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"My Wife Enjoy a Big Black One!"

We're 30ish, and my wife has a great figure and loves cock... I invited a neighor kid along on a weekend trip. He was an extremely good looking, slender black guy, about 19 and very well-muscled.

We booked into a motal, with 2 double beds in one room. That night, my wife got into bed wearing her bra and panties, and I got into bed with her, wearing briefs. He was lying on his bed across from us, wearing only white briefs, reading a book.

I slipped off my briefs, reached over and unhooked the wife's bra, and slid off her panties, then began massaging her pussy and getting her hot.

After awhile, I rolled on top and slipped my cock into her and began thrusting. With my foot, I "accidentally" pushed off the blankets, so we were going at it on the bed totally naked. I looked over at him,and it was obvious by the buldge in his briefs he was enjoying the show.

I asked him if he wanted a turn to come join us. He got up, stood by the bed, and slid down his white briefs. The biggest, thickest uncut cock I've ever seen popped out. It must have been about 8 inches long, about 2 inches thick. He had a beautiful body, slender, and perfectly proportioned, with a great black tight ass.

I pulled out, rolled off, and he got on top, between her legs, and they kissed. After a few minutes, she reached down and guided him into her. It was fantastic.... As he slid in and out of her, I played with his ass and balls, as they swung back and forth as he thrust in and out of her.... I slipped my finger inside her cunt, alonside his cock... She was digging her fingers into his back and moaning with the pleasure she was feeling. It was awesome.

After some time, his thrusts speeded up and soon he was pumping his huge load into her. He lay there a few moments enjoying the aftermath of his orgasm, then pulled out,leaving cum dripping out of her pussy.

In moments, I was back on top, thrusting into her hot, slippery cunt, and was so turned on, I was soon shooting my load. And then it was his turn again..... And then mine again. We ended up all three of us spending the night in bed together, and after sleeping a few hours, we got back at it next morning. It was a fabulous experience, and one we repeated often after that one!


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