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"My First Time!"

OK so let me tell you a little about me and my so called boyfriend.

I am a 24 year old African American male; my so called boyfriend is a 19 year old African American male. This all began a week before Christmas 2002.

I saw him outside and he was walking to the store to get some smokes for his grandmother, I said hey I'll walk with you. On the way back from the store, I asked him if he talks his business in the streets or is he quiet and he said he is quiet. I said ok cool, he said why? I said because I wanted to suck your dick. He said he would think about it. I said I'm cool with that. Then we got to my house and parted ways.

I waited and waited, I cried Christmas night because I thought he would come over and give me my Christmas present that night"his dick" and then on New Year's Eve at 11:58pm I was standing in my front yard and I saw him coming home from work and I said what's up.

He said it's cold out here. I said I know. I said hey, have you thought about what I asked you and he said yeah! I said so what does that mean; he said ok, I'll let you suck my dick if you want to. I said ok, and then he said he had to run home for a second, I told him I would be waiting for him to come back.

When he came back 30 minutes later, I told him which window to come through. He came into my window while I came in my door. Then he asked if I had any flicks and I said yeah, then I placed a flick in my VCR and we started watching the video and he became more comfortable and started rubbing his pants and I saw he was growing a lil bit. Then he unzipped his fly and started stroking his almost hard dick. Then he looked at me and said you can come over here and help me with my dick.

I said ok!!!!!!!!!!! I started jacking him off and after about 4 minutes of that, he said you can do more if you want to, then I got down on my knees and started sucking his dick, it looked so good, nice and chocolate colored. At first his dick smelled like burger king fries, then it started smelling like teen sex. After going up and down on his hot teen dick I wanted it forever. Then after about 25 minutes of me sucking his dick, he said in a whispering voice "do you want me to fuck you?"

I was like ok!!!!!!!! In my mind, I was saying that he ain't ever going to get that thing in me. I got some wet gel and he applied it on me and himself. Then I laid down on my stomach on my bed and he got on top of me and he got it in and I was biting down on my pillow to keep from making too much noise. He asked me if it was hurting me and I said a little, then he went slower and softer and began to make love to me, more than pounding my ass like you do in sex.

He started talking to me and asking me if I liked his dick, if I wanted more of that gig dick, he said my ass was begging to like his dick, and then he told me that my ass was for his dick.

I said yes, yes, yes daddy!!!!!!!! We were fucking for like 45 minutes and then he said I'm bout to cum and he started doing it faster and then he started cumin' into his condom. I was like wow!!!!

Then we were cleaning up and we talked a lil bit and he said he had to go home because it was late, but we would talk tomorrow and he went out the window and we talked the next day and he and I talked a long time on the 1st of January. FINIS

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