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Some of you guys probably have memories of the Chicago Playboy Club, maybe not exactly like mine! Can't remember the exact year but think it was about the time the club closed in Chicago. I was about 38, mwm, kids - had a suck buddy - a coworker at the same firm, different department. Not one of the guys I was with on this trip.

But on with the story: two coworkers& I jetted on off to Chicago to attend a two day trade show at one of the big old hotels downtown. Got to the hotel about 3pm. We had a suite with two bedrooms. The other guys were older, they took the room with twin beds & I had the other room.

My brother worked on Michigan Ave. so I gave him a quick call. Our regional sales representative had kindly invited us to go to the Playboy Club for drinks that evening along with a couple of factory guys that I had never met. We met at our hotel and took a couple of cabs to the old Playboy. One of the factory guys was older & one was around my age; good looking and dressed in an expensive suit. I'll call him GL(what else). He crawled in next to me in the cab, we seemed to hit it off right away. It was dark when we got to the club, but I remember an old stone mansion with about twelve wide steps leading up to the front entrance. Now my friend, the factory rep., was pretty frugal, don't think he tipped much. Anyway we were seated a a dinky little oval table with a wall bench on the inside & four chairs. Table was meant for four, not six.

The bunnies were all one would wish for with all their dips & tail waging moves. But this evening I was all hot about something more obtainable - GL. He sat next to me on the wall bench seat. After a few drinks & chitchat about business, bunnies & sports, I became very uncomfortable trying to hold my legs together under that small little table. Finally I thought, what the hell, I'll just let my knee rest against GL's leg. Relief, finally.

After ten minutes or so I felt GL wiggling his leg. Didn't think much at first but he kept it up. So I started jiggling my leg up & down against his leg. Four or more drinks & I had to find the rest room, a very small pisser with room for only a urinal, stool & wash basin. The urinal was full of bar ice, something I had never seen before. Maybe keep the smell down because the room was so small. I took a long piss & was zipping up when GL came in.

He stepped up to the urinal half turned so I could see, pulled out a nice one & proceeded to piss & said, "you want to get rid of the other guys & met me at my hotel?

I backed up against the door, so no one else could get in, & said something like, "hell yes, I thought you'd never ask". He said, "what you like to do?"

I replied, "seems like an oral night to me"!

He said, "me too. We don't have much time here, but why don't you wait for me in the lobby of my hotel" He gave me the hotel name.

We shook hands quick & on the way back to the dinky table I stopped at a bank of phones (within sight of the other guys). I pretended to call my brother. When I sat down I told them my brother had stayed in town (lived in the barbs) for the night & wanted to get together to talk family business.

GL came back & I soon said goodnight; took a cab to his hotel. Wasn't long & he showed up. We both needed a shower after a long days travel. We soaped each other & played around exploring each other for a while, jacked each other, sucked each other & did a little riming. Dried off & got on the bed & soon in a 69 position. We were well matched, both normal size & we could come at the same time. We both ate three loads at least! God it was fun! We agreed to meet at the next years trade show to be held in Vegas.

About 2 am I got dressed and took a cab to my hotel. I was carrying my tie & suit jacket. The black cabbie said, " did Chicago treat you right?

"Best ever," I replied. "What a night!"

GL had a job offer he couldn't turn down. Anyway that's what my star factory rep. friend told me in Vegas when I asked about GL. Damn!

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