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"She Was an Escort Called Lee!"

I was a horny guy all the time and even though I got laid alot from picking up babes every weekend, I still felt the need to date an escort once or twice a week. I had been using the same escort agency for nearly 5 years when the madam finally sent Lee over to see me.

Lee was at that time, mid to late 20's, 5'2", 115, blonde and shaved and hot little titties.."A" cups. She was a wild one...loved to kiss and a screamer! I was kinda straight when I first met her but she got me to do things that I'd never gave much thought about such as kissing her after I'd shot my cum in her mouth. She was a first class cocksucker and she loved to kiss me many times while receiving one of her really hot blowjobs. Her tongue was wildly going down my throat as her hot hands slowly yet teasingly stroked my cock then she'd kiss her way back to my cock and lick it like an ice cream cone and suck on it. Many times, she loved to wet one or two of her fingers and plunge them in my ass..fucking me with them as she looked into my eyes. God..I loved this gal.

Each week for nearly 10 years, I saw Lee and I tried to not only see more of her but I also tried to get her to marry me. I really did love her and would have done anything for her. I have never found anyone so intelligent to talk to nor as passionate or compassionate to be with. She loved to tease me by sitting across from me and play with her pussy as she told me about some guy that thought he was a stud but could only last maybe 2 minutes once he started fucking her. I never asked her about her clients and didn't care to know but several times, I knew from the taste that I was eating some guy's hot creamy cum out of her hot sweet pussy. She was not for making me wear a rubber and from what I remember of her, I don't think she made too many guys wear any protection at all unless they looked scummy and then she told me that she wouldn't fuck them or suck them but would jack them off.

I recall one time she called and told me she was in town and that she had a surprise for me. She told me to get a motel room and then call her back to tell her the room number and the motel name. Normally, she came to my home. She came over about 2 hours later and was very sweaty looking and she had that unmistakable scent of sex all over her. As soon as she got inside my motel room, she was naked except for some panties and she was quickly helping me get naked. She was always so hot-to-trot willing and more than able.

As soon as I was naked, she pushed me onto the bed and then she opened the blinds all the way so that anyone walking by could see us. My room was on the 2nd floor but near the stairway. She walked around teasing me and told me that she'd just been to a party and that she was extremely horny. She climbed onto the bed and slowly sat on top of me..fondling my throbbing cock as she sat down. Lee was still wearing panties which was not only odd but rare. She rarely wore panties. Lee then leaned over and slid her hot wild tongue deep inside my mouth..sucking on my tongue as she held my hands. I could feel the heat from her pussy as she ground herself onto me. We continued to make out for nearly an hour like 2 high school teens. I had the feeling that she cared deeply for me but couldn't do anything about it.

I don't know how long I sucked her nipples or her fingers but if she would have stroked me just 2 or 3 times, I was so hot at that time that I probably would have cum. But..she apparently had other intentions as I was getting ready to find out. She still had her panties on this entire time. Teasingly, she turned around on top of me and slid into a hot 69 position. Although her panties were still on, I managed to snake my tongue teasingly onto her outer pussy lips. My nose was buried in her panties..I was sniffing them deeply. MMMMMMM...I loved the smell of her hot panties. I felt her grip the base of my cock tightly as she slowly licked it..thus preventing me from cumming too quickly. I pulled her panties to the side and slid my tongue inside her hot balmy stinky asshole. She ground her ass into my face while I ate her ass. Lee started screaming loudly that she was going to cum. She was screaming so loud that I thought someone would complain. Then..I tasted her juices as they flowed like a waterfall out of her pussy. I pl;unged my hot tongue deep inside her pussy..flicking it deep inside her. Wanting to taste more and more of that unique cummy flavor of hers. Quickly, she rolled over and removed her panties and then she climbed back on top of my face and told me to eat her out and that she wanted me to jack off for her at the same time. Little did I know at this time that we were being watched by several people from the window of my room. Lee's hot smelly pussy was cumming all over my face over and over again and she prodded me into stroking my cock faster and faster. She told me that she wanted me to cum and that she wanted me to tell when I was getting really close so that she could put her titties near my cock and get them cummed on. My hand was a blur she told me. I felt the biggest load of my life getting ready to shoot and as I told her I was going to cum, I felt her lean over and then as I started to cum, I felt her nipples on my cock tip and I knew her nipples were covered in cum. As I started to calm down, I felt her licking my fingers clean..she loved to eat cum.

Lee then told me to close my eyes and then open them when she told me to. I did as she said. Lee got up off of me and then I felt her turning around and then she sat down near me and fed me her nipples..telling me to eat my cum off of her nipples. MMMMMM..I loved to eat my cum off of her just seemed to taste so differently..and it always helped to get me hard again. My eyes were still closed when she told me to get on my knees on the bed. I did as she told me to. I then felt her hot tongue licking my tongue was always so velvety hot. I next felt her sliding one of her fingers inside me and then another one and then another one. She finger-fucked my asshole for nearly 5 minutes and then I felt her climbing up onto the bed behind me. She told me to spread my ass cheeks while she lubed my ass. I was really getting into this. My cock was shaking wildly again..seeking attention..but all she'd do was touch it once in awhile just to tease me.

All of a sudden, I felt this thing pushing into me. I heard Lee telling me to relax and that she was going to fuck me while wearing a strap-on. Lee also told me that she was using a medium sized strap-on so that my ass would not hurt nearly as much this time but that she had bought me a buttplug to wear when I was not around her. Suddenly, I felt fully filled..she took my cherry. I felt her skilled silky fingers teasing my cock as she slowly started to fuck me. In and and and out..slowly then fast then slow then slower then she rammed it inside me..calling me her fucktoy..her slave. I got this really hot sensation running throughout my body and it felt so much like an orgasm but I was not touching my cock nor was she. I was not shooting cum but it felt so great. She then told me that I was experiencing a prostate orgasm. Wow..I loved this feeling. It seemed like they'd never end..they just kept coming and coming. She then told me to open my eyes. When I did, I looked at the window and saw there were 3 guys and 2 gals watching us. I admit I was a bit overwhelmed but I felt so great that I didn't care if they called me sissy or faggot or whatever. I was in my motel room with the love of my life and she was making love to me.

As she pulled the strap-on out of my ass the final time, she told me to lay on my back and upon doing so, she squatted over me and then she began to pee. She was giggling like a little girl..telling me..sorry mister..but I just had to pee..and then she leaned forward and plunged her hot tongue down my throat..fucking my throat with her tongue. Wow..she was hot..on fire yet. I greedily pulled her pussy to my face and licked the remnants of her sweet salty pee from her cunt. Then she pushed me off of her and then I felt her fingers guiding my throbbing cock into her hot pussy that had that hot furnace-like feeling. Her pussy was hotter than ever. As she sat on my cock, she grabbed her panties and then placed them over my face and then as she kissed me through her panties, she started to milk my cock while using her pussy muscles. I rolled her over onto her backside and as I plunged my cock in and out of her roughly, she slid her arms around my neck and her legs around my back and then she started swinging on my cock..fucking me..bucking she slid her hot tongue inside my she told me about the feeling of my tongue sucking out all that cum inside her pussy. I was so far gone by this time that all I felt was her scorcher pussy eating my cock. I plunged harder and harder inside her..trying to get deeper and deeper inside her. She wrapped her legs over my shoulders and then she pulled me down towards her so she could kiss me..telling me to fuck her as hard as I could..that she needed to feel my cock ramming inside..that she needed to feel me cumming inside her. I still had her panties covering my face as I inhaled her pussy's hot scent through my nose as I started to cum inside her. My cock felt like it was exploding..I shot and shot and shot and shot..tons of cum deep inside her hot scorcher pussy.

As my cock slowly slid out of her cummy pussy, she climbed up onto my face and asked me to eat my cum out of her. I had never done this before..but..I loved her! MMMM..this tasted better than I thought it would. Soon enough, I had my tongue buried inside her cum-filled pussy..sucking the cum out of her mmmmmmm!

As we laid side-by-side in the bed in each others arms, she then told me that today was not the first time I had eaten cum out of her pussy. Lee told me that everytime she came over to see me that her pussy was always filled with some guys cums and that was why she cared for me so much..that I opened up to her.

I miss her! The agency she worked for closed its doors and she has thus disappeared. I really miss her!! I don't care about her past or how much money she has..I just want her! FINIS

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