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My name is Gary. I'm married to Gayle who is thirty six. I'm forty seven. We have two kids, both girls, Sam and Vanessa. Vanessa is eighteen, Sam, short for Samantha, is seventeen.

My story starts about a year ago when Sam was just turned sixteen. She had been dating the same boy for about a month. One evening she had confided in my wife that her period was late. It turned out that she had been sleeping with her boyfriend, Kevin, since shortly after they had met. Apparently they normally used condoms but on one occasion he had sex with Sam without protection. After an anxious week her period came and all was well, but it still came as a bit of a shock to find that your sixteen year old daughter is having sex. Not long after this my wife got Sam on the pill, the last thing we wanted was a pregnancy.

Now that we were aware that Sam and Kevin were having sex there seemed little reason not to let them share my daughter's bed when he stopped over. I was hesitant at first but Gayle convinced me that they were going to be having sex anyway so what was the point of pretending it wasn't happening. It was strange at first seeing Sam and Kevin going off to bed in the evening. It was also rather disturbing at first when we could hear her cries and moans through the thin walls as Kevin took her to what sounded like several climaxes.

We pretended not to hear the sounds from our daughter's bedroom at first but after a while it seemed to be a stimulus to our own lovemaking. The sound of Sam's approaching climax would often be enough to set Gayle off and I noticed that her own orgasms were becoming more noisy. I could not keep up with Kevin's performance and Gayle and I would just cuddle each other as we listened to our daughter in the next room.

Kevin and Sam split up after about three months. I think it was Sam who finished the relationship as she was soon going out with someone else. Within two weeks of meeting her new friend he was sleeping over as well. Sam and Kevin remained on good terms but things did get a bit difficult for a while when he began dating our elder daughter Vanessa. Looking back I can see that the difficulty was with me seeing Kevin as a partner for Vanessa after he had been sleeping with Sam.

Sam and Vanessa had no problems and it didn't surprise us too much when we found that Kevin had stopped over one Friday night. It came as a bit of a shock to me though when it dawned on me that Kevin had been to bed with both my daughters.

There were many nights when Gayle and I lay in bed knowing that in rooms on each side of ours our daughters were having sex with their boyfriends. Vanessa was the one who was now making the most noise during their couplings and on several occassions Gayle whispered to me that Kevin must be one hell of a lover to be getting this reaction from both our daughters.

Gayle decided to have a talk to Vanessa as we didn't want any more alarms about pregnancies. They obviously had a good chat because Gayle was soon dropping hints that she knew why first Sam then Vanessa were having such a good time with Kevin. Eventually she told me that Kevin was apparently very well endowed. Vanessa's words were something along the lines that he had a monster down his trousers and that he certainly knew how to use it. My wife was strangely excited by this insight into her daughter's sex life and she would become extremely passionate in the bedroom.

Unfortunately at forty seven I'm not really able to keep up with Gayle's desires and she was soon saying that she would have to find a Kevin of her own to satisfy her. Gayle has always been a sexy girl and when we were younger she would need several shaggings a night to keep her happy. As we got older and after two kids things quietened down, but now that Gayle's desires had been awoken I knew that I wasn't really up to the job.

Gayle began to wear shorter skirts. She went back to wearing stockings from tights and her blouses became more revealing. Also she was buying a lot of new underwear, lacy bras, g string panties, teddies and camisoles. All this was great news for me. My wife was now looking years younger and got admiring looks from guys where ever we went. She was constantly wanting sex and although the changes in her were having the desired effect I just wasn't able to perform several times a day or night, every day of the week.

It was at this time that Kevin was staying over most evenings. He ate with us, slept with us (or rather with Vanessa) and had breakfast with us. It was also at this time that I realised that Gayle was actually flirting with him. Whenever she caught him without Vanessa she would engage him in conversation and would take every opportunity to touch his arm or brush against him. Kevin was soon showing an interest in my wife, it would be difficult not to as she flaunted her sexy body in front of him.

I was at a loss as to what to do. I could tell her to stop but I guessed that it might have the opposite effect or might turn her against me. I realised eventually that I would have to come to terms with my wife's reawakened sexual appetite and that if she was going to have an affair with someone it would be better to be someone like Kevin. At least I knew him and would know what was going on rather than have it happen behind my back. I didn't want to lose Gayle either and felt there was less chance of this with someone who was half her age.

I told Gayle my feelings on this one night in bed. Both Sam and Vanessa were away that night and so we had the house to ourselves. Gayle admitted that she was attracted to Kevin and that she would really like to find out what it was like to be made love to by someone who was well endowed. I knew that she had had several boyfriends before we had dated but that she was a virgin on our wedding night. She now wanted to sample something larger than what I had been giving her during our married life. This had all been stirred up by her hearing her daughters when they had been in bed with Kevin and by Vanessa telling her how big he was and, apparently, how good it felt to have something like that inside you.

The outcome of our talk in bed that evening was that Gayle would try to get Kevin to make love to her, but only if Vanessa didn't get hurt along the way. The other outcome of the evening was that we had a great sex session that lasted well into the early hours of the morning.

Things moved on quickly from that time. Gayle flirted more openly with Kevin and it was obvious that he was responding to her, he looked almost guiltily at me sometimes when I walked into a room where he and Gayle were alone. She reported to me one evening that he had come up behind her and put his arms around her. She said she could feel his cock pressing against her ass as he squeezed her. He only pulled away when they heard me coming downstairs. On another occasion he had been tickling her and she said they had collapsed onto the floor together. She was squirming under him as he continued to squeeze and tickle. She said she actually had her legs up around his waist as he lay on top of her. She said it felt really sexual even though they were only playing around. Being the tease that she is she told me that she pretended not to notice that her short skirt had rucked up around her waist and that he had an open view of her lacy panties. She let him have a good look at her before straightening her clothes. We were both very excited by this and that night Gayle had several noisy orgasms as I used my mouth on her. I'm sure a lot of the vocal display was for the benefit of her would be lover who was next door with Vanessa.

It was the following Tuesday when I came home from work that I noticed a difference. The house was quiet when Gayle met me at the door. Sam and Vanessa were out and weren't due back till late. Gayle took me by the hand and led me to the lounge. Her first words to me were that she had been a naughty girl today. She asked me if I could guess what had happened. I was shaking when I asked her if it was Kevin. She said yes, Kevin had been to see her today. It was a strange feeling standing there in front of your wife when you know that she had just admitted to being unfaithful to you. I had a lot of different emotions at that time ranging from confusion to excitement. Gayle asked me if I still loved her. I said of course I do. I think I was just relieved that she was still with me after sampling the delights of another man.

Gayle kissed me then and it turned from a simple chaste kiss to a full blown snogging session. Without speaking we moved over to the couch. I sat Gayle down and knelt on the floor in front of her. I ran my hands up her legs till they were under her skirt and I could feel her panties. My desire was running away with me as I gripped her panties and slipped them down her legs and off. She lifted her ass and pulled the skirt up to her waist. I could see her trimmed pubic hairs. Gayle lay back on the couch and her legs parted. I was treated to the sight of my wife's pussy still looking red and raw where it had been ravaged by her lover's cock. Her pussy lips were hanging open and I could see the pink insides of her cunt. Her pussy hole had always been small and tight, even after two kids, now it was stretched and loose. It was a dramatic visual reminder of her infidelity but it was strangely arousing.

I was gazing in awe at the sight before me as Gayle slipped her hand down and began to run it gently over her clit. I watched as she dipped a finger into her hole then moved it back to her clit again. She was using the wetness from her cunt to lubricate her clit. She was openly masturbating in front of me now and it felt right for me to do the same. I undid my trousers and took my cock into my hand. We both continued to wank ourselves, me with my face only a few inches from her hot, wet pussy, her with her eyes screwed shut and her fingers running between her clit and her hole. Gayle came first with a shuddering climax, I was close behind, my hand a blur as I brought myself off over the carpet.

We had a shower afterwards and then she told me all about her session with our daughter's boyfriend. Gayle had taken the day off work and had let Kevin know that she was going to be at home on her own. He had taken the hint and had come around mid morning. They had messed around at first, neither one quite sure how to move on to something more serious. It had eventually happened when Kevin had told my wife that she should be more careful when wearing her short skirts because people could see everything she had. She pretended that she didn't understand and he told her that he could see right up her skirt the way she was sitting at that moment. She didn't bother to change her position and he took this as a green light and moved in on her. She said they were soon kissing and he had his hands all over her. Within minutes he had her stripped down to her bra and pants. She said she felt like a slut but was putty in his hands.

He next shed his own clothes and she said she gasped as he removed his pants. His cock was enormous and was rigid up against his stomach. There was none of the middle age flabbiness about his erection, it stood proudly upwards and Gayle admitted that she had doubts that she could take such a weapon. Kevin however was in total control. He removed her underwear and then went down on her, working first one, then two and eventually three fingers into her. He was experienced enough to know to stretch her and get her ready before trying to insert his massive length into her.

She claimed she had already experienced a couple of small orgasms as he worked her with his fingers before he eased her legs further apart and positioned himself over her. She had never felt so turned on and said that she was experiencing almost a continuous climax as he fed his cock into her. He took her slowly at first letting her get used to his size then gradually built up a faster rhythm, his cock going further and further into her. She felt she was being impaled on this massive weapon. Soon he was giving her the full length and she was literally screaming as he pulled almost all the way out then rammed it back up her. By her description I could understand why her pussy hole had looked so ravaged. She had never had anything like this up her, and he was fucking her to a depth that she had never experienced before with me. And was loving it.

All this had obviously turned me on and I was sporting another erection, but when I tried to slip between Gayle's thighs she pushed me away telling me she was too sore at the moment. She did however let me wank myself over her tummy as she told me more details of her afternoon. Afterwards, Gayle made me get a cloth and clean her up where I had deposited my spunk on her. It was slightly humiliating to have wanked myself off twice in front of her as she told me how great the sex had been with someone else. I felt even more humiliation later as I realised that Kevin had fucked both my daughters and my wife as well.

It was plain that Gayle would want a repeat performance with her new lover and he obviously wanted the same. After their next session Gayle told him that I was aware of their relationship and that it had my approval. From that moment on Kevin began to dominate me, it began with simple things like getting me to fetch him a Coke from the fridge to bringing him breakfast in bed. I went along with all this and it wasn't long before our girls noticed the change. I think it was Kevin who dropped the hint to Vanessa and Sam that he was bedding their mother. Surprisingly they took it quite calmly, it just became an accepted fact that he could have sex with either Vanessa or my wife more or less whenever he wanted. There have been many nights when I've had to sleep on the couch because he has wanted to spend the night with my wife. Other nights he'll sleep with Vanessa. They seem quite content to share him.

I don't think Sam has been to bed with him since they split up but Kevin thinks nothing of running his hand up under her skirt or having a feel of her tit when the fancy takes him. She never stops him, in fact she seems to enjoy it.

Gayle's pussy is now permanently stretched and I imagine that Vanessa and Sam are both the same. It's very difficult for me to satisfy my wife anymore, she likes me to use my tongue and fingers on her but there is little sensation when I try and mount her. I've seen Kevin have sex with her and had a close up view of her pussy lips around his cock and can understand why she can't feel me anymore.

I still love Gayle and our two girls but I know their feelings towards me have changed. Certainly they have no respect for me anymore and it's Kevin's opinions they seek on any subject. He has become the man in our house and I'm not sure what my role is anymore. FINIS

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