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"Fun in San Diego!"

I said in my first post that an older man taught me everything I know now about pleasing other men but it wasn't until I joined the Navy at a young 18 and was sent to San Diego for my first and only duty stationed that I learned how to put that training to good use.

My first night in town after I changed from my uniform to civilian clothes at the 7 Seas Locker Club I discovered a street that men would stop their cars and ask you if you wanted a lift. It took me a few nights to learn the routine of what would happen after you got into their cars and they all started the same way. Their right hand would slide slowly across the seat until their finger hit my leg and if I left my leg there their hand would move to the top of my leg and then on to my crotch. Then he would park the car some where and my pants would end up on the floor and he would suck my cock.

After a few nights of that I started dressing in what I call my trolling clothes. They consisted of penny loafers with no socks, loose chino's with no belt or underwear and a loose shirt which covered the front of my pants. When a car stopped and he asked if I wanted a ride and before getting into the car I would unzip my chino's and when I sat down I would reach under my shirt and undo the button on my pants. By that time I would have at least a semi erection because the anticipation of him touching me would make me very excited. I loved it when he finally reached over and put his hand on my cock. The look on their faces when they discovered a naked cock to touch instead of just my pants.

As he stroked my cock to full hardness I would undo my shirt and kick off my shoes so that when he parked the car in a dark place it took only a few seconds for me to remove all my clothes. Being as passive as I was I would always wait to see what he wanted to do and most of the time it was just to give me a blowjob but sometimes that would put my hand onto their cock and then guide my head so that I could suck them and if I got lucky we would end up on the back seat and he would have his cock buried in my ass. I say lucky because after he fucked me I would then dress and go out looking for someone else. I had plenty of good times in San Diego, sometimes it was with just a single man and sometimes it would be with two or more and to me they were the best times. FINIS

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