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In the mid-eighties my marriage was going bad. Not because of any sexual dysfunction between us (she is still one of the best fucks I've ever had) but because of cultural and intellectual differences. She watched Starsky and Hutch and I watched documentaries. She liked C&W and I was a rocker. She had been married five times and this was my first. We both had a couple of kinks and we both knew about them but she didn't suspect that I had a couple she didn't have a clue about.

Before we divorced we separated several times, usually after long and painful arguments. While we were separated one time a friend of mine called from jail. He'd been picked up on old traffic tickets and needed help...monetary help. When I told him that I was busted and couldn't contribute to his cause he asked if I'd contact a friend of his who would certainly get him out of jail. His job was on the line and we were old friends so I agreed to call his friend for help.

After a brief phone conversation, I met my friends' friend Gordon at his condo in North San Antonio. We discussed our mutual friend's dilemma and he agreed to go his bail by using several credit card cash advances. I'd never met Gordon before and was impressed that he was such an amiable person. I had been told by my friend that he was gay but I couldn't detect that in his manner. He was a long-haired systems analyst for a major software development corporation and acted like any other freak I knew.

I was curious about his homosexuality and after awhile our conversation went in that asking questions about his lifestyle and such. He was honest and direct and after we shared a few drinks and a few laughs he told me that I was "hot" and that he'd "do me in a minute." I was shocked but sort of pleasantly so and it spurred my imagination (not to mention how it curiously stirred my cock). What was "gay", man-on-man sex like? I found myself curious and excited and let him continue.

We were sitting on cushions on the floor where he had his work laid out...piles and piles of computer readouts that he had to go through to find a bug in a computer system. I had no idea what he was talking about as he explained his work but I noticed that he kept finding excuses to edge himself closer and closer to me.

When he was about two feet from me he leaned forward and touched my thigh and asked, "Do you really want to know what it's all about?"

There was a protracted, excitement-building pause and my cock began to grow and push against my jeans. I knew he was noticing the large bulge in my pants and I kind of coughed out something like, "Well, uh yeah I guess."

He scooted himself closer to me on the floor and his hand moved up my thigh to rest on my now stiff and pulsing cock. When he ran his fingers up and down the length of my hot and stiffened dick I thought I would cum right there. I could feel precum wetting my drawers and I gasped a little when he squeezed the head of my cock through the denim.

He reached over with his free hand and pressed me back on a cushion and said, "Don't say anything. Just lay back and I'll do it all."

I didn't protest and did as he said. I made myself comfortable on a thick cushion and spread my legs out in front of me. Both his hands went to my belt and zipper and before I knew it he had my pants open and my 6-inch cut cock pulled out.

He was good. He slowly began to caress my Dick with fingertip strokes and gently took my whole shaft in his hand, squeezing softly. I thought I would explode right there. With a wave of his hand he let me know that he was going to reposition himself and that I shouldn't move.

He moved to my feet and began to pull my pants off. I raised my hips to let him yank my jeans down my legs. When I was naked from the waist down he moved up between my legs, placed his hands on my thighs and spread them slightly apart.

I groaned and moved to help him find his spot. When his head began to lower to my groin I involuntarily lurched my hips toward his hungry mouth.

He wasted no time in dropping down to wrap his lips around my cock and begin to stroke me with his mouth. He worked a rhythm up and down on my Dick until I was just about to blow my load and when he knew I was just about to spurt he raised his head and said, "Are you ready to cum?" "Yesss!" I said.

He just grinned at me and began to suck me off in earnest, moving his wet, soft mouth up and down my shaft with renewed vigor. I always want to hold the head of the person who's giving me head and he didn't mind when I reached out and pulled his head down on my cock and began to fuck his mouth.

He moaned in satisfaction as I began shoving my cock in his mouth again and again, harder and harder. As I blew my load in his waiting mouth he began to moan on my Dick Vibrations from his moaning made me cum more intensely. I couldn't understand how he could manage to take my deep thrusts in his throat but I didn't stop. I felt him swallow once, twice, three times. Each time he swallowed it massaged my cock. Each time he swallowed he ran his tongue completely around my Dick, making me pulse more and more cum into his hungry mouth.

When I was spent I fell back into the deep cushions and let out a satisfied sigh. As he slowly pulled off my cock he fluttered his tongue on the now sensitive underside of my mushroom cockhead, making me shudder and jump. I half-stifled a laugh knowing that he knew exactly what he was doing. I looked up to see him grinning with a sense of satisfaction that I didn't understand. I would soon. FINIS

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