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"My First Time - South of the Border!"

I was stationed at Fort Bliss in El Paso a looong time ago. One Saturday evening I decided it was time to checkout the other side of the border. I heard that you didn't have to be 21 to drink, so it sounded good to me. Well it didn't take me long at all to find out all was true and then some. There were women doing things that I didn't think were possible with everything including Donkeys.

Well things were getting pretty happy for a person new at all this, when I noticed a Mexican fellow watching me or at least he seemed to be. I thought that I might have done something to offend him. Not being the bashful type I walked over and introduced myself and asked if there was anything wrong?

He introduced himself as Raymond and said he was not trying to stare but couldn't help it. He said they didn't get to meet gringos in his part of town. He asked how I got there, and I said one foot after the other, we both laughed. (He spoke very good English). He said that it was not good for me to be there by myself if I didn't object he would be glad to show me around. I said that was very nice of him (I didn't think at the time about the unusual interest in my basket).

Well, we started making the bars and sex shows I was getting kind of drunk and pretty horny! He leaned over and squeezed the boss firmly and said I needed to get something done about that and licked his lips!

I said that I should be going back across the border, it was getting late. He winked and said I'll bet you can't even find the border right now! I hated to admit it but he was right I probably couldn't have found the border with a search warrant right then.

He said I'll tell you what I can't leave you like that let's have one more drink, I'll show you where I live just in case you come down again you can look me up to show you around again (He reached over as if to show that he was now in charge and grabbed my buttocks).

What can you do under the surcomstances, in a strange place and not knowing which way was out? I ordered two more drinks he said something to the bartender in Spanish, I went to the bathroom returned, sat down and drank my drink (while he played with my knee which I noticed whether turned me if or offended me, just the opposite). Maybe it was the drinks or just the night in general, he was getting bolder and I was beginning to enjoy it some.

We finished our drinks and to his word he said lets head out so you can see my place on the way. We wondered in and out through alleys for what what seemed like an hour (with me wondering where this was leading), when finally he turned and announced that the place in the middle of the next street was his! I was somewhat relieved at the announcement, to say the least! He said that I must be a little tired from all the walking, to come on in and rest before he showed me the way back to the border, Grinning very sweetly.

His place was cozy he suggested that I relax motioned for me to sit on a bean bag chair and went off to do something, as soon as I hit the beanbag it was like someone had reached up and turned off the lights in my head. After that I remember his return with a glass with something in it but not a drink. He slid down beside me and asked if I liked girls to which I remember just staring at him. He waved his hand before my face and when I didn't respond he leaned over and kissed me very deeply. I still didn't respond it was as if I was out of body, but it did feel good?

He asked if I liked it to which I shook my head yes. This was the green light he seemed to be looking for, he reached over to some mags stacked in the corner and said just enjoy!

I started looking through the mags which were all guy pictures (some very well built), lost in this he didn't lose anytime went from rubbing my shoulders to my lower back.

He said let's get you more relaxed, you still seem up tight leaning over and kissing me again, while checking my basket? I was really getting into the treatment! I couldn't help to notice that he seemed to be getting into it also, quite a rise in his pants!

He suggested that I continue to try to relax, to just lay back and close my eyes while he took away the tension. He started to unbutton my shirt kissing down as he did. When he reached my belt he in one swift move opened it and my fly. I felt the rush of cool night air. He asked if everything was OK to which I just shifted and nodded yes.

I could feel my cock getting harder (even after I thought that wasn't possible). I couldn't help but think if he can do all this even without touching my cock, what's going to happen when he does touch it! Well I didn't have long to wonder he very lightly stroked it through my briefs and laughed, which embarrassed me, I always thought my 71/2 thick inches was OK

He quickly said sorry, that what he was laughing at was how it jumped around like a huge snake as he lightly toughed it he said he had never seen one do that! I said it was the mags and his hands that did it. I felt his breath on my cock for a moment, he asked if I had ever had a blow job, I said no but I knew what women do when they do that, he said women hell you haven't had nothing yet! With that he dropped my briefs and started tonguing the head of my very hard cock. It felt really good but he only did it for a moment before stopping to ask how it felt? I said I don't know do it for about five minutes and I'll tell you what I think, we both laughed and he did just that sucking me almost to the end of the load and stopping I was going crazy with his torture. He stopped his sucking and started tonguing by full balls to my groans. This guy really knew how to make you climb walls.

He asked if I was ready to cum, I looked at him and said five minutes ago! He started sucking and playing with my big balls at the same time! It was over very shortly for sure Two weeks of cum were all his! He nursed my cock tell he had every last drop (must have been at least five minutes). I was in heaven I laid back totally refreshed, just as he had promised.

That's when I felt very busy hands again looking down he was back at it, looking up to smile and ask if it was OK? while licking his lips, he came back up long enough to say he knew that as big as that load was there had to be more where it came from!

Down he went slowly moving to a 69 position! I new that I thought he was pretty well hung well as it happened when it was in my face at least 1 inch longer than mine and much thicker! He said if you won't me to show you to the border it's your turn to get busy gringo! I lightly licked around the giant head (made a mental note that it wasn't all that bad), and that's all the time I had he reached down between the two of us took his prize in his hand and eased the big head in my mouth, what are you going to do I started to run my tongue around the head of the monster which to my shock just made it bigger!

He was back to really doing my cock a job which made it easier to get onto the big fat cock between my lips! He was really beginning to hump my face which I really didn't know how to take, I managed to back off and told him to relax I would take care of his giant! Well it didn't take long for me to loose my second load down his waiting throat. He really thought that I would stop what I was doing as I came but he was wrong I by that time was into it! I slowed down for a minute just to see what he would do he started cursing in Spanish! With my continuing he relaxed and laid back for my sucking lips until I felt his big balls getting tight and his monster starting to throb a little, I got it all he made sure of that held my head and made sure I drank every little bet, I was so enjoying the whole thing he had started playing with my rear just as he filled my belly with his load!

He wrote down his address and walked me back to the border, Guess what I lost the address so it was a one time thing at least with him!!!

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