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"Ye Olde Trucker Games!"

Gus had met Ott in the truckers shower room at the local truck stop, well if ya can call thirty miles north of town local? Ott was a thirty years old five foot eleven a lean fuck machine with an organ that looked like it was cut off someone or something else and clued between his stalwart lean thighs.

The young trucker noticed right away the glances that he'd gotten from Gus through the mirror as he came from the shower and dried. Ott had been on the road for two weeks and it would be another two weeks on the road back to his wife before a hot tumble in the sheets. He had been blown by an older man that lived down the street when he was sixteen and a few in between at various glory holes he's stumbled on while on the road, when the pussy wasn't available they were perfect ways to get a nut off. He'd heard from the older truckers that the queers loved trucker snot. He'd remembered getting a good laugh as he listened to their stories about their sexual deeds on the road. His nuts got that tingle and he felt the ooze of excitement rush through the head of his cock.

Gus nodes, Ott returns his glance as he watches the young stallion walks across toward the toilets, a row of six stalls. He watched as the young stallion walked into the last of the stalls and glances again toward Ott. The area was deserted except for the two of them. Ott knew he'd give his monster a jerking later so why not let this young cock sucker suck his two weeks of sperm or trucker snot 'he smiled to himself' out of his low hangers and he'd be set until he arrived home.

Ott walks into the adjacent stall a large glory hole was visible before he closed the door, the kid was hungry his fingers appeared in the hole before Ott closed the door, he brushed his cock against the hole he felt the lips and tongue of the kid. Blood rushed to his huge log as he pushed it into the hole. He let out a moan of pleasure as the kid sucked his growing cock into his throat. Then interruptions 'don't get caught with your hard cock in a hole' he remembered the older men warning. He sat and wrote a not on tissue to the kid, he was fired up and needed to get his load off. It read; [meet me out back] he slipped it through and left the stall brushed his hand through his hair and left, not knowing if the kid would show up out back or stay for the next stud with a hard cock? he was propped up against the wall with a cigarette hanging from his lips when Gus turned the corner of the building, a much nicer looking man than he'd thought in the dim lit shower room. Dark blonde mop of hair sun glass's, in need of a shave his left booted foot pressed up against the building. At first Gus wasn't sure he was interested even though he knew the stud had a mule size pecker between his legs but he just wasn't the usual trucker type Gus chased. Until the stud opened his mouth and spoke,"you wanna swing on this donkey dong kid?" a deep southern accent, a smirk followed. Gus's blood rushed, it was the attitude and aggressive manner that got his panties wet and the stud just passed lesson number one.

Without another word Ott flicked his smoke across the back lot and walked toward a wooded area back beyond the trucks. About two to three hundred yards a clearing, a small lake private, Ott leaned against a large tree not knowing if the kid would follow, he had just flicked his liter as the kid appeared in the clearing. Gus watched as the stud smoked, neither one making any motions of interest toward the other. Ott flicked his smoke into the lake his left hand moved down and cupped his swollen organ,"thought you wanted to suck on this kid?" he glanced at Gus. Gus was watching ever move. Ott nodded for him and Gus moved slowly towards the trucker, but just as he reached for the crotch he stopped,"you a cop or something man?" he looked at the stud eye to eye. Ott was stunned a second, "Hell nah ..Just want this pecker nursed off kid" he gave Gus a wink as he squeezed his bulging crotch. He slowly unbuttoned his jeans and let the huge log fall free it bounced with excitement,"go ahead kid touch it." Gus took hold of the thick flesh and the heat from it rushed through him, he bent slurping the swollen flesh in and down his, the trucker hand ran down his back to the waist of his jeans,"open those jeans kid......let me get a feel of the small round tail of urn" Gus unbuttoned without missing a beat. The warm large hand pushed down his jeans as it circled his buttocks sending fire works through him, then the truckers fingers found the target, it circled around the small puckered lips of Gus's hole and began to pat, his hole puckered and the lips swelled and moisture oozed onto the truckers fingers and palm. "Damn kid.....looks like you need a little more than sucking my cock" Ott's voice was low gruff horny. His fingers slide to the hilt causing Gus to nut his drawers his ass muscles sucked and choked at the truckers fingers. "Holy shit...drop those jeans kid.....big john needs to get laid.'

Gus was naked and so was the trucker he'd tried several times to enter Gus's hole, he wasn't a virgin to huge cock fucks but this was a big boy. They ended up standing in the shallower edge of the lake Gus bent over a rock Ott spit and pushed his mule through Gus's anal ring with a loud grunt they both were like yard dogs in heat. Gus had exploded twice when his ass muscles took over and choked at the studs massive prick and rode it alone with the truckers thrusts. Ott let out a deafening cry as his cock spit Gus's guts full of thick warm trucker snot it took him almost five minutes to catch his breath and then pulled his still hard cock from the grips of Gus's hungry fuck hole."Shit kid what a the one I've heard about.......heard from the older men ...Other I right?" it was hard for Ott to talk after a ride like that. Gus just shrugged his shoulders with a smile.

"Names Ott" he said as Gus watched him stuff that over grown pecker into his jeans, "Gus man...that's some slab of meat man" Gus said with a grin as he pulled his jeans back up over his bruised hole, he could already feel the come oozing into his drawers.

They said their good byes, and would look for one another next trip around. Gus watched the trucker hit the north bound on ramp as he waited to turn onto the south bound ramp. 'Damn...Damn.' Gus smiled as he felt his hole fart a wet one into his drawers. FINIS

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