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"Best Bi Guy I've Been With to Date!"

I have had my share of Bi Men and have enjoyed most of them. The problem I have with Bi Men is that the majority of them only want their cock sucked. Don't get me wrong, I love sucking a nice cock, but I also love having my cock sucked. It seems to me that a lot Bi Men believe if they suck another guys cock, that would make him GAY.

About three weeks ago hooked up with a nice married man. We hiked up the hill behind my home because my roommate has some friends over and he was nervous with others in the house. We hiked about a half a mile till I knew for sure nobody could see us. I took off the shorts and tank top I had on wearing just tennis shoes and a hard-on.

Drew hesitated till I assured him that we were alone and nobody could see us. The next thing I knew, he had his mouth on mine and his tongue half way down my throat. As he was kissing me, I started taking off his shorts and tee shirt. That left him with his tennis shoes and a hard-on that was straining against the fabric of his cum and piss stained jock strap.

He went to his knees right away and started giving me one of the best blow jobs I had in a long time. I had to pull him off my cock before I shot my hot load too soon.

I then went down on my knees and started chewing and sucking on his cock through his cum and piss stained jock. Using only my teeth I got his jock down to his knees then started on that hot cock of his. Before long he was face fucking me for all he was worth. When he got close to blowing his wad, he picked me up and started kissing me again.

He worked his way down my neck to my chest. Licking and biting my tits he had me really turned on. He worked his way back down to my cock, but only for a second or two. He turned me around and started kissing and licking my ass cheeks. Then his tougne went up and down my ass crack. I started pushing my ass harder into his face, and he then stuck his tongue in my shit hole. He started tongue fucking me like there was no tomorrow.

I don't get fucked that often, but out of nowhere I asked him if he would fuck me. I like to jack off with lube, so I had brought a small package of lube with me not knowing what would happen. I tore open the package and put most of it on his dick, the rest I put on my fingers and lubbed up my already wet ass hole.

It had been over a year since there was anything up my ass, so I told him to let me work my ass onto his Dick It didn't take long for my hot hole to get use to his cock, and before long, he was slamming my ass just like he slams his wife's pussy. My cock was rock hard as he reached around to stroke it while he fucked me. He was breathing hard as he tongued my ear and even turned my head so he could kiss me while plowing my hole.

When he told my he was close, I said I wanted him to shoot his hot load in my mouth. He pulled out of my ass, stood me up and started stroking his cock. It didn't take but a few strokes and his cum started erupting like a volcano. His first shot landed on my face as I was trying to get my mouth on his Dick The rest of his load he shot in my mouth. He told me to keep his cum in my mouth and when he was done shooting, he picked me and started kissing me with my mouth full of his cum.

That to me was so fucking hot, that I shot load all over his stomach, cock and balls without even touching my cock!

We cleaned each other up and got dressed still kissing and tasting his cum. We walked back down the fire trail and my next door neighbor was outside. She said to us "It looks like you had a nice hike!". If she only knew!!! FINIS

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