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"My First Time - At the Baths!"

I have been curious a long time, and my wife was working. I decided to go to the bath house downtown. I finally got uo the nerve to do it.

The parking lot was empty except for 2 cars. Thought it would be a bust. I went in and got a locker, undressed, and wrapped the towel around me. I walked through the halls and the place was pretty much empty.

One guy sleeping from the night before. Another guy setting on the bunk in the room naked. I stopped and chatted, and before long he rubbed his hand on the front of my towel; he was interested.

I stood across from him and he stood up came to me and pressed his lips on mine, while his cock was pressing against mine. I just let it happen, his tongue was on my lips so I open my mouth, and our toungs met, it was like a fire was lit in my cock.

I had never kissed a man before, but it ended up being a very passionate kiss that got us both very hot. He turned me around, and I laid down on the bunk, and we got a 69 going.

Man, could he suck cock, and my balls to! I was on tthe bottom, and his weight was holding me down, he was slipping it back and forth in my mouth, and I felt him about to cum. ON his last thrust, he push it deep down my throat and shot a big load of cum. I swallowed it all, and it wasn't long before I came to. I was hooked.

It was a long time ago, still luv cock and cum. FINIS

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