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"What an Afternoon!"

I had been chatting online for a couple of months with a subbie woman which had resulted in meeting her at her place. She is a large woman who wanted me to use her sexually. I rang her as I left for work and she left the front door unlatched. As I arrived I wondered what I was in for .... There was a distinct thrill of entering the place knwing she was waiting.

I walked thru to her bedroom and there she was kneeling doggie style and a large dildo next to her on the bed. She was blindfolded and had an array of implements laying around her. I ran my fingers lightly over her body - I had never seen one this large before. Her tits were just massive, weighty and dangling on the bed.

I approached her from behind and began to spank her huge ass, the flesh rumbling with my hand. She became very horny and begged me to fuck her with the dildo - I did so until she came and then allowed her to suck my cock and rim me for another half an hour. The afternoon was complete when I masturbated my cock until I shot gobs into her mouth, the spillage onto those huge tits is an image I will remember for the rest of my life.

The real event came a few weeks later, we had organised another session and she had suggested that she would like to rim me some more and maybe give me a spanking. I am a little submissive so the idea appealed. When I arrived it was my turn to go and kneel naked on her bed - I did this quickly and quietly to keep the mood. She blindfolded me and smacked my butt a few times. My cock went hard and I became quite aroused as she began to play with my nipples and butthole. I felt her tongue enter my hot hole and work its way around, I loved it and could hardly feel my body rocking into it.

She asked me if I wanted to be restrained and I was happy for that to occur so I stood and she placed a spreader bar at my ankles and cuffed my hands. I then felt her playing with my cock and balls, rolling my nuts and running her finger over the end of my cock. I was going crazy when she knelt and began to suck. My dick really was enjoying the warm mouth wrapped around my cock, I could see flashes of light from a digital camera going off and the whir of a video camera. I was unsure about what was going on so I convinced her to remove the blindfold.

There was much laughter as the blindfold was removed, she was standing to the side taking pix on the camera ... I looked left and saw a Mistress with a video camera in hand and when I looked down I saw a woman sucking my cock feverishly. I was loving it!! But when I looked at her hands it became obvious that this was no woman ... There was a man dressed as a woman sucking my cock. I was thrilled beyond belief as I had been bi-curious for years. As I began to get excited the Mistress told "her" to excite my hole as I was about to cum. "She" then stuck 2 fingers into my loose butthole and brought me to the best orgasm I had ever had. All of it was caught on video and camera, I was able to be threatened with exposure - the Mistress was in control .... But that's another story. FINIS

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