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"Bi Couple From Work!"

I had always liked this girl, Susan, at work and tried to talk to her whenever I could. The problem was she had a boyfriend, a guy she had been seeing for a long time. She was slim, attractive, long flowing brown hair, big glaring eyes and breasts to die for.

The more and more I thought of her, I found myself thinking about Michael too (her boyfriend). I have always been interested in guys, not as much as women, but just for something exciting and different. He was slim, good body, and was very well endowed - he used to show me now and again for a laugh when we were in a pub or club.

Last week, we ended in the pub after work, having a few beers and a good chat, and as always I moved myself to the circle with Susan and Michael. We spent most of the night chatting, flirting - I even found myself flirting with Michael, and thought he was definitely giving me the eye.

Eventually, Michael and I were in the toilet (alone) and as I stood at the urinal, taking out my meat to take a piss, he looked straight at my cock. I returned the looked, we stared at each other and smiled. He was thick, about 8 inches, mine is around 7.5" and he seemed impressed too. It was a small, bar, few people in, so I knew the chances of us getting caught were slim. I reached for his cock, and held as he took a piss. We finished and immediately moved to a cubicle. In the back of my mind, I was thinking that this big growing cock had been inside the nice pussy of Susan and I wanted it more. I surprised myself that I could love cock this much, and took a moment to take a breath and whispered that I wanted to screw Susan. "You will, you will" he replied to me, as he slapped me on the cheek with his cock, then tucked it away and left.

I was so excited, it took a while for my hard cock to go down before I could leave the toilet.

A while later, we left and I was invited to stay the night with Susan and Michael, how lucky!!! The thought of her pussy, what it might look and feel like, what it would taste like, and the huge cock I had sucked on....I was trying to hide an eagerness to have them both, I wanted to fuck her, and him to fuck me....I wanted a massive fuck session where we would share cum!!!! FINIS

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