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First-Time Bi I can't believe that I, the consummate heterosexual male, am writing to you about something that I never would have thought even remotely possible.

I am married (happily) and enjoy a great sex life with my wonderful wife. We do all the "normal" sexy things that two people of the opposite sex can do together. We have even gone so far as to have sex in the car while driving (oral only, thank you), and had intercourse in a public park at night, and a few other risky activities, but never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that I would have done anything with another guy.

My wife and I play fantasy games in bed frequently and the rule is that we can talk about anything at all that enters our minds. That is to say - no holds barred. One night we were having a great time playing with each other and we started talking about the wildest sex scenes imaginable. While keeping us both on the edge of sexual bliss, my wife of five years told me that she would like to have me and another man please her sexually and proceeded to describe in great detail how she would like to be pleased. I got even more excited with her telling of a scenario involving myself and another man licking and eating her all over followed by me entering her sweet pussy from behind while she pleasured the other guy orally.

However, this particular story went one step beyond what we normally fantasize about. She went on to say that after she got her first orgasm, that she would like to see me pleasure the other guy with my mouth the same way that she does including to the point of making him cum. Well, this set me off, and I came extremely hard in her mouth while I was playing with her breasts and pussy.

We went to sleep that night and didn't talk about it again for a while, and then one night while making love, she asked me again if I would like to include another guy in our sexual play, but for real. That made me very hot, because one of my big fantasies is to have her pleasure someone else while I watch. We have done that a few times, but it had been over two years since the last encounter.

I told her that I sure would and that if she had someone in mind, that was fine, or if she wanted to I would help her find someone. She told me that she had met a guy that turned her on and found out that he was on AOL, had gotten his on-line name and had had several chats with him about sexy topics. The latest topic of which was that he had fantasies about having both a three-some pleasuring the woman, as well as doing some oral activities with the guy.

He told her that he had thought about that many times, but had never had the nerve to attempt it in any way. Since she had met him face to face, and thought he was nice as well as sexy, she was comfortable with him. So I told her sure, to set up a night out so we could all talk and see how we got along.

She dressed very sexy in preparation for meeting up with our prospective play mate and we met the next Saturday night at a local pub and he and I hit it off immediately. He was interesting, nice, and very attractive in a masculine way. My wife had on a low cut, button up blouse and a short skirt that was intended to turn on both him and me.

We drank a few and had a lot of fun laughing, teasing and talking about fantasies as well as some of our adventures. He was especially turned on listening to her and me talking about some of the risky things we had done. He also was interested in hearing about the few times we had been with another person in a sexual way.

We all had had enough to drink that all of our collective inhibitions were way down, so I suggested that we go to our house and have another drink and see what transpired. He followed us the short distance to our house, and we all got comfortable with another drink and I went and got some good X-rated tapes we watch from time to time; especially the ones that turn on my wife.

After about 30 minutes of watching video sex and a little more alcohol, we were all in the mood to move on with some sexy fun. My wife got it going by standing up and slowly taking off her blouse and skirt to reveal a very sexy bra and garter belt and stockings - and nothing else. My wife had shaved her pussy very close that day, so the only fur down there was a very small strip that was trimmed very close. Then she came over to me and opened my jeans and pulled out my already stiff cock. After a few licks and a suck or two, she went and did the same to our new friend. I was so hot just watching her open up his jeans and touch his hard dick, that I could have come right then if I had touched my cock. But I didn't because I wanted this night to last a long, long time.

She decided to get us all comfortable, so she took his hand and my hand and led us into the bedroom. When we got there, we just stood there while she, in turn, took off our shirts, boots, and jeans. Our new friend, like me, had on no underwear, so when the jeans came off, there we both were totally nude with our cocks stiff and sticking straight out. We laid down side by side on the bed and she went back and forth between us, licking and sucking our cocks and licking our balls. We then turned the tables and thoroughly worked her over by licking and sucking her nice titties and taking turns sucking her pussy and clit. He sure knew how to eat pussy, if I could judge at all from my wife's moans. While he was eating her and I was playing with her titties, she really started moaning and groaning and he made her cum very hard. She made us both stop then, because she was so sensitive to touch after such a good orgasm.

We laid there for a while and I got another tape running for us which got us turned on all over again. She started playing with our hardness while we teased her tits again, but she wouldn't let us touch her pussy yet. Then she surprised me to the max. She took my hand in hers and placed it on his cock and balls; and with her other hand, she took his hand and wrapped it around my stiff cock. He and I looked at each other and sort of smiled nervously. I then thought, what the hell, and gently squeezed his cock and then he did the same and we were both almost instantly comfortable with playing with each other. Then my wife got down in front of him close to his cock and I fed it into her mouth. She reached up and pulled me down beside her. She then did the one thing I never would have dreamed she would do. She took his hard dick out of her mouth and, placing her hand on the back of my head, guided his cock into my mouth. I really didn't know much about how to do this, but I learned quickly enough.

I licked the head and the shaft and all the way down the his balls. I did this with relish and found I really was having fun as well as getting hotter by the minute. My wife then told us both to get up on the bed and get comfortable; that she wanted to see us both do that. I got on the bed and laid on my side, and he did the same in the opposite direction and he tentatively touched my cock and stroked it gently. I took his hard dick in my hand again and slowly and gently sucked the whole thing in as far as it would go.

I could hear my wife behind me moaning and playing with her pussy while she watched us suck each other. I couldn't believe that after all these years of restricting myself to having sex with women, I was actually getting very hot with a hard cock in my mouth while the mouth of the person attached to that cock was sucking my stiff one. We both took deep hard sucks and pulled them out to periodically lick the others‚ balls and shaft. It was such a hot scene with my wife masturbating with her vibrator and touching both of us on the ass and head and running her hand between us to feel each cock in the other guys‚ mouth. We went on that way for about 15 minutes and then we both started moaning around the cock we were sucking and we both began moving our mouths up and down on that cock until we were almost fucking it with our mouths. I felt his balls in my hand tighten up and also felt his cockhead expand and he started shooting first.

As soon as he started cumming, my balls signaled it was my time also, and I shot a big load in his mouth. Meanwhile, my wife was cumming very hard with her vibrating toy buried in her hot cunt. She grabbed hold of my head and squeezed me very hard while I sucked off my first cock. I was surprised to taste and feel male cum shooting in my mouth and it was such a hot feeling to make a guy cum that way. We both kept up the sucking and stroking until we were both totally spent and both cocks withered down to soft. Neither one of us let a single drop of cum leak out of our mouths despite the fact that we had both shot very big loads.

Our new friend left a while after that, but we all promised that this was not the last time we would do this with (and for) each other. My wife and I went back to bed and talked about what had happened and touched each other for a while, and pretty soon, I was hard all over again while she was getting excited as well. She started sucking me while I told her how it felt to give my first blowjob. After she got me hard and herself ready to fuck, she got up on her knees and I fucked her from behind for over 20 minutes until I made both her and me cum very hard once again. That was our hottest experience to date with any kind of sex and I wonder what we will come up with next. If something does, we will let you all know what it was.


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