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"Mike's Garage!"

This is a true story, I don't have to change any names cause I can't remember his!

I worked the 3 to 11 shift at one of the local factories. It is a major multinational corp. and some of the people there had heard that I was gay or at the very least bi. It never seemed to keep me from partying with all sorts of the different local guys that would be in the bars. This is a small area in Northeast Pa. Maybe it was the money since I was blessed with this good job and a home I didn't have to pay for! My parents had let me live in one of the homes that they owned on the property, rent free, with them paying the taxes and insusrarnce. I had a female roomy friend who I was letting rent off of me. It worked good for both of us, she could save money and I could pay my household bills with what she gave me. It was a nice area, rural and all. The home had nice views of one of the local historic sites that is across the river. There is like 250 acres here that they own so there is this sense of privacy.

Well this night I had done my usual trolling and drinking. My parents also own this restaurant and tavern. I always went there after work and got a free start to my evening drunk. I normally would pound down the drinks there and then go back to the local town, maybe 4 miles or so and finish the evening partying at a hotel/restaurant and bar. I was a regular there and was very close with the night bartender so I could always get in late and get last call. I happened in the bar this night and ended up sitting at the bar next to this man with long redish colored hair.

There were quite a few people in there so the partying and bullshitting was real fun. I struck up a conversation with this man next to me. He was quite good looking with a masculine build, a filled out body in this Mike's Garage company coveralls he was wearing. He had them unzipped a ways down so you could see his well formed, smooth, hairless chest. It was more than enough to keep me interested. I bought him some drinks, as I always did my "victims", and several other people there regularly.

The bar was closing, last call now gone, and we were finishing up. I always bought six packs and went partying but this night the normal group of after hours revelers just didn't get together which didn't bother me since I had talked my new 'friend" into as I call it, "Drink and Ride".

So we left and got into my new truck. I can't even remember if it was the '93 or the '95! I had a passion for fancy new rigs back then. My idea was when the tires were shot you ordered a new one. My dealer liked that too. We rode around for awhile drinking and shooting the shit and ended up at my house and the property. I drove up the hill behind my house on the property and when we reached the top I stopped and said I had to piss. We were getting along really well at this point. He said that he had to piss too so we both rolled out and walked toward the back of the truck to piss. I stood at the back and him up the passenger side a bit. I had finished pissing and wanting to get closer to my prey I walked closer.

We were still talking and I gave a look to check out his shit. Fuck the moonlight that summer evening but he saw me look. I was only within a foot or two from him at the corner of the truck when he took a swing at me and asked me what the fuck was I doing and was I trying to look at his cock. I stammered backwards and landed on my knees not knowing what I was gonna do. I got my bearings back and just came out truthfully and told him that I would like to give him head. He aproached my calling me a fag and in one long zip pulled dwon the zipper to those coveralls and there it all was, he wasn't wearing any underwear!!!

He had his cock in my face instantly! I started sucking him like a mad person. He had his hands around the back of my head and was fucking my face for all he was worth and I was loving it. I am not an expert and he was really chocking me but I kept on. He did have a nice cock. Probably around 7 or 7.5 and just the right girth as not to break your jaws. This went on for some time, I can't remember how long. I was using my hand to jack him and even sucked his balls some too. He was really enjoying this as well. He just couldn't get a nut though. He even sounded disappointed. He said I was better at giving head than his girlfriend. He finally zipped up and we got back in the truck and rode down the hill to my house. I was drunk and tired by then but he was still up and drinking. I was laying on the sofa and we were actually having a pretty open discussion, thank god my roomy had already left for work by then. He walked near me and I reached out and grabbed his crotch. You guessed it, in a zip I had his cock in my mouth and he was fucking my face again. He finally got his nut and I swallowed it all. We both soon passed out here in the living room and I woke a few hours later. I got him up and took him back to a friends house in town. I was really suprised when I said that I would like to get together again and he said he might be ok with that. He said it was best that I didn't get his number. I even gave him a peck on the cheek before he got out of the truck.

Well as you know I never saw him after that until here probably a year ago. He was in the same bar minus the coveralls. I couldn't help but stare. I don't think he new who I was but god would I love to have had a chance at that cock again. I was actually looking in the phone book the other day and noticed two listings for Mike's Garage which brought all this back to me now. I loved those days of picking up guys from the local "straight" bar. FINIS

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