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I'd spent most of my adult and adolescent life in denial of my attraction to men. In my late 30's I began my exploration. The Internet gave me the conduit to explore and inquire. First I found the gay oriented web sites. I explored with utter fascination and imagined myself being part of what I was viewing. Then I discovered chat. The first time I logged in and someone answered me I was hooked. For about a year I logged in as curious. I struck up some online friendships and after a while one gent finally goaded me on to checking out a gay bar.

At the time I lived very close to a gay resort area in Maine. One weekend near the end of the summer season my wife was out of town and I mustered up the courage to got check out some of resorts bars. The first one I went into was not my scene--just to loud and flamboyant. I slipped into another one that was a bit tamer, but still not my age group. Heading back to my car, I saw a few older gents heading into a piano bar and I followed. I found a place I thought I could be comfortable in and found a table in back a dimly lit bar. The musical talent was good. As I took in the scene I felt a bit comfortable.

Into my second beer there, panic struck. My neighbor (also married) had just walked in and was headed my way. At first he did not notice me, but eventually I saw the recognition and the surprise as well.

Time seemed to stop, he then grinned and asked what I was drinking, ordered a round and sat down. His opening line was "never thought I would see you here." I don't remember what my lame response was, but I broke the ice and we started to chat about neighborhood, the latest town politics. As we talked I realized that he was one great looking guy. I sort of waited for something to happen at the time not quite sure what. But it didn't. He had to leave to pick his wife up from work.

Nothing more happened or was discussed between us for about two weeks. That weekend some of the local neighborhood wives had a "girls" day out. In addition, my kids where away at camp and his where working resort jobs. Shortly after the wives left he called me and asked me if I could lend him a hand moving some furniture out of a room he was rehabbing. It took us about 20 minutes to clear the room of some large pieces. He asked me if I wanted a beer and told me to sit down and relax. I was on pins and needles and it must have been obvious to him. Part way through my beer (gulping it down) he walked behind me and started to massage my shoulders. I froze at first, but did not pull away. He then asked me point blank why I was in the gay piano bar.

I felt like a nervous school kid but told him I was very curious and I told him about my many chats on the Internet. He asked me if I knew what a Dom was. I said yes and he responded good, now take off your shirt for me.

My hands had a mind of their own. My shirt was off before the cognition of what I was doing hit me. He started to play with my nipples and then he kissed me. I melted. He had already taken his shirt and trousers off while he was massaging my shoulders. I could see his erect cock pushing through his briefs.

He looked sternly at me and told me to kneel down. I obeyed immediately. He pulled his brief down and freed his cock. Play with it was the next command. Feeling my first erect cock on another man was an unforgettable event. After playing with it and pumping it for quite a few minutes I slowly kissed it. He told me you can do better than that I started to suck on it. It was everything I had imagined. I loved the feel of it in my mouth. I sucked him off until he was about to cum. I started to pulled away, but he would have known of that. He finished off my fucking my face. He then had me lay down and gave me the best blowjob I had ever had up until that point in my life. I knew I obviously had a lot to learn. He agreed and smiled saying and we will have plenty of time to teach you and that he did over the next 2 years. FINIS

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