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"My First Bi Sexperience!"

My cousin returned from Dubai in 1988 with his lovely Australian leggy and busty girl friend Linda. She was extremely good looking and sexy and flirted openly with me.

Adi was very close to me since childhood and we were very open with each other. We would take showers together in the nude and he had a 9" thick cock and a hairless beautiful body.

Adi stayed with me whenever he visited Delhi and he brought Linda over and we shared our one bedroom flat. Linda found Delhi extremely hot and would roam around the flat in very thin cotton dress or just her bikini. Adi loved showing her off to me and would wink at me telling me how hot she looked.

One night we were drinking and Adi drank some extra and told me that Linda has been talking to him how sexy I was. He said that he wouldn't mind if I wanted to play around with Linda.

I was excited and lusting for Linda. Saying this he asked Linda if she wanted to fuck me - she laughed and said yes. Adi asked her to take off her dress and remove her thongs. Then he asked me to spread her legs wide and lick her shaved pussy.

It was bright pink and swollen and I could see some moisture. I sniffed her pussy and started to lick her. I was filled with lust and my cock was straining hard. She held me head.

Adi asked me to take off my shorts and started to massage my cock. He pulled the skin back and took my cock in his mouth and started to suck me like a pro. He was licking my balls and fingering my ass as I was eating Linda. I am ready to shoot into his mouth when Linda came very hard and flooded my tongue with her cum. I was ready to shoot but wanted to enter that hot pussy. So I moved over and spread her legs wide and entered her tight snatch. Linda was now moaning and trembling. I started to stroke.

Suddenly I felt Adi tongue on my balls and could not hold longer. I started to moan and started to shoot my load into Linda - I withdrew and Adi's mouth was there to take my cock in. He sucked me clean. We then all kissed Linda and then she went down on me while I sucked Adi throbbing cock. We did this all night and fucked Linda - he would fuck her ass and me her pussy - we took turn all night till she was sore. FINIS

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