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"My First Cockfight!"

I was about 23 when I was in my first cockfight.

I had found interest in male vs. male sexfighting by reading a story in the old Cavalier magazine, which featured womens wrestling mostly, but would occasionally throw in a cockfighting story or letter. I read a letter one issue from a J.J. in Missouri that turned me on so much that I decided to act on it and search out an opponent. I expressed my newfound interest to the newsstand owner (who was gay) and he said he would try to find someone locally with a similar fetish.

A week later I was at Tim's apartment wondering if I had made a mistake. We exchanged reading material and discussed our fantasy match and realized we had alot in common. We agreed to an erotic oil wrestling match, starting in bikini or thong, the winner would be the guy who made the other cum first.

We got out a plastic tarp and taped it to the floor, the living room was perfect size and since we would be mostly ground fighting we did not worry about breaking anything. I left the room and changed into my wrestling attire, a white cotton thong bikini that accented my deep tan and tall slender build. I am 24, 6'2'', 190 lb., 7'' completely shaved cock an balls.

Tim is 28, 5'9'', 205 lb., with a short but thick 5'' cock that sported neatly trimmed public hair. He was wearing spandex briefs that I knew would be difficult to get off during our battle. We oiled ourselves up and compared bodies, I knew he was strong and if he ever got me down I'd be in trouble. We met in the middle of the tarp and began.

He had wrestled in High School and this experience helped him to dominate the match. He would get me in a hold as I struggled and snake a hand down and work my rapidly lengthening 7'' cock over for a bit until I escaped, then taunt me as my excitement clearly showed. He trapped my head between his thighs and grabbed the back of my thong wedging the cotton material up my crack even further until it ripped off my body, leaving my now totally hard smooth cock naked and unprotected against his sexual assault. He pinned me laying across my chest facing my legs, all I could see was his back as I kicked and bucked and squirmed trying to unseat him. But he was to heavy and I felt his strong hands grab my hard-on and begin to stroke the oil slick 7'' dick off.

I yelled "NO, NO, YOU CANT MAKE MEEE! OHH GOOOD, NOOOO!" and desperatly kicked and bucked but soon was shooting off all over myself.

Tim spun around and peeled off his shorts, and began to rub our cocks together until he had shot a huge load all over my heaving stomach. He was the winner and we had began a longlasting relationship of cockfighting. FINIS

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