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It had already been a dreary day when I sat down in a booth at a local restaurant and was waited on by Robbie. He looked a bit on the young side but his enthusiasm turned me on. I winked at Robbie as he walked by my booth and I hoped he understood.

Several minutes passed by and Robbie appeared at my booth as my waiter. He asked me what it was that I desired to eat that day and without blinking an eye, I told him that he looked hot and if at all possible, I'd rather suck him off than eat the food at this restaurant. Apparently I caught him off guard since he nearly choked on my words.

He looked all around us and then remarked that he had a break coming up shortly and that if I meant what I meet him in the bathroom. I then got up and quickly went into the bathroom..waiting for my lucious Robbie to be with me.

Nervously, I sat on the edge of the toilet seat with my pants and undies at my feet as I slowly stroked my throbbing dripping cock. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and dreamed about what he was going to taste like. Suddenly, I heard the bathroom door open and I heard Robbie talking to himself. I nervously opened my stall door and Robbie stepped inside. As soon as the door was locked, I pulled robbie to me..I quickly kissed him. Mmmmm..his tongue tasted so good. As I sucked on his tongue, I slowly touched his tented crotch. His cock was swollen and poking out of his pants as I unzipped him.

Robbie then stood up and grabbed my head and held it still while I watched as he guided his throbbing dripping cock into my mouth. Mmmm..his cock was sweet tasting. I slowly licked all over it..running my tongue around it like I was licking an ice cream cone. He was dripping lots of precum as he started to furiously fuck my face. I gobbled up all of his tasty precum and swallowed all of my built-up saliva. I heard him grunting loudly as his cock ferociously unleashed its hot tasty load of cum into my mouth. Spurt after spurt..his cock seemed to never quit spurting his tasting cum. I held some of his cum in my mouth as he pulled his cock out and looked down at me..smiling..then we kissed again. Mmmm...Thanks Robbie..I needed that!

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