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"My First Bi Experience"

I have been aware of my bi-sexual attractions since I was a teenager ...although, I never acted on these feelings...other than alot of masterbating while looking at nicely hung guys in magazines.

After moving to Austin, TX...many years ago...I found myself living within walking distance of Hippie Hollow.

One Sunday, I got the strong urge to go Nude Sunbathing and to try and attract a younger, sexy guy for my First Bi-sexual experience. Before jumping in the shower....I shaved my cock, balls, ass very anticipation of "his-eyes" I wanted to give him a very special "peak."

I was getting so hard just thinking about this. After showering, I slipped into a loose pair of white silk shorts that showed off "my package" well. In fact, if I sat would get a very nice view of my cock, balls, and asshole.

Upon arriving at "the Hollow" was such a beautiful, sunny day....I walked around hoping to find a younger, sexy guy who was alone....and sure enough...there he was! Lying face down on a large towel covered rock by the water...was a young guy around 20-25 yrs... he had the most gorgeous ass-buns...small and firm....blonde hair... and tan....

I felt my cock starting to cum alive. It appeared he was I spread my towel on a large rock...that was in his direct vision...although, elevated a little above him. I sat on the rock and took my tank top off...leaving my shorts on. I couldn't keep my eyes of this guys ass.. I started to fantasize about rubbing sunscreen on his beautiful asscheeks...balls...cock....when he slowly began to spread his legs a little...just enough for me to view his balls a little. I slid my shorts off...and sat back down again.

A few minutes later...he rolled over on his back with his legs my direct view! I thought I'd died and went to heaven! He had such a killer cock, balls, ass....and he was shaved smooth EVERYWHERE!

Just as I was thinking about how much I would like to meet him...he sat up...smiled my way and said "Hi!"

I smiled and said " are you?"

As I sat back a little so that he could look right into my cock, balls, mushroom-head cock was about half hard now. I layed my head back...spread my legs wide....and felt the sun's hot rays upon my hot gentials. I was hoping that he was looking. About ten minutes later...i rolled on my side to sip a cold drink. I looked out of the corner of my eyes...and DAMN!!!!....he was sitting up...slowly stroking a huge hard-on....and looking right at me!

Not knowing what to do...I layed back again...spread my legs wide...placing my right leg over my left knee....exposing my ass, cock, balls..for his total viewing pleasure. Every once in a while...I would sneak a peak...he was stroking his fully erect cock...very slowly...and looking in my direction.

A few minutes later I sat up...and decided that I had to cool off in the water as I was burning cock was hard as rock by I took another sip of a cold drink....I had to stroke my cock a I was so turned on with this younger guy now... but felf that I better wait until I was in the water. I slowly got up...climbed down a few rocks...and slowly walked by him he was STILL STROKING HIS COCK!

He looked at me and asked, "Can I join you for a dip?"

Staring at his gorgeous cock, I looked up and said "sure!"

We slid into the cool water and sat together on a large rock that was several feet underwater and came up to our navels. We started to chat.

When he looked at me and said "I've never been with a guy before, but I've always been attracted to older, sexy men."

I felt him slip his arm around my waste and felt his hand on my cock underwater. As he started to stroke me slowly....our eyes met...and I slowly placed my lips on tongue parted his lips...and we began a sensual, deep French kiss together! I reached down and began to stroke his rock hard cock. I told him that I never had been with another guy either.....and was very attracted to younger guys as I gently licked his lips. I said that I only lived down the street and would he like to come back to my place after we took a swim together?

He said, "I was hoping that we would hookup together today!"

I couldn't wait to get home together! After our swim, I toweled him off...I couldn't believe what a fine body this guy had! We got dressed and headed home together. We kissed and made love all that afternoon. We tasted every inch of each other's hot was the first time that I ever tasted cum....and had anal surpassed my best fantasies! We never met he said he had a girlfriend and didn't want to jeopardize that relationship. I never knew man2man could be so wonderful!


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