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"Training as a Sissy Husband!"

This is going to be a tale about one weekend in my life married to a very demanding & beautiful woman. First I need to let the reader know a little about how things got to that point in my life.

I was married to a very beautiful Woman who knew what She wanted & how to go about getting it. What She wanted out of our marriage was not only to be in complete charge but to have complete sexual freedom also. By the time we were married for 5 years She fully trained me to be Her sissy\husband & sex/slave 24/7.

She was a head nurse at a local major hospital, in charge of a whole floor and so made enough to support us comfortably. In so doing She demanded that I stay at home to serve Her & do all the house work. Of course between Her job & Her very sexually active private life, She didn't have time & it served to keep me in a female frame of mind. You see, I was required to wear maids clothes& other types of women's attire all the time. A lot of the time She just liked to see me in sexy bra & panties most of the day. And of course I was always required to be fully shaved, & I do mean fully, no hair below my head, but I did have long beautifully soft hair for my female appearance. I wasn't a very big person, standing only about 5'6" & weighing around 130 lbs. Also when it came to penis size, I was very big there either, in fact I was rather small. Hell, when I was soft I could hide my balls & whole cock within my body by pushing it up in myself. That way when I wore my panties you couldn't even tell I had a cock& when I did get hard it only got to be about 5"long & about as big around as a quarter. When I was fully dressed I could be made to look like a very sexy woman & most of the time it was in a very slutty way. Now this was how things were by the 5th year of our marriage, so I still need to backup some more to explain how things got to this point.

I guess in the beginning I was very naive and She was much more mature when it came to matters of sex. And She was very sexual! She liked sex all the time and nothing was taboo! She could suck my cock & make me think I had gone to heaven, She loved me to fuck Her asshole. Of course with my little cock that wasn't to difficult. W

e started off right away acquiring lots of toys, all sorts of dildos & vibrators. And right in the beginning things got kinky. She wanted me to give Her enemas, in fact we had a hose attached to the nozzle in the bathtub just for that purpose, She like to feel the water flushing Her out better then just being filled up by it. She said it was also to be really clean so when She had me eat Her out I would like it better!

Then it wasn't to long before She was doing the same to me so I could feel how grand it felt when She used a dildo on me. I guess that's how things started & I did get to really like it when She did use them on me. It wasn't long before She had a strap-on that She would use on me. We would reverse roles, Her being the guy fucking me, Her lil' sweetheart, She would even teach me how to give Her a blow-job, all the time really teaching me how to be submissive. Also during this time She suggested that we get into swinging or swapping. Of course all this was for Her benefit,so She could find much larger cocks and it seems She enjoyed some woman to woman contact. I guess there wasn't much She didn't enjoy when it came to sex During the summer months we would go to those weekend outdoor beer & music blast where She like to have wild sex in places where we might get caught,& when we did ,She liked to invite the guys to join in & relished in being gang-banged!And always afterwards would demand that I eat Her out. At first She was sweet about asking me to do it for Her but it wasn't long before She was telling me really suck all the cum out of Her, even making me lick it out of Her ass. At that point I think She knew She had me right where She wanted me. She started to tell me how much bigger those other cocks were & how much more wonderful it was to be fucked by them.

By then She had started having me dress up as a woman so we could play at being two women getting it on, but She was always the one who wore the dildo.

Then I really got a shock! She had started having sex with other guys without me but would tell me all about it and then have me dress as Her girlfriend and eat Her out to several climaxes. She loved to see my face covered with the scum from Her lovers. One day She said that we had to go to the hospital to get a shots for the clap that She had gotten from one of Her exploits. She was told that She had to bring in the guy who gave it to Her and I was going to be that guy. Now one needs to understand that She knew She had the clap but She still was having me eat Her out. In fact while we were at the hospital we were in a room waiting for the doctor, wearing only those gowns they give you She had me get down on my knees and bury my face in Her crotch and lick Her cunt. We almost got caught, in fact from some of the looks we got, I still think that we did. As one can see by that time She had me completely in Her power.

So there I was, a couple weeks later, a fully trained cum-sucking sissy slave, dressed as a slut, doing what ever She demands. She invites some of Her male friends over telling me that we are going to have such a wonderful time pleasing them. I am wearing a red lacy bra that actually fits me with matching crotch's panties. I have on seamed stockings that are held up by a black garter belt that has little red bows. My long blonde hair falls down past my shoulder in soft curls. My eyes are made up with dark shadows & long lashes & my lips are a deep red in color, just right for cocksucking! She has made sure my skin is silky smooth all over and my asshole is slick & clean, even being held open by a butt-plug that She put in me!Not only all that had made me ready but mentally I was ready too be the slut She wanted me to be! I had already sucked lots of cocks for Her amusement but that night I was going to be fucked like a true slut. My ass was going to be used by a real hot, hard, throbbing cock filling me with real cum.

That first night She had invited 4 guys over to break me in right. One of them was a black guy but he didn't have the biggest cock as one might have thought. Granted, his was plenty big, being around 9" or so. One of the other guys had the really big cock, his was all of 12" long & at least 2" maybe even 3" across! It was almost too big for me to suck but I did do my best.I think I did get about 3"or 4" in my mouth, but I did lick & kiss what I couldn't suck!

All the other 3 guys fucked me first but when he pushed his wonderful cock in my ass, he made me feel like I was a virgin & was in slut heaven! When he shoved his cock in me I could feel the cum from the other 3 guy leak out around him and it made things feel real good! When he started to really fuck me hard & fast I knew that I was never going to get enough that wonderful feeling and that I would do anything to get that feeling back. When he shot his load in me it was the best thing I ever felt! There was so much it was leaking out around his shaft & running down my legs. There I was on my back with my legs up on his shoulders & him hammering away at my ass, I knew I was where I belonged!When he pulled out of me I squabbled to take his cock in my mouth & worship him the best I could, and I could feel that my asshole was as open as any well fucked pussy. In fact the black just shoved his cock all the way in balls deep in one lunge and it felt fantastic! That weelend I also felt what it was like to take a large cock up my ass & feel what it was like to feel a big stream of hot piss fill me up. I loved it all!! FINIS

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