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"Maid Duty!"

Here is a short story of an event that happened just last weekend.

Mistress had her new lover over to the house and I was serving them dinner in my maid's outfit. I am not allowed to have sex with Mistress (or anyone for that matter) as I only have a 4 inch penis when erect. I am kept in chastity 24/7 with usually only monthly milkings for release.

Anyway, just as I put dessert on the table, Mistress suggested that I get down on my knee's and take out her lover's cock and orally service him.

I had never done this for her new lover, but immediately got down on my knee's, unzipped his pants and reached in and pulled out his 7 inches of still limp manhood. I quickly started sucking on as much as I could get in my mouth, and it quickly grew to 9 inches of nice man-sized cock. I felt my locked cock stirring as it fruitlessly tried to grow.

After they were finished with dessert, Mistress said that since I had been so good lately, she would allow me to be in the bedroom while they made love.

Once in the bedroom I knelt at the foot of the bed and watched as the two of them started to take their clothes off.

Mistress looked over at me and said: "Are you forgetting something?"

"Yes, Mistress," I replied dejectedly as I got up and retrieved my blindfold and knelt back where I was and slipped it on.

"He is never allowed to see me naked," she stated to her lover. "In fact it has been over 2 years since he has seen my naked breasts."

Mistress' lover laughed at this information and then for the next 2 hours I had to kneel and listen to the lovemaking and numerous orgasms of my Mistress.

During this time my head was grabbed and directed towards cleaning her lovers sperm out of Mistress' sacred temple, and cleaning off her lovers cock and sucking it back to hardness. Then her lover proceeded to fuck me until my monthly milking was complete.

Mistress always put a condom over the head of my penis (this is as far as she can go without unlocking me which she doesn't like to do--ever) and when she judges enough fluid has dripped from me--then the milking is over.

I then had to thank her lover for performing this chore and clean his cock and then suck it until he released his cum in my mouth. When the blindfold was finally taken off, Mistress' lover was gone and Mistress was in her nightgown. I was instructed to prepare for bed which involves getting in my own nightgown and then I snuggled into bed with Mistress, and we both drifted off to a blissful sleep after expressing our deep and profound love for each other. FINIS

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