid had just found one of Izmail's stained cotton briefs in the laundry basket. He lay back on his bed in the sultry heat, rubbing his hardening Dick through his own dirty boxer shorts. Yazid had been wearing these boxers for 4 days and they were crusty in the places on the front where his cum had dried. Right now damp sweat darkened the areas where his sweaty balls met his thighs.

Yazid examined Izmail's dirty underwear, occasionally bringing them to his nose for a sniff. The gray cotton that used to be white was stained with yellow piss and crusty with dried cum. There was a brownish streak in the seat where Izmail's unwiped asshole had rubbed. Yazid pressed his nose in this area and inhaled deeply, the sweet tangy musk of Izzie's hairy asshole had marked the cotton fabric with a heavy man smell. Yazid moaned as he rubbed his cock and sniffed all about Izmail's funky under shorts. He loved the sweet tang of Izzie's dried cum and the bittersweet rankness of dried piss.

Yazid particularly loved the funky spot where Izmail's balls had sweated profusely. The male musk there was very strong and it made Yazid dizzy with lust. He stroked and rubbed on his Dick harder.

"YAZID!" Izmail said loudly as he entered the small apartment noisily and slammed the door behind him, locking it carefully.

"I am here brother!" Yazid replied, his reverie broken. Quickly he tossed the underwear across the room toward the laundry basket. There were dirty clothes in and around the hamper so it would not look unusual. He tried uselessly to push his hard Dick down so that Iz wouldn't see his hard on. It wasn't as if Izmail hadn't seen his Dick before, it was just that Yazid didn't want to appear interested in only one thing before his masculine, and very intelligent brother.

Yazid was 18. Izmail was 28. Their father had died 10 years before in prison under Saddam's brutal regime. Their mother had died violently a few years before that after she was subjected to torture and rape for daring to argue with soldiers from Saddam's elite guard. Yazid's father was bitter, but not broken after that event. He fought to his last breath against the tyranny, and he passed this passion on to his sons.

Izmail snatched back the mosquito netting that surrounded Yazid's bed and stood there before his brother, breathing heavily. His face was a masculine mixture of love, and concern. His dark eyes raked up and down Yazid's smooth body, searching for injury.

"I am fine Izzie! I was listening to Al Jazera! The American's have started bombing!" Yazid said with all the enthusiasm of his youth.

Without uttering a word, Izmail moved quickly to the bed on which Yazid lay. He took his young brother in his arms and held him closely, choking the breath from the teenager's lungs. Yazid wrapped his arms around his brother's muscular back, feeling the dampness of the sweat soaked cotton fatigue shirt. Izmail pressed his stubbly cheek to Yazid's and kissed his ear and cheeks and forehead and lips passionately, leaving Yazid breathless.

"You are safe! Thank Allah!" Izmail continued as he ran his rough muscular hands all over Yazid's body, testing to see that no injury had come to his young brother.

Yazid hugged his older brother close, inhaling the rank scent of Izmail's sweaty armpits.

The scent made him weak with desire. The musky funk of Izzie's armpit sweat made Yazid's Dick rock hard.

"I am okay!" Yazid said reassuringly, running his finger tenderly over the top of Izmail's ear and brushing back the thick dark hair that had grown unruly.

Izmail kissed Yazid's cheek soundly and then commenced to remove his heavy combat boots. His sweaty feet filled the room with a dominant and funky odor. Izmail talked all the while as he removed his sweat damp camouflage shirt, recounting his evening.

Yazid listened excitedly as his brother removed his clothes and told exciting tales of the danger he had faced on that very evening. Yazid silently gasped at the sight of Izmail's exposed torso when the man stripped off his stinking sweaty tee shirt, knowing that every part of his brother's body was his to enjoy.

"I'm sweaty and I stink." Iz admitted as he doffed his shirt and exposed his sweaty torso.

Yazid could see the hairy bushes in Izmail's sweaty armpits. Rivulets of stinking sweat ran from the muscular pit hollows and the hot scent blasted Yazid's face. Yazid could see the swirly hairs that covered Izmail's chest and quarter sized nipples. The hair on Izmail's chest grew down in an erotic pattern to just above the waistband of his khaki green boxer shorts. Those boxers were now dark with crotch sweat and a throbbing tube made an impression inside of those drawers.

The fly of Izmail's boxers was partly opened, revealing the dark skin of his cock and a thicket of pubic hair. Yazid knew that a lush bush grew there. It was a sin not to shave the crotch under Islam, but Izmail had assured Yazid that their Father had never shaved there and that he felt it natural and necessary for a man to have hair around his Dick and balls.

Izmail stripped off his boxers nonchalantly and pressed them to his nose. He sniffed them absently before tossing them at Yazid.

"Stinky." Izzie said with a chuckle.

Yazid's eyes had been glued to Izmail's exposed hairy crotch and half hard Dick It was bobbing up and down lewdly over his full hairy balls. Yazid yearned to have Izmail's sweaty man bush in his nose and his hard cock down his throat. Meanwhile, he grabbed the nasty boxers from his naked chest and sniffed them deeply. They were still warm with Izmail's body heat. They were rank with Izmail's manly crotch sweat.

"MMMMHHHH!!!" Yazid moaned as he sniffed Izmail's dirty smelly underwear.

"You like that smell?" Izmail asked teasingly as he took off his watch and put it on the bureau. Yazid looked admiringly at his brother's muscular and hairy butt cheeks. The muscled mounds clenched and unclenched with every movement. Yazid imagined clutching those ass cheeks as Izmail fucked his mouth or his ass.

After what seemed like an eternity to Yazid, Izmail replaced the mosquito netting and climbed into bed with him, snuggling up and wrapping him tightly in his arms. The brother's shared an intense love and an equally intense sexual passion. Yazid kissed and licked the sweat salt from Izmail's neck. He nosed into Iz's armpit until the older man exposed it completely for him. Izmail understood that his brother loved man smell. This knowledge pleased him.

Yazid moaned as he pressed his nose deep into Izmail's sweaty armpit and inhaled deeply. Izmail's armpit was dripping with sweat. As Yazid's nose pressed into the tangled armpit bush, rivulets of funky sweat wetted his lips, and cascaded down his cheeks. Izmail climbed on top of his younger brother and pressed his crotch into Yazid's. Both men moaned at the delicious pleasure of their warm sweaty crotches meeting. The sensation of their dicks rubbing together and through their thick cock bushes was enchanting. Izmail began thrusting his hips erotically, making Yazid sigh with pleasure.

Izmail gave his body and his love freely to his younger brother. He hooked his muscular arms against the back of Yazid's kneecaps, thrusting them back as he mashed his sweaty hairy crotch into the teenager's horny crotch. Izmail's hard Dick scrubbed over the sensitive underside of Yazid's fat cock, making the horny young male thrust his hips upward toward the source of the pleasure.

"You like my Dick rubbing against yours don't you Yazid?" Izmail moaned as he clenched his buttocks and ground his hips in a hard thrusting circular motion against Yazid's sensitive crotch.

"Yes! Yes! Izzie! Please?" Yazid begged.

"What do you want brother?" Izmail teased as he held his sweaty hair armpit tantalizingly above Yazid's face. Hot drops of sweat dripped on Yazid's face as he wrapped his legs around the muscular waist of his older brother and clasped his hot sweating loins close to his own.

Izmail didn‚t wait for an answer. Before Yazid could inhale his next breath, he felt his knees being pressed down on either side of his head, exposing his musky butt to his brother. Izzie's hot tongue lapped at Yazid's musky crack, tasting the ripe scent of unwashed teenaged boy hole.

"UNNNGHHH!!!" Yazid moaned as he felt Izmail's hot tongue probe deeper into his tightness.

Izmail ignored Yazid's moaning and he lapped deeply and thoroughly at his young brother's funky butt hole. He licked it open with his probing wet tongue. He lapped at the juices that expelled from the spasming sphincter. He rubbed his nose and his hairy beard in against the sensitive opening, making Yazid moan with pleasure.

Iz reared up over Yazid and sank his heated sweaty crotch over Yazid's face. Yazid breathed in the mixture of sweat, piss, and man funk that dripped over his face as the soft textured hairy balls of his brother mashed against his nose. Yazid inhaled deeply.

"Smell me. Smell your brother's stinky balls." Iz growled lustily as he rubbed his oily ball sweat all over Yazid's face.

Yazid inhaled deeply. He grew dizzy and moaned as he sniffed the raw male scent that his brother had in his hairy sweaty crotch.

Meanwhile, Izmail's middle finger was busy working its way up Yazid's sticky butt hole. He plunged his finger in and out of Yazid's ass as he got a good tongue licking from his younger brother.

Yazid opened his mouth wide and accepted the full length of his brother's fat cock. He sucked the thick snake down his throat until his nose was pressed deep in to the moist, funky smelling hairy bush that grew thickly above his Arab brother's Dick"MMMMMMHHHH" Yazid moaned.

"Yeah! You like that smell brother?" Izmail whispered huskily as he mashed his hairy crotch in to his younger brother's nose.

"Yes! I love your smell!" Yazid moaned quickly before he took his brother's fat cock back down his throat and rubbed his nose in the thick, scented bush.

Iz suddenly reared back and lay on top of his young brother. He ground his crotch against Yazid's in a sensual motion that made the young man gasp.

"You like it?" Izmail asked devilishly as he thrust his muscular buttocks up and down and around, grinding his hairy crotch against the underside of Yazid's extremely sensitive Dick and balls.

"Please! I will cum!" Yazid begged as he hunched his horny loins up against his brother's thrusting crotch.

"NOT YET!" Izmail growled in a stern voice as he broke the contact of his sweaty, hairy loins from rubbing against Yazid. FINIS

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