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"Best BJ Ever"

My 1st BJ was in a video booth.

It was a few blocks from the White House 1976(too bad they got rid of the place under Carter- would have made things better for Clinton).

I was watching a video of a girl giving a guy a head. Each door had a frame of the movie in it so you could tell what was playng or better why the guy went in. I must have failed to lock the door because as I was sitting jacking an older guy (I was 29, he must have been in 60s) came in.

I jumped up and covered my exposed crotch. He just smiled, locked the door and droped to his knees. He took my dick in his mouth and started working it.

I was speachless from the shock of what was happening and the instant pleasure. A few minutes later I was close to cumming when he pulled off and put his hand over his mouth. He took out his dentures and gave me a gum job that drove me to climax. I was through but he wouldn't let go for another 15 minutes until I came the second time (yes to be 29 again). I pulled up my pants and fled as he laughed. Ran back to work and washed my cock for fear of catching something from my 1st man given blow job.

But the best BJ ever was when I was doing some work in Richmond CA east of San Francisco.
It was during the BART strike and the traffic was backed up the 20 miles from the Bay Bridge to just out side my hotel.

I had met this guy on line and he stopped by to visit while the traffic cleared. He was mad as hell at his lover. He decided to take it out on my dick. He sucked me for almost 2 and a half hours (while the traffic cleared so he could go to work in the City) with ever technique I had read of and some I did not know about.

He had a way of vibrating his throat muscle with my dick burried deep in side. He knew how to lick all the parts on and around. He did not just bob his head up and down but sometimes moved his head in a circle patern. And when I was slow in cumming he sucked the tip and jacked the rest. In 2 and one half hours he made me cum 6 times. Last 2 times I came dry. He just about sucked me inside out.

I never saw him again. He sent me an email. He and his lover had patched things up. Guess I can understand why his lover could not stay angry for long with him around.

Sometimes it is good to find a guy who is angry with his lover. Another time it was a guy with a foot fetish. But that is another story.


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