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"Today at the Gym!"

Today, I went first to the gym, and saw some nice packages in the locker room, but I knew nothing was going to happen. So I left and went to a nearby library.

I got on the Internet and watched some gay porn. I got hard then went to the bathroom. I was in the bathroom (there are 3 stalls) I was on the first one, and another person in the 3rd one. I leaned down and saw his shadow looking at me, then I saw him jerk off. I got up to go to the next stall to his to see him, but I decided to first see how he looks. I got out of the rest room, and the he came out, he was fat and ugly.

Then I came back to my computer, after 10- 20 mins. I went back to the rest room I sat on the 2nd stall to see what I could get. Then soon after the fat guy came in, I decided to give him a chance, to see if he had a big dick. Then he stood up and jerk off, I saw his dick's shadow, it was small probably 5in and very thin. So I left.

As I was on my way out, I saw from the corner of my eye, a guy going to the 2nd stall. After 5 mins. I went back and saw from the shadows the guy in the 2nd stall jerking off. I sat on the first stall closed the door, sat and I could see him through a gap jerking off, then I saw through the gap of my stall a young guy looking at all of us--I saw his eye on the gap of my stall. I showed him my dick, then he went to the urinals. I got out and stood next to him, he was hot, young, and had a thick dick - really got me UP. He was young with beautiful eyes, and a big fat 7" dick.

I 'm a 26, male, well-built, 7-8" fat dick His was thicker the mine. He immediately grabbed my dick and started rubbing it. It felt goooood. Then I started rubbing his. Then he backed away, I thought he was going to leave but then he got to his knees and started sucking my dick all the way through, I felt his warm mouth and tounge working me out. He looked at me with his gorgeous eyes, it was like they were saying "thanks I needed it," I needed it also. He then lifted up my shirt and started playing with my nipples, then he got up and started kissing my neck all the way through my mouth, then he got to his knees again and took a lot of my load, one of the guys in the stall got out and watched if someone was coming, while he watched us fuck each other's faces. The fat guy just stood in his stall trying to get a good look at the action. Then the library's janitor came in but didn't caught us. Then we (all 4 gay guys in rest room) left so the janitor could clean up all the sperm in the floor, me and my hot 19 year old friend made. Then we all went separate ways, but man did I get a great blow job today. FINIS

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