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"Femme For A Night"

It was about 7:00 pm in Boston's combat zone. I was there to go to an XXX movie. I parked my car and started to walk to the theater. I noticed a guy sort of staring at me. Now, I am not a great looking guy. In fact, I am full figured with a big butt and larger than normal tits. It was sort of a funny look, but I kept walking. I turned around and this guy was following me. He looked rather straight in an ivy league way. He wore a blue shirt and khaki pants. I freaked out a little and decided to return toward my car. As I turned around and met him about twenty feet away, he smiled and said hi there, staring at my chest. He never once looked into my eyes. I was sort of surprised, but kept walking past. As I looked around, he continued to walk, as I went toward my car. It wasn't far and I thought I would change my mind and not go to the show. I started to start my car and looked up when he was walking toward my car on the sidewalk. I ignored looking at him, but watched his shadow passing me. I shut my car off and then relaxed that he was gone. Then, on the drivers side, he came over and said hello. He identified himself from Canada and that he was exploring the zone. Then, he further said that he was staying a the Parker House, would I like to come to his room for a drink. Although I know what he meant, I looked toward his crotch and noticed him popping up and out. The Parker House was about 8 blocks north of the area and I said, sure I wouldn't mind bullshiting about Boston.

Well, I drove over to the Parker House. I started to notice how manly he was and sure of himself. I felt almost submissive to his suggestions. He was still very straight acting and I think I was intrigued with witch way it would go. I was hoping to get a blow job, after looking into his blue eyes and blond skin. He continued telling me that he came to Boston for a convention. I was a good listener and followed him to his room. He put the key in the door and turned his head to me with a nice grin. I was feeling rather horny with his blue eyes looking at me from top to bottom.

He asked me what I wanted to drink and then sat on the edge of the bed. I was drinking mine or sipping it, when he put his hands on my breasts. I said what are you doing? He didn't answer, but continued to feel me like a girl. He then said that I had nice big tits and started to open my shirt.

I guess I was so surprised, I just froze. I didn't even think of touching him back, but he reached over and took my hand and put it on his leg. Then, he put his head forward and played with my nipple, slowly pushing his head onto my tit. My nipple started to get hard and I felt his every touch. He pushed me back on the bed and started to unbutton everything. He pulled my shirt out of my pants and unbuckled my pants. I almost was frozen in shock. I didn't know what to expect. The only thing I remembered was an experience I had in High School with a friend that felt me up in his room, after inviting me to work on homework. I felt so passive and not sure what to do. He was very aggressive and knew exactly what he wanted.

Suddenly, I heard some noises that sounded like it was taking place in the hallway. It made me flinch, but he became reassuring and told me just to relax and enjoy what he had in mind. I actually got a little nervous, because his touches were more aggressive and he was feeling me up like a girl. He didn't grab my crotch, as he pulled my pants, but pushed his hand between my legs in a cross touching each thigh. Somehow, I felt very passive, but he was making me feel taken care of. He seemed protective of me. He continued to undress me and had me sit up and pulled me on my stomach. I thought he was going to slide my pants off, but he left me there in briefs and said" turn your head and watch me get undressed.

He slipped out of his shirt and pants, as simply as I ever saw. He pulled the pants and folded them perfectly on a chair. He was patient and quick. He wore boxers and left them on, as he took of jewelry. Next, he went over to the door between the rooms and I noticed he touched the lock. I wasn't' sure what he did; however, he said he wanted to just check the door.

He then came over to the bed and said for me to relax. He began to rub my back and my butt cheeks. It felt so good. Then slowly he began to move his fingers in my crack. Several times, I flinched and said "What are you doing?" Yes, almost a stupid question on my part.

Well, he then proceeded to play with my legs and crotch a lot. He started to kiss my cheeks and moved his tongue up and down. An image of my licking my girlfriend just went through my mind and he continued his exploring me. He asked me to turn over and I thought he was going to play with my cock, but instead he reached for one leg and put it in the air to better get to my ass. I noticed his other hand was playing with himself and he was getting hard. He reached under the bed and started to grease me. I realized what he had planned.

As he lifted my other leg and wiggled his cock back and forth, he smiled and said that I was beautiful and he loved my Irish/Polish body. As he said that, I heard the door open and saw someone and then another one and another one walk into the room. I thought it was a bust and asked him (with my feet in the air) what was going on? He said don't worry, they love to watch and that they were all from Canada with him. I was a bit unsure and got extremely nervous. The guys that came in were not blonde and blue eyes, but different sizes and colors.

With my big bad ass in the air, I found it difficult to move, but slowly the guys wearing shirts and pants came over and started to feel me up. They took out their cocks near my face, as my original friend pulled me to the edge of the bed. He put more grease there and slowly eased his way in my ass hole. I was so shocked by all the stuff going on around me, I didn't know what to do or think. These guys could have their way with me by numbers alone.

Slowly, he entered me and started to pump me, as one of the guys put his cock in my mouth. It was faster and faster. The other guys were putting their cock on my tits and playing with them. They said to relax and enjoy every minute. Your going to be our bitch for the night and we won't hurt you, but just love every inch of you.

My original guy, was so hard he kept stuffing me with his sausage and came so quickly, I was grateful. He backed up, as I released my stomach muscles to put my butt on the bed, when someone else took his place. They stood there and tried their best. Only two actually came inside me, while the others were hard and firm for at least 2.5 hours. I was tired. I was relieved. They turned me over and one guy that didn't come started to mount me like a horse. He wasn't big but he moved in fast. He asked me to pull my butt in the air higher to satisfy him and I objected a little. He said just do it honey, you know you can take more. After he was done, they went to the bathroom and I heard the shower going.

My first reaction was to get dressed and run the hell out. I was a little sore. But one guy came out and he said relax, there's a towel on the bed and you can shower last. Well, I was face-down on the bed, not wanting to look their way and soon fell asleep. When I awoke in a few minutes, only the blonde guy was there. He said "Hi honey, you can stay here for the night." They (all the guys ) were going out. I fell asleep and woke up two hours later, showered, and left.

Yes, I would do it again. WOW!"


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