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"Cock Slave!"

Had a new experience today. Wanted to get away for a little while and maybe fondle some cock but surely needed the kind of bj only a man knows how to give. Now my wife gives great head, but she still can't do it like a man.

Anyway, I went to an ABS in Fayettville that has a theater. Mostly older, I mean real older guys in there, and after a while one just got up and stuck his cock in the mouth of the man sitting next to him. The cock sucker only had to turn his head towards the side of his chair and the suckee did the rest. There was another tall man in the room, probably late 40s that seemed to only be observing, probably 20 minutes. Well, this was getting me hot and hard so I pulled my cock out and began to stroke. Probably stroked about 15 minutes before the tall guy sat down on the bench beside me. He gently moved his hand to my raging cock and began to stroke. I asked him to suck me.

Now this is where it went crazy. He told me to force him to suck my cock. I was taken back by this but proceeded to get into this real fast. I put my hand behind his head and tried to pull him down. That didn't work so I applied more force and told him go "get down on that cock sucker, suck it all the way down, take it all". Well he did and went nuts. He sucked, licked, rubbed and made love to my cock and balls like there was no tomorrow. I was hot as could be and simply stood up and dropped my pants and shorts to allow him access to my little ass. He licked, rubbed and massaged, sucked and really was out of control.

Now my cock is not a trophy but it is about 7", cut, nice head, and nice girth, and shaved to the base and around my balls. I would suck it if I could get to it. This guy was in another world. He said he wanted to be my slave for anything I wanted. Tie him up, fuck him, make him suck my cock, anything I wanted. Well, I only had time for a bj yesterday but he insisted I take his # and call for more fun times. I have to think about this before I make the call as this about blew my mind as well as my cock. Oh, he is an excellent cock sucker. I will let you know if I make the call. FINIS

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