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"My First Theater Sexperience!"

I used to live in the New Haven, CT area and I tried a visit to the Fairmont Theater. My first time there I was sort of nervous not knowing what to expect.

As I entered the theater it was very dark so I stood against the back wall with some other guys. As my eyes adjusted I noticed that there was some action in the seats and watching this I was getting hard and started rubbing myself with my hand in my pocket.

Upon looking to my sides I saw that there were 6 other guys about my age late 40s at the time. A few including the guy next to me had their cocks out and were stroking. The guy to my right was stroking a nice 7" cock and as he saw me watching he reached over and guided my hand to his cock. He asked me to suck it but I was nervous about a public display, all my other adventures had been in private or at a glory hole, as I continued stroking him I was getting hotter and wanted to suck him, so he gently pushed on my shoulders and I gave in slowly sinking to the floor and taking him into my mouth.

I looked so my sides and saw the others moving towards us as I continued to bury his cock in my throat. I could feel him starting to throb and he pulled out and told me to suck another guy that was standing there.

As I started to suck this guy the first guy knelt next to me and said he was going to direct the action and that I would suck off anyone for him as he watched and directed the action. I couldn't believe how hot this made me, I guess the hidden cum slut in me had surfaced.

Before I knew it my shirt and shorts had been removed and I was encircled by cock, sucking and swallowing while others j/o onto me.

My director scooped up cum from my face and started rubbing it onto and into my virgin ass first 1 finger then 2 , I was trying to tell him no but he forced my head down onto the cock I was sucking as he lifted me bending me over and slowly eased his cock into me until I was full, I thought I was going to be split in half, he didn't stroke, he just stay buried in my ass and as he did I felt myself opening up and want him to pound me so I started pushing back against him.

He them asked if I wanted to be fucked, I pulled off the cock I was sucking and said to him please fuck me fill me with your hot cum, so he started fucking me as I went back to sucking as I felt him swell in my ass then I felt the hot burst of his cum flooding me I begged for more. The 2 hrs that I was there I was turned into a full slut.

I was fucked by 10 different guys, I have no idea how many guys I sucked off or how many came on me. I had to use a tee shirt that was given to me to clean the cum from my face and hair before I could leave the theater. I met with my new friend on other occasions on my journey into slut hood but will save those for another day! FINIS

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